The Craziest Smear Against Jordan Peterson

The Craziest Smear Against Jordan Peterson has to be by asking if he was “enabling jew hatred.” The article even used Petersons photo next to a Photo of [Really bad German Leader from WWII] which had to be retracted. But we also have a

Is This The Breaking Point / Is Truth Really Over?

Fake news become Fact. This is the breaking point for us. News stories are “mission driven,” ideologues inject unconfirmed rumors into stories, and fake news gets cited as fact. As time goes on our history is slowly becoming rife with inaccuracies and twisted information made

Jordan Peterson | ‘Custodian of the Patriarchy’ – Rebutted!

The New York Times recently published an incredibly dishonest and manipulative profile of Jordan Peterson titled “Custodian of the Patriarchy” by Nellie Bowles. Stefan Molyneux breaks down the predictable New York Times propaganda line-by-line, highlighting the tactics used to smear and discredit Jordan Peterson without

Keiser Report: Emerging Market Currencies

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss all heck breaking loose in emerging market currencies as the Fed tries to taper a ponzi and a parallel currency being proposed for Italy’s ruined economy. In the second half, Max interviews Marshall Long

Alan Watt – The System is Rigged

July 5th, 2015 – An AstralWalker One Video TOPICS: Street-Smarts – C.G. Darwin – Wild Men, Those Who’ve Retained Instincts – Slavery has Always Existed in One Form or Another – Top Corporations Run this System – Paid Army of NGOs – Secrecy – Efficiency

The People Feel The Collapse Before It Hits

The Government, Fed and the corporate media will not let us know on the real status of the economy, but one thing is for sure, the people feel it, the people felt it in 2007 leading up to the 2008 great recession and they feel

Q Warned Us, Bad News About To Break

Big news is coming out the report from the IG is going to hit the airwaves and it doesn’t look good for the deep state. Mueller release a memo which is un-redacted but nobody can read it. The Skripals have been released from the hospital

Venezuela: Cereal Killer Of Societies

Margaret Thatcher was right—the problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other people’s money. You also eventually run out of Snap, Crackle, Pop. Now Kellogg cereal has now been forced to close in Venezuela. A massive presence since 1961, they can no longer

New Study Sounds The Alarm On 5G

As we rapidly advance toward a 5G rollout, scientists continue to point to incomplete data on just how harmful electromagnetic radiation actually is. A new report suggests it is even harmful for tiny insects and plant life. If humans die off, the planet will survive.

Why Do We Ignore Obvious Murder?

A great question. See Also: (Lionel) – In Order for Trump to Once and For All Destroy the Deep State He Needs Us Committed and Focused The internecine battles are beyond problematic. Beyond troubling. They are deleterious and invasive and continue to destroy the path