Vegas Revelations What No Ones Talking About!

In this video, Jason Bermas talks about the latest revelations in the media regarding the unprecedented event that took place in October, and what answers we have if any at this point, as well as the points no one is talking about.

He Really Did This!

Joe sings a song and it’s hilarious and there’s more! Checkout my books here: or download the e-book from Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, or Nook.

The World Hates Trump: What Does IT Mean?

According to a recent poll, nearly half of the world prefers the soft leadership style of President Obama. Too much winning under President Trump means the US maintains it’s super power status. Haters Gonna Hate.

Is FBI Lying About ‘Russiagate’?

With news that the FBI “lost” months of text messages between Russiagate investigators that may have proven embarrassing — or worse — to the Bureau, even Washington is starting to ask what is really going on with accusations of Russian meddling. Was the whole thing

Volcano Continues to Gush Lava Fountains in Philippines

A giant mushroom-shaped cloud shot up from the Philippines’ most active volcano, darkening the skies and raining ash. Learn More:… See Also: (Dutchsinse) – Strong 7.9M Earthquake Strikes Off Alaska Coast Magnitude 7.9 #earthquake struck 175 miles southeast of Kodiak, AK at 1:32a.m. PST. #Tsunami warnings issued from

Infowars Has Obtained And Is Now Releasing The Secret FISA Memo

For the first time anywhere, Alex Jones lawfully presents the top secret FISA memo that has been the subject of controversy throughout the news media world, proving Trump was wiretapped. See Also: (Infowars) – Infowars To Exclusively Break Contents Of The Bombshell Congressional Secret FISA

Davos: Snow Job Is Over, But Tech Attacks Coming Soon

Davos is where the globalists tell us what they don’t want to hide. But even though they’re wringing their hands about the public awakening, what the technocratic elite are talking about and planning, is far more devastating than the economic & political levers they’re losing.