GOOD NEWS! They’re Lying!

***Not only can we OPEN ALL COMMERCE NOW but, according to the stats and words of Corporate Media and the Government’s own numbers, we should have NEVER closed down to begin with. And there are only TWO examples any rational, sane person will EVER need

The Current Reset Will Be the Most Painful One

Maneco64 – April 6th, 2020 See Also: (Maneco64) – The Creature From Jekyll Island Is After Your Freedom and Property Also: (Maneco64) – The Flight From Fiat Currency Is Universal Also: (Maneco64) – Fed’s Money Creation Goes Into High Gear As Balance Sheet Approaches $6

Malignant Feminization and the Modern World

Michael Tsarion joins me to discuss malignant aspects of femininity and its effects on society. Prepare to go DEEP with one of the original pioneers of conspiracy research – a true titan of the truth movement! The colossus of conspiracy, the juggernaut of journalism, and

Coronavirus Covid 19: The bigger picture

We awaken in a country unrecognizable. Where drones police the skies communicating with a 5G infrastructure, tracking our smartphones. Forced vaccines, lockdowns and quarantines become a part of everyday life. Ran by a government holding our jobs and our livelihoods hostage. A perpetual state of

COVID Crisis Shows Need for Constitutional Carry

Especially at a time when police are not responding to all calls and criminals are being released back on the street, honest Americans need the ability to protect themselves — we need Constitutional Carry! H/T Dan Wos See Also: (GOA) – GOA Fights Against “Petty

What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – 4-3-20

April 3rd. 2020 See Also: (WRH) – What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – 4-2-20 Also: (WRH) – What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – 4-1-20 Also: (WRH) – What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – 3-31-20 Also: (WRH) – What Really Happened with Michael

This Is All Problem Reaction Solution!

We Are Change with Luke Rudkowski – April 3rd, 2020 See Also: (WAC) – The Bigger Troubles Ahead You Need To Take Seriously! Also: (WAC) – Trillions Of Dollars Have Disappeared And Now The Fed’s Doing This! Also: (WAC) – The Media Won’t Show You

Who was Bill Gates Before Microsoft?

This is a video about philanthropic billionaire, Bill Gates. We go into his family history, his early childhood, education, extracurriculars, and time at Harvard to answer the question “Who was Bill Gates before Microsoft?” See Also: (Really Graceful) – The Richest Family in America You’ve

Real World or Simulation

I don’t believe the news from Elmhurst hospital. Let me show you why not, and why it is IMPERATIVE that we ask questions and bring the answers out. We are literally fighting for our lives right now.

Origins of Freemasonry – Part 1

Blackstone Intelligence Network – April 1st, 2020 – This introduction explains how I first heard about freemasonry and what I learned about it. See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Nurses Living Through Covid19 Nightmare + the Good Samaritan Hospital staff, doctors, nurses, and other health care

Before the video: Friends with Covid & Iran war drums

Quick conversations about news stories before starting up the main video content. Before the video, EP 4. See Also: (The Duran) – Economic collapse, massive stimulus and massive debt The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the US and UK stimulus plans, as

Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 3-29-20

We’ll meet Again, Don’t Know Where, Don’t Know When Topics: Chip, Electronic Tag; Vaccinations Up to Date or Alarms Go Off – Behavioural Insights Teams (BIT) – Internet, ARPA, DARPA – Wartime Scenarios to Push Through Agenda – 2007-08 Crash – Devalued Canadian Dollar –

Podcast 10: Coronavirus | with Dr Norman Swan

Juice Media Podcast Ep 10: In which I speak with Dr Norman Swan, presenter of ABC’s Health Report and co-host of Coronacast, about the latest Covid-19 situation in Australia, our Government’s response, school closures, potential treatments, and what we need to do right now to

Social Distancing ✋

Paul Joseph Watson – March 31st, 2020 – That’s not social distancing! See Also: (Paul Watson) – Idiots React to Coronavirus March 20th, 2020 Also: (Paul Watson) – c o r o n a v i r u s 😷 Thanks, open borders!

America – You Need To See This Now!!

We were warned time and again… and one by one those who sought our doom infiltrated. Pandemic or not, what is our future if the principles of freedom are sacrificed upon the alter of “do what thou will”? See Also: (High Impact Flix) – America….

What Germany And japan Are doing Differently

Ryan Dawson – April 2nd, 2020 See Also: (Dawson) – Economic rape pt2 Also: (Dawson) – Economic rape under the cover of pandemic crisis Also: (Dawson) – Covid19 in Palestine and Isntreal Also: (Dawson) – Japanese hospital (no panic) Also: (Dawson) – Japan has Toilet

Data Or Deceit? : The Covid-19 Peak

As the U.S. shutdown continues, Americans are divided. Is the panic surrounding death rates justified, or is it blown out of proportion? The only way to answer this question is to dig into the real numbers. See Also: (Del Bigtree) – BREAKING: EXPERTS DRASTICALLY ALTER


Albert Bishai – April 2nd, 2020 See Also: (Albert Bishai) – Marcus Conte Reporting From The Apocalypse Also: (Albert Bishai) – DAWSON FROM KORONA 2 ANDRE THE GIANT Also: (Albert Bishai) – RISING OF THE BEAST Also: (Albert Bishai) – WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING?

Not So Trusted Voices

The fear mongers are not well intentioned. I go through the shameful lies & “mistakes” of the mainstream media and their “Trusted Voices” … and then I show you what citizen journalists are doing to get to the truth. UPDATE & VIDEO: Dana Ashlie has

Ron Paul On Assange Trial & US Empire

We have a big interview for you this week. Ron Paul came on the show to discuss the multitude of corrupt practices that hold up the USA. Lee and Paul discuss the military industrial complex, the impending economic collapse, and the persecution of Julian Assange.

This Is The Largest Theft Ever In US History

The bailout package that congress just passed is a $500 Billion+ theft from the public sphere to the private sphere. It’s the largest theft in US history. See Also: (Lee Camp) – Breadcrumbs For The People While Virus Rages Also: (Lee Camp) – There’s No

Keiser Report | The Bermuda Triangle of Pandemic

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy look at the Bermuda Triangle of consequences unfolding as the fiat-based system wobbles once again, throwing off the good, the bad and the ugly into a world of topsy-turvy. They discuss the new ‘unobtanium’ of

Trends Journal: “COVID-19: Made For TV Movie”

Gerald Celente is Founder of the Trends Journal, a weekly, multi-media resource providing analysis & trend forecasts no other news outlet delivers. What’s going on? What does it mean? What’s next? Knowledge is power. Subscribe to the Trends Journal for Truth, Trends, and so much

The Tide is Out and Everyone’s Been Swimming Naked

China cashing in treasuries for oil. Unemployment exploding. Bankruptcies and layoffs to continue. The old saying about the piper having to be paid is an old saying for a reason. See Also: (Peter Schiff) – The Fed’s Medicine Makes the Economy Sicker Also: (Peter Schiff)

Covid-19 may be man-made, claims Taiwan scholar

A professor at the National Taiwan University claims the highly infectious virus could be ‘synthetic’ As scientists, doctors, academics and conspiracy theorists toss around ideas and speculate on where the highly infectious virus originated, a professor in etiology at the National Taiwan University has claimed

U.S. Pumps $14 TRILLION Into Economy!

The Jimmy Dore Show – March 25th, 2020 See Also: (JDS) – How Would A Libertarian Solve The Pandemic Crisis? Also: (JDS) – How Bernie & Warren Sold Us Out Over Stimulus Bill Also: (JDS) – California Banks Suspend Mortgages For Three Months Also: (JDS)

Quarantining the Constitution?

As Governors and Mayors across the country are instituting “Stay at Home” Orders, there are big questions surrounding how parts of the government may be taking advantage of the coronavirus outbreak in violation of 1st, 2nd and 4th amendment rights of Americans. #coronavirus #covid19

The Fed’s Cure is Worse Than the Disease

In this video, Luke and Tim dive straight into the day’s economic news, and WOW are they animated today!!!! See Also: (WAC) – This is Not Over. Everyone Just Stay Calm. There is so much conflicting information out there, it’s hard to keep it all

Stagflation: Misery Index Set To EXPLODE! (How To Invest)

Stagflation could be the future, 👉 HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW! 👈The Federal Reserve and the government are printing limitless amounts of currency units and injecting them directly into the economy. This is much different than the last financial crisis in 2008, where only

Limitless Bailouts! QE Infinity! Is The Dollar Doomed?

Brent Johnson, investing legend, shares incredible insights 👉YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MISS! 👈And I break them down for you in simple, fast steps. If YOU’RE interested in the future of the US economy this video is for you! Brent Johnson has a huge following, and

Cutting Through The Matrix with Alan Watt – 3-15-20

Bioethics-Eugenics: Chomping at the Bit Experts, Irresponsible TOPICS – When Government Gets Moving on a Wartime Footing – Curfews, Self-Isolating in the Cities – Justin Trudeau’s Wife Tests Positive for COVID-19 – Civil Defense – Potential for the Virus to Mutate – Biowarfare – Eugenicists

Get Ready! Forced Quarantines Are Next

As major U.S. cities prepare for a total lockdown to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, police, state troopers and Army and Air National Guard are preparing for martial law. And that means you need to prepare for mass quarantines. It’s coming. See Also: (Jon Bowne) –

Keiser Report | Self Reliance & Transcendentalism

In this episode of Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the U.S. tradition of transcendentalism and self-reliance. Should the U.S. return to an industrial autarky again whereby it is able to provide for its own needs? Is there any other option after the COVID-19 pandemic

NPC Jesus vrs Jews