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Systemic Racism Is An Excuse To Hide Failed Liberal Policies

In the current climate of statue toppling, city wide looting, arson, assault, vandalism, and sometimes murder the far left is also waging a cyber war. Politically incorrect opinions and facts deemed wrong think by anarcho-communists, are not only being censored, they are being used to

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Malcolm X on Who Controls Our Government

It’s not the Jews it’s the people in control of all of us. It just happens to be allot of Jewish people.  This video is showing the power ‘The Powers That Be’ had at the time. – dprogram 1965 speech about the Jewish control of

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911 and War by Deception

The newest version, includes an anthrax time line, more on privateers, and of course 911 Real.Video Backup See Also: (Ryan Dawson) – War Is Always By Deception – Ryan Dawson

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9/11 Missing Links

Discover the definitive truth about 9/11 and learn why even the most popular movies on the subject have failed to address the evidence exhaustively presented in this video.The facts will make it abundantly clear that the so-called 9/11 “Truth” movement has been infiltrated and is

Independence Day Under Dictatorship

This July 4th, much of the United States finds itself under various levels of dictatorial orders from renegade governors, county, and local officials. The US is under rule by decree, not by rule of law. Looking at the original list of grievances the Colonists had

What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – 7-2-20

July 2nd, 2020 See Also: (WRH) – What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – 7-1-20 Also: (WRH) – What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – 6-30-20 Also: (WRH) – What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – 6-29-20 Also: (WRH) – What Really Happened with Michael

Will There Be Bail-ins? – Question For Corbett

A listener writes in to ask about the economic crash we’re about to experience. Will there be bank bailouts like in the 2008 crisis, or bank bail-ins as we’ve seen the banksters preparing for? Or will this be a different type of crash altogether? Join

When You Weren’t Looking, Billionaires Did THIS…

This video documents the earnings of prominent billionaires since March 2020, the departure of major CEOs over the last year, and asks questions about the future. See Also: (Really Graceful) – Did Bill Gates Disappear? Did Bill Gates Disappear? What’s he been up to these

The Black Lives Matter Movement Is Pissing Off America

The Corporacratic neo liberals, self serving Democrats, New World Order United Nations and Hollywood’s white Guilt Celebrity cult backed Black Lives Matter movement is eating its own tail. The United Nations, which ludicrously allowed Saudi Arabia to head a human rights Council Panel and elected

We Have Officilly Hit Idiocracy

This video presentation is far deeper than many might realize. I am seeing the decades of combined research of many of us all together, that has shown an agenda. We have been smeared, called Conspiracy theorists, etc. But with the take down of Albert Pikes

Woke Terrorists Go unchecked

Ryan Dawson – June 20th, 2020 See Also: (Ryan Dawson) – Clown World hits new levels Also: (Ryan Dawson) – The Vocabulary of the Left Also: (Ryan Dawson) – Systemic Racism is an Excuse for Failed Liberal Policies Also: (Ryan Dawson) – Eric Weinstein’s Epstein

Unite For Freedom

Gerald Celente is Founder of the Trends Journal, a weekly, multi-media resource providing analysis & trend forecasts no other news outlet delivers. What’s going on? What does it mean? What’s next? Knowledge is power. Subscribe to the Trends Journal for Truth, Trends, and so much

Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers?

We’ve all come across online fact checkers that purport to warn us away from independent media sites under the guise of protecting us from fake news. But who is behind these fact check sites? How do they operate? And if these ham-fisted attempts at soft

Will You Submit to the ‘New Normal’?

This video covers the strange events that have been taking place over the last week, between the burning of the baconators to the current state of the new normal, and what awaits for us in fall…and there’s also a little bonus story at the end.

What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – 6-16-2020

June 16th, 2020 See Also: (WRH) – What Really Happened: Mike Rivero Monday 6/15/20: News, Calls & Commentary Also: (WRH) – What Really Happened: Mike Rivero Thursday 6/11/20: Guest Hosts, News, Calls & Commentary Also: (WRH) – What Really Happened: Mike Rivero Wednesday 6/10/20: Guest

Trump Says Less Testing = Less Covid. Is He Right?

Pundits are having a field day making fun of President Trump’s recent comment that less coronavirus testing would probably result in less Covid in the country. They accuse him of doltish behavior and head-in-the-sand thinking. Do they have a point? What are the merits of

How To Fight Police Brutality!

May 5th, 2015 – It is very tempting to spend one’s anger and outrage on particular manifestations of an unjust system – but all that does is pretend that the rest of the system is somehow just. In magic, this is called “misdirection,” which is

Uncle Ted called it again

Ryan Dawson – June 14th, 2020 See Also: (Ryan Dawson) – Eric Weinstein’s Epstein Questions Part 1 Ryan Dawson Also: (Ryan Dawson) – David Cole Returns! Also: (Ryan Dawson) – One for BNT Also: (Ryan Dawson) – WRH show Also: (Ryan Dawson) – Chicago goblin

Something Strange Is Happening in Seattle

Really Graceful – This video covers the strange events that have been taking place in Seattle, Washington over the last week. See Also: (Really Graceful) – defund the police? In this video, we talk about what the movement for defunding the po-po really means, using

Is This a New “Civil War”?

Blackstone Intelligence – The Show BEGINS at 3:04 – The discussion of the Civil War topic begins at 7:06 See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – I Busted YouTube Shadow Banning Me on My Own Channel Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Israel’s 2008 Massacre in Gaza In this

Rule of Law is Dead

I can’t post two video’s from his page. My youtube was deleted in 2019 and I can’t sign on to pass the age restriction they put on it. Find those videos. – Dprogram Black Pilled – Premiered May 18th, 2020

Trump damage control falls flat as stocks tank

Wall Street sees a sea of red. Fed is stealing your purchasing power and giving it to someone else. Government should be lightening the burden it places on the economy. Trump should make big cuts in government spending. Market still in denial over likelihood of

WRH Show going HAM on Rioters + OKC

Ryan Dawson – Streamed Live on June 6th, 2020 See Also: (Ryan Dawson) – Police abuse is global not racial Also: (Ryan Dawson) – H.K. is coming Also: (Ryan Dawson) – Ralph Northam should just join Antfia Also: (Ryan Dawson) – Antifa set fire to

Five Myths About the Venezuelan Opposition

The corporate media is almost unanimous in its support for US regime change plans in Venezuela. This support naturally extends to the US-backed Venezuelan anti-Chavista opposition, which in the past 20 years has constantly tried to overthrow the government. In order to maintain uncritical support

W.H.O. Flips On Masks, Flops On Funding

The HighWire with Del Bigtree – June 5th, 2020 See Also: (Del Bigtree) – FINDING COMMON GROUND Also: (Del Bigtree) – SCANDAL: LANCET’S HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE STUDY Also: (Del Bigtree) – CROSSING THE DIVIDE Also: (Del Bigtree) – ARE YOU ONE HANDSHAKE AWAY FROM AN ENDLESS LOCKDOWN?

Get Down On Your Knees

Albert Bishai – June 5th, 2020 See Also: (Albert Bishai) – JACOB HATES ESAU Also: (Albert Bishai) – THE BOLSHEVIK INSURRECTION OF 2020 Also: (Albert Bishai) – NIGHTS OF RAGE Also: (Albert Bishai) – A BRIGHTER FUTURE ELSEWHERE Also: (Albert Bishai) – U SHALL KNOW

Riots & Lockdown – 4th Generation Warfare

Could these protests turned riots and the virus lockdowns be part of an organized attempt at a revolution or insurrection? It looks like we’re experiencing 4th Generation warfare with our enemies exploiting the gray zone. See Also: (Amazing Polly) – BOOM! Guess Who is Calling

Another Cop Stands Up and Speaks Out!!

Hacking The Headlines – May 11th, 2020 See Also: (HTH) – So Much Has Happened…Where Do I Begin?? Also: (HTH) – Say NO to Face Masks (Here’s How) Also: (HTH) – To Everyone Who Ordered Cards (+Let’s Chat) Also: (HTH) – THIS is How to

The Jones Act Holds America Hostage for 100 years

Peter Schiff – June 6th, 2020 See Also: (Peter Schiff) – White Privilege Didn’t Save Tony Timpa Also: (Peter Schiff) – Paying Employers to Recall Workers Boosted Payrolls Shocking jobs numbers. Shipping industry virtually non-existent in America due to Jones Act. White privilege didn’t save

NPC Jesus vrs Jews