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Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World?

Klaus Schwab is bringing you the great reset. And not only will it be great, it’ll be a fantastic reset! The folks at the World Economic Forum are busy helping protect you from climate change and disease. Yet some people still ask, is Klaus Schwab

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It’s a Plannedemic

What is going on in Ukraine is a deadly distraction, created by those behind the Plannedemic! The thing the elite are most concerned about are the awakened people of the world, those seeking freedom from the contrivances of those who would deceive the people into

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Putin: Christian Savior or Anti-Christ Hitler?


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Coercion 101

Looks into the deception of the Plannedemic, we must fight this together as free people. Our civil rights are at stake, apartheid is wrong no matter where it rears its ugly head

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Systemic Racism Is An Excuse To Hide Failed Liberal Policies

In the current climate of statue toppling, city wide looting, arson, assault, vandalism, and sometimes murder the far left is also waging a cyber war. Politically incorrect opinions and facts deemed wrong think by anarcho-communists, are not only being censored, they are being used to

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Malcolm X on Who Controls Our Government

It’s not the Jews it’s the people in control of all of us. It just happens to be allot of Jewish people.  This video is showing the power ‘The Powers That Be’ had at the time. – dprogram 1965 speech about the Jewish control of

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The Century of the Self

The Century of the Self is a 2002 British television documentary series by filmmaker Adam Curtis. It focuses on the work of psychoanalysts Sigmund Freud and Anna Freud, and PR consultant Edward Bernays.  In episode one, Curtis says, “This series is about how those in

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9/11 Missing Links

Discover the definitive truth about 9/11 and learn why even the most popular movies on the subject have failed to address the evidence exhaustively presented in this video.The facts will make it abundantly clear that the so-called 9/11 “Truth” movement has been infiltrated and is

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9/11 The Truth In 5 Minutes – James Corbett

The official story of 9/11 is a lie. Six of the 10 members of the 9/11 Commission said the final report is a whitewash. Given everything that was once considered theory has been documented FACT, how many more lies will you believe from our government

It’s All a Giant Misunderstanding – Shunyamurti Teaching

Every ego feels misunderstood—this is a universal point which Shunyamurti addresses in a Dao Book Group Q&A session—but the real problem is you don’t understand yourself! Shunyamurti helps us to understand what can only really be understood once the ego’s algorithm has been terminated and

They Admit THIS is Coming…

In the past week, President Joe Biden and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau have admitted that food shortages are around the corner. In this video, I lay the groundwork for how these shortages came about, the strange coincidences surrounding supply chain issues, and how famine lends

Goldman Sachs Just SOLD Billions in Stocks… *AGAIN*

The Money GPS – April 14th, 2022 See Also: (TMGPS) – 80% of People Can NEVER Retire Also: (TMGPS) – Global Synchronization Just Happened! Also: (TMGPS) – Something Just Broke… Also: (TMGPS) – Protect Yourself From Inflation | DO THIS NOW Also: (TMGPS) – THIS

Where Did the Rest of the Internet Go?

Truthstream Media – April 11th, 2022 See Also: (Truthstream Media) – The Trust Game – Episode 8: “Gambling with Other People’s Money” A deregulated derivatives market looms over the globalization era, making the next crisis inevitable. The tech bubble, terrorism, war and fraud foretell the

It’s Much Later Than the Fed Thinks 

Peter Schiff – April 8th, 2022 See Also: (Peter Schiff) – Fed Doves Pretending to Be Inflation Hawks Are Chickenhawks Also: (Peter Schiff) – Q1 Ends as Market and Economic Pain Begins Also: (Peter Schiff) – German CPI Exposes ECB’s Low Inflation Lies Also: (Peter

There’s More To This

Politicians across the world have been busy expressing their admiration for Russians risking arrest to take part in anti-war marches – but that didn’t stop them voting to restrict the right to protest in their own countries

Astrology for the Soul March 2, 2022

I am a spark that will light the flame, So the torch of freedom can rise again, Lighting the way to Spirit Land, Where we all dance hand in hand. So yes, we’ll see a shift in the energy today with the new Moon and

Ukraine War Driving Rampant Censorship At Home

The rising tide of censorship that has caught the likes of Alex Jones, Joe Rogan and countless others in its web lately has been ramped up dramatically since the Russian military assault on Ukraine. Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss the state-run media enterprises

m o d e r n i t y 7

Paul Joseph Watson – March 2nd, 2022 See Also: (Paul Watson) – World War Woke Does the west have the resolve to face down Putin? Also: (Paul Watson) – The Truth About Ukraine Also: (Paul Watson) – Multiculturalism is a “Sickness” According to China. Also:

My Views on the Ukraine War

Blackstone Intelligence – March 1st, 2022 See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Ukraine War – Live News & Analysis Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Russia Attacks Ukraine WAR Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Putin’s Masterclass in Psychological Warfare – Russia vs Ukraine

An Entire Generation of Women on Birth Control

“an entire generation of women was prescribed birth control from the age of 14 for acne and irregular periods and now that same generation is dealing with PCOS, hormonal imbalances, depression, and infertility” This tweet went viral, and in this podcast episode, we’re going to

Are Sanctions Acts of War?

Economic sanctions seek to impoverish and sicken the civilians of the sanctioned nation. They also place heavy economic costs on the civilians of nations imposing the sanctions. To add insult to injury, the track record of sanctions forcing political change is disgracefully bad as well.

More Sanctions on Russia, More Inflation for All

Gerald Celente – March 3rd, 2022 See Also: (Gerald Celente) – WWIII Has Begun Our Lives are on the Line Celente and the Judge Podcast Also: (Gerald Celente) – UNITE FOR PEACE OR DIE FOR WAR Also: (Gerald Celente) – WORLD WAR III HAS BEGUN…UNLESS

Cancel Silicon Valley Before It Cancels Us

This,believe it or not, is the face of a tyrannical psychopath stalking First Amendment protected Americans on the social media platform Twitter that is way overdue from having its Section 230 protections stripped. Protections that have been blurred as new Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal acts

Keiser Report | ‘Supply Chain Land Army’

Max and Stacy look at the collapse of the supply chain relating to agriculture and why there has been no proposal similar to the WWII-era ‘Women’s Land Army’ that organized workers to help maintain the food supply. In the second half, Max chats to Tone

The Federal Reserve Is Trying To Crash The Stock Market!!

George Gammon – January 26th, 2022 See Also: (George Gammon) – Truckers In Canada Standing Up For Freedom!! (We’re Winning) Also: (George Gammon) – Robinhood Collapses 15% (Has Reality Finally Hit Markets) Also: (George Gammon) – Recession Odds Increasing (Shocking Charts Revealed) Also: (George Gammon)

US Surgeon General: Silence Joe Rogan!

Biden’s Surgeon General Vivek Murthy went on MSNBC to join the pile-on on the world’s most popular podcaster, Joe Rogan. According to the bureaucrat, Rogan must be silenced because he expresses opinions not endorsed by him or his bosses in the Administration. Meanwhile, Sen. Warren

UK & Ireland DROPPING ALL Covid Restrictions

Both the UK and Ireland have announced that they will soon drop nearly all COVID restrictions on the general public, meaning the elimination of mask mandates, compulsory boosters and vaccination, and limits on social distancing and attendance to public events. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

People Are Waking Up To The Lies

Following news that The US government will stop publishing daily Covid death statistics, are we discovering more links between government health policy and government perception? See Also: (Russell Brand) – “You Will Own Nothing & Be Happy” – Davos 2022 The Great Reset The annual Bumper Stickers and Support

Hoping to do another round of these to drum up some $ for website hosting and domain fees. Please send a donation to @Paypal and in the near future I’ll have 1 of these sent to you. This site has been sharing similar perspectives

Biden’s Brain – Proof Nothing is Wrong!

Biden’s brain, proof there’s nothing wrong! Some people have questioned President Biden’s mental fitness, wondering if he is in cognitive decline. Those rumors are simply not true. President Biden is in tremendous cognitive function. This video will prove that Biden’s mind is still plenty sharp.

Israel To Get Involved In Yemen War, Following UAE Attack?

Robert Inlakesh – January 19th, 2022 See Also: (Robert InLakesh) – Armed Uprising In Palestine, Settler Terrorism & Ending The Occuption Also: (Robert InLakesh) – Israel Threatens War With Gaza, Rocket Fire On Tel Aviv Also: (Robert InLakesh) – Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinian Villages, Injuring

Total Deaths From COVID MUCH LOWER Than Reported

Popular British YouTuber and retired nurse educator John Campbell recently covered the results of a Freedom of Information request revealing that the number of deaths in England and Wales attributable exclusively to COVID-19 is far lower than reported death rates would suggest. Jimmy and comedian

Is Russia Going to War With Ukraine?

Blackstone Intelligence – January, 17th, 2022 – The White House is claiming that Russia is preparing a false flag attack against its own forces to justify a full scale invasion of Ukraine. Is this claim true? Or is it just propaganda? Jake Morphonios takes you

Preplanned! This will NOT end well…

We Are Change – January 22nd, 2022 – This video covers the huge international developments indicating this is all going to end in chaos. See Also: (WAC) – WOW!! They’re Running Away From The Crumbling Narrative! Also: (WAC) – BOMBSHELL: Their Plan Failed — It’s

Government Price Controls Never Work – Why Are They Ever Used?

Government spends trillions that it doesn’t have. How? Well, The Fed creates trillions of new dollars out-of-thin air! These trillions drive up prices, creating skyrocketing inflation. Oftentimes, government piles on to the troubles by imposing price controls. Price controls have been tried for thousands of

Australians Take a Stand Against Cops

High Impact Flix – January 22nd, 2022 See Also: (HIF) – Salt Lake City Board Calls to Deploy National Guard Against Everyone Without a V@xx Card Also: (HIF) – Why Are World Leaders Backing Off of Covid Restrictions? Also: (HIF) – Dutch MP Confronts Netherlands

NPC Jesus vrs Jews