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Coercion 101

Looks into the deception of the Plannedemic, we must fight this together as free people. Our civil rights are at stake, apartheid is wrong no matter where it rears its ugly head

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Tech Overlords strike the UK again

Ryan Dawson – January 5th, 2020 See Also: (Ryan Dawson) – Lin Wood is a Kook Charlatan Also: (Ryan Dawson) – Nathan B Forrest True History Dawson & Dawson Also: (Ryan Dawson) – Twitter sued for 500 Million dollars Also: (Ryan Dawson) – Innocent Blek

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Systemic Racism Is An Excuse To Hide Failed Liberal Policies

In the current climate of statue toppling, city wide looting, arson, assault, vandalism, and sometimes murder the far left is also waging a cyber war. Politically incorrect opinions and facts deemed wrong think by anarcho-communists, are not only being censored, they are being used to

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Malcolm X on Who Controls Our Government

It’s not the Jews it’s the people in control of all of us. It just happens to be allot of Jewish people.  This video is showing the power ‘The Powers That Be’ had at the time. – dprogram 1965 speech about the Jewish control of

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The Century of the Self

The Century of the Self is a 2002 British television documentary series by filmmaker Adam Curtis. It focuses on the work of psychoanalysts Sigmund Freud and Anna Freud, and PR consultant Edward Bernays.  In episode one, Curtis says, “This series is about how those in

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9/11 Missing Links

Discover the definitive truth about 9/11 and learn why even the most popular movies on the subject have failed to address the evidence exhaustively presented in this video.The facts will make it abundantly clear that the so-called 9/11 “Truth” movement has been infiltrated and is

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Hollywoodism: The Ideology that has Devoured Western Culture

Western culture has come to define itself through an alien ideology disseminated through Hollywood. It is a superimposed culture, a fantasy structure that we’re all living in. True Western European values have been replaced by another, a new global religion called Hollywoodism. Who is behind

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9/11 The Truth In 5 Minutes – James Corbett

The official story of 9/11 is a lie. Six of the 10 members of the 9/11 Commission said the final report is a whitewash. Given everything that was once considered theory has been documented FACT, how many more lies will you believe from our government

Communicating This Info to Others – #SolutionsWatch

Many people know all about the problems we are facing, but they have difficulty communicating those ideas to others. Are you one of those people? If so, this conversation is for you. Today, James talks to Benny Wills about Parrhesia, his course for helping others

What Would Happen if the Fed Pulled the Plug?

Today we will look at some signals like the repo market, US treasury yields, and gold. Is it possible that the market action from yesterday in which we saw stocks drop substantially, gold hold relatively firm and Treasury yields collapse telling us that all is

Vaccine Caused Clotting – Study Finds The Mechanism

A study printed on 7th July 2021 describes the groundbreaking discovery of the cause of clotting by vaccines. In summary, as we have been discussing in the past. Clotting is caused by the antibodies produced against platelet factor 4. Just as in heparin induced thrombocytopenia

US’s Colombian connection to Haitian assassination revealed

A look at emerging evidence surrounding the brazen assassination by gunfire of Haitian President Jovenal Moise draws multiple lines to the US. One of the conspirators once worked as an informant for the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and another is a Haitian-American doctor practicing

Earth’s Greatest Enemy – A New Film by Abby Martin

Abby Martin’s second feature film is an anti-imperialist environmental documentary. See Also: (Abby Martin) – CIA Stories: Death Squads in Afghanistan As the US Empire makes its major military retreat from Afghanistan, learn about the CIA forces that will be staying behind—and their disturbing 20-year

NEW BOMBSHELL: Epstein Was Using Demonic Spells

This report delves into the ritualistic, threatening behavior of Epstein and his connections to other elites involved in similar practices. See Also: (WAC) – It’s meant to be a WARNING… On this July 4th, Americans are getting punished for having political opinions and what is

Biden Sending Fed Agents Door To Door To Push Vaccinations

President Biden has new plan for getting more people vaccinated… sending government employees door to door. The Administration is pretending that they are doing this to make sure that everyone who wants a v@cc can get one.. but is that really what they are doing?

FBI To Americans: ‘Report On Your Families!’

Over the weekend the FBI Tweeted that Americans should observe their own family members for possible “extremism” and report them to the FBI if they find any. Haven’t we seen this movie before in East Germany? Also – Washington is spending millions to create a

Keiser Report | The profit vs plunder motive

In this episode of Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss how the profit motive is better than the plunder model in terms of achieving favorable long-term outcomes for an economy. Hegemonic powers going back thousands of years have ultimately resorted to the plunder rather than

The Symptoms of a Crack-Up Boom Are All Around Us

Today we will look at how many of the symptoms of the Crack-Up Boom, hyperinflation, or currency collapse are manifesting themselves today. We will look at current events in the economy, society, and politics and compare them to the period in which France had its

The Antifa Academy

Ever wonder what it would be like to learn to become a member of antifa? Well now you can at The Antifa Academy. The anti-fascists are excepting new students now! See Also: (Awaken with JP) – How To Fight The Woke | JP Sears –

A Brief History of Hopium

With all these decades and—in the case of the oldest democracies—centuries of broken political promises, you’d think that the public would have caught on to the game by now. But, if anything, recent events have revealed that people are becoming more addicted to this politician-peddled

Keiser Report | Rug Pulled by the Fed

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the rug pulling the global fiat economy through money printing and other interventions which pull the value from under the economic infrastructure. In the second half, Max chats to technical analyst, Tone Vays, about

The Fed’s “No Stick” Monetary Policy

Jim Bullard undoes Jerome Powell’s damage control. Fed goes from not thinking about thinking about raising interest rates to now talking about talking about raising interest rates. Fed’s monetary tightening is as believable as George Costanza’s house in The Hamptons. Bitcoin looks for lower support.

DANGER! The Military Has Gone Woke!

Awaken with JP – June 19th, 2021 See Also: (Awaken with JP) – Why the Term “Transgender” Is Cancelled Here’s why the term “transgender” is now canceled. The term has been rooted in hate. And now in the name of abolishing hate speech, that’s going

Trends Journal: Inflation

The Trends Journal is a weekly magazine analyzing global current events forming future trends. Our mission is to present Facts and Truth over hype and propaganda to help subscribers prepare for What’s Next in the increasingly turbulent times ahead.

The Horror of Teaching Critical Race Theory to Kids

Find out all the horror of teaching critical race theory to kids! Should critical race theory be taught in schools? Does critical race theory create racial divide or racial unity? Can you teach love and acceptance through division? Find out as you view all the

Fauci – Public Enemy #1?

Explore the investigation into is Fauci public enemy #1? The nations top infectious disease villain has a load of mounting evidence stacked against him. Take an in-depth look at his ties to the Wuhan lab and the virus in this video. You be the judge.

Israel / Palestine – This Needs To Be Heard

Many of you wanted clarity on the subject of Palestine and the current conflict. This, from Holocaust survivor Dr. Gabor Maté (on my podcast Under The Skin) is the most beautiful and powerful testimony on this subject I’ve ever heard. From someone with deep connections

The Markets Are Rigged

At base, the markets are a con game where the rich and powerful employ a raft of confidence men to lure suckers into the latest mania. In this game, the suckers are the general public who are left holding the bag as the market bubble

The Insidious Origin of the Bilderberg Group

The power elite of the USA are linked to European royalty & the banking elite through the Bilderberg Group. Jake discusses the group’s sinister origin. See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Israel Commits War Crimes Against Palestinians Under international law, Israel’s acts of collective punishment against

Lumber Prices…Why Is No One Talking About This?

This video highlights all sides of the story about soaring lumber prices and the implications. See Also: (Really Graceful) – Lunatics are running the asylum Also: (Really Graceful) – Mother shares her experience giving birth in a hospital in 2021 Also: (Really Graceful) – Just

Investors Begin to Worry the Fed Won’t Fight Inflation

Dollar falls towards new lows. Inflation fears become more widespread. Wall Street beginning to realize there’s no political solution to inflation.Bitcoin following risk stocks lower, as inflation hedges like gold and silver rise. Fearing 2% inflation, Bitcoin investors lose 34% on their hedge. Bitcoin staring

Keiser Report | The Last Days of the Fiat Disco

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy look at the warning from legendary hedge fund manager, Stan Druckenmiller, that the central banks are destroying fiat currencies and that bitcoin is a solution. In the second half Max interviews David Morgan of

Keiser Report | No One Expects Plucky

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy look at the chip shortages hitting manufacturing and note that some of this supply shock is due to manufacturers having taken the obvious decision to cut back on orders with the assumption that consumers would

NPC Jesus vrs Jews