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Malcolm X on Who Controls Our Government

It’s not the Jews it’s the people in control of all of us. It just happens to be allot of Jewish people.  This video is showing the power ‘The Powers That Be’ had at the time. – dprogram 1965 speech about the Jewish control of

The Road to Hyperinflation Could Be Paved with War

Maneco64 – February 7th, 2024 See Also: (Maneco64) – The Ultimate Purpose of Modern Warfare. It’s Not Just for Profit See Also: (Maneco64) – Putin Says US Shooting Itself in the Foot by Weaponising Dollar. China Saving Gold for Rainy Day

Consumers Begin Civil Unrest Against Rising Prices

The Money GPS – February 12th, 2024 See Also: (TMGPS) – NYCB Rescued Signature Bank, Now It’s Collapsing Also: (TMGPS) – Dot Com 2000 Bubble Will Be NOTHING Compared to This Also: (TMGPS) – 9 Million Jobs ‘Missing’ | What’s Really Going On? Also: (TMGPS)

Proof They Lied About Aid Workers Helping Hamas!

The Jimmy Dore Show – February 12th, 2024 See Also: (JDS) – Americans Can’t Pay Their Credit Card Bills! Also: (JDS) – PUTIN Rips Germans For Tolerating U.S. Blowing Up Nordstream! Also: (JDS) – “Sanctioning Russia Is Killing The U.S Dollar!” – Putin Tells Tucker

They Are About To CUT OFF Your Energy

The Money GPS – February 1st, 2024 See Also: (GPS Money) – Prices Are Rising So Fast It’s Now IMPOSSIBLE To Keep Up Also: (GPS Money) – Financial System OVERLOAD as Debt Crisis Begins Also: (GPS Money) – Parasite Ruling Class CRUSHED the Economy |

The Fall of The West Kicks Off on The Periphery

Maneco64 – January 30th, 2024 See Also: (Maneco64) – Texas Border Crisis Just Another Symptom of End of Empire. Interview with John Rubino Also: (Maneco64) – Establishment Pushes for War In Order to Mask Economic Collapse Also: (Maneco64) – How to Cope With the Coming

Scott Ritter: Russia and the Middle East

Judge Andrew Napolitano – January 31st, 2024 See Also: (Scott Ritter) – SCOTT RITTER JOINS ON THE TRUTH ABOUT RUSSIA AND THE US-ISREAL WAR IN MIDDLE EAST! Friend of the show and former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter ( returns and we dive into the

USA: It’s a Government Trap!

Gerald Celente and Judge Andrew Napolitano – January 25th, 2024 See Also: (Gerald Celente) – DAVOS: MISINFORMATION IS OUR #1 THREAT! YOU MUST SWALLOW OUR SHIT! Also: (Gerald Celente) – MIDDLE EAST WAR WORSENING: PREPARE, HERE’S WHAT’S NEXT! Also: (Gerald Celente) – LIBERTY MOCKED: I

U.S. Strikes Houthis – Where’s Congress?

The U.S. has decided to bomb yet another Middle Eastern nation, this time the Houthis in Yemen. Once again, this has nothing to do with the security of the United States, and once again Congress has not declared war – which makes this action blatantly

Inconvenient People

Bemoaning the Totalitarian Technological State – what will become of those who can’t use smartphones? And what is the fate of those who can’t stop?

Abby Martin Speech on Julian Assange at National Press Club

On December 9, 2023, The Belmarsh Tribunal featured Abby and several other journalists to expose the targeting of Julian Assange. Chaired by Amy Goodman & Ryan Grim–and sponsored by Reporters Without Borders, Freedom Of The Press Foundation, The Nation, The Intercept and more–speakers laid out

Leave the Predictive Programming Behind

As context is very important for all videos; this message is to confirm that the purpose of this video is reporting on or documenting the content. Note that we make an effort to research for context and cite our sources when necessary. See Also: (Truthstream

WEF and Excess Deaths

Professor Angus Dalgleish, physician, oncologist, pathologist, medical researcher and author. See Also: (Dr. John Campbell) – High deaths in middle age Excess mortality in England post Covid-19 pandemic: implications for secondary prevention Also: (Dr. John Campbell) – Masks This excellent scientific analysis of recent events

Liquidity Nightmare for Banks as Bond Yields Rebound

Maneco64 – January 5th, 2024 See Also: (Maneco64) – The Only Certainty in 2024 Is Continued Debasement of the Currency Also: (Maneco64) – Dollar Shot in the Foot Again by New Executive Order Also: (Maneco64) – “All the World’s Currencies Are Toilet Paper.” Interview with

NPC Jesus vrs Jews