Video: The Second American Revolution Has Begun – Adam Kokesh from Iraq Veterans Against the War

September 8th, 2008

(Flashback) – The enemy is here. The time is now.


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  1. Rich Says:

    Well Said. It is sad and horrifying to see our country plunging headlong into this clash of ideas where the polarity of good and evil are so obviously emerging as the manifestation of our actual reality here and now. Ron Paul for President.

  2. Borez Says:

    Brilliant speech, the World needs more real men like this… before it’s too late.

  3. DrDune Says:

    All right, I kinda like what indglass said.

    Make it so peoples. …. Can’t we?

  4. Archangel Says:

    Thought you might like to share this poem with all. Please post it wherever you can. May it guide & give strength to all in this fight, “TO WIN !” We’re not just fighting for ourselves, we’re not just fighting for our country, we’re fighting for our “GOD,” & beliefs, that once long ago, founded the true “AMERICA.” It cannot ever die or be killed, as long as we hold it in our “hearts, minds, & souls.” It is a part of “US.” And we are a part of it. One cannot be seperated from the other. Nor survive without the other. “GOD SAVE US ALL !” Below is the original note I sent out with it to a few friends & “patriot sites.” I hope you will enjoy it & share it with others. everyone you know & write for.


    Thank God ! I am so blessed that my poem has gone out to all, finally ! It’s for everyone all over America. I hope all will find, strength, guidance, solace, in it. I just penned it, it was inspired & given to me from the the “ghosts,” of our founding fathers, delivered to me by the holy power of “GOD,” to write it & send it on, for everyone. I’m not even using my real name, I don’t even want any credit for it, other than being the vessel used to write it, it’s for “THE FREEDOM & PATRIOT MOVEMENT.” The true owners & creators are “GOD,” & the blood & souls of all those patriots who came before “US.” And who sacrificed & gave all for all of “US.” To live & enjoy now, to pass on to our children, but to always remeber, to “HONOR & PROTECT HER,” also with our very lives & souls. Just as those did before “US,” it is our duty, our obligation. It is my duty, my obligation ! I will stand with them !

    A poem I’ve written for these times. Feel free to print, & share with all. It’s for all true freedom loving “AMERICAN PATRIOTS.” We’re being once again forced into a fight we don’t want & didn’t ask for ! And they are going to get the same results as they did in 1776. Death to the evil empire ! Death to them all ! “THE ANSWER TO 1984 IS 1776 !” ( Alex Jones ).


    As always your brother in arms, against the armies of darkness of man & beyond,

    Brother Archangel *

    The Reluctant Patriot
    20 09 2008
    By Archangel

    So you say I’m Al-CIA-da, you gave me this name,
    But what are my crimes then ? And fortune to fame ?
    You say that I’m white now, hiding out in plain site,
    A new “Boogeyman,” you’ve created, for your never ending fight.
    You say I could strike now, anywhere on the planet,
    With either, nuclear, bio, or chemical, you save that, ” I have it ! ”
    But we’ve heard it before, with Saddam Hussein,
    We’re not stupid as we once were, we’re not playin’ that game.
    We’ve been lied to & misled, had all our rights taken,
    For your “False War on Terror,” if I’m not mistaken ?
    So I’ll tell you this one time, just leave me alone,
    Don’t bug me, or tap me, or enter my home.
    Don’t watch where I’m going, the things that I do,
    My bank balance, my credit cards, are not yours to view.
    Don’t read all my e-mails, don’t search in my car,
    Don’t go to my neighbors, my pastor, or bar.
    I’ve had it, quite simply, & now I am pissed,
    I have “God-Given,” rights, you’ve forgotten or missed.
    My thoughts, my opinions, and all of my rights,
    I didn’t give them up, & you’re now in my sights.
    I’m so sick & tired, of all that you’ve done,
    I’m fed up, I’m pissed off, now I’m gettin’ my guns !
    I’m growing much stronger, & bigger each day,
    The lies that you’ve told, are now slipping away.
    The movement you’re afraid of, now is at hand,
    So strike up the music ! And strike up the band !
    This movement you’re afraid of, just in case it gets hot ?
    It’s just like the first one, & you just might get shot.
    We tried to be peaceful, do everything right,
    But the case of “Impeachment,” was a horrible sight.
    The clowns & the circus, the fluff & the show,
    Said you have no intention of honor & so,……
    I’ve come now to tell you, your time is now up !
    You traitors, your tyrants, you sycophant scum.
    Soon we’ll be marching onto D.C.,
    With an army of millions, for the whole world to see.
    To take back our country ! To take back our name !
    To restore her to honor ! To undue her shame !
    Some will fall early, some will fall late,
    Others just vanish, we’ll not know their fates ?
    But believe me, we’re comin’ , to this I attest,
    We will never give up now, we will not ever rest !
    You will be brought to justice, you will hang for your crimes !
    We will give no mercy, no quarter, no time.
    For the unspeakable horrors, & things that you’ve done,
    Like “Murder, Torture, & Treason,” are some.
    The things that I’d do to you, some I can’t even mention,
    Do you get what I sayin’ now, do you hear my intention ?
    You made this my fight ! I didn’t even start it !
    I was just livin’ my life, blind & half hearted.
    You wanted this “War,” so I hope you are happy !
    I’m coming for you all now, so let’s make it snappy !
    And when we are done, our country now saved,
    We will bury our dead & honor their graves.
    But you, you will be nothing, not ever remembered,
    Cause like the cowards you are, you all ran & surrendered.

    Written by: Archangel Copyright 2008
    ( written on the 26th, of July 2008, at 7:00 pm EST )*
    Inspired by all those who came before us ! And the ghosts of Concorde 1775.
    Best read, if read like “Dr. Suess’s – Green Eggs & Ham. ”

    Please feel free to reprint, copy, fax, e-mail & share with all. I wrote it for everyone. I’d like it to become “THE BATTLE CRY of The 2nd American Revolution !” Across the US. The # 1 Patriot Poem to strengthen & guide “US,” all.

  5. James Oldham Says:

    Almost all of the elected assholes are TRAITORS !!! I’m retired Army and the oath I once took I will always remember…to defend the constitution from all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC ! I’ve been fighting since 1977 to wake Americans to elected officials circumventing our rights under the Constitution. If we the people had listened to me back then,we could have stopped Waco,the domestic anti-terroism act,the patriot act,and all the other bullshit the Feds shackled us with. Because I still have freedom of speech I still speak out. I would hate to lose the right to teach my children about our Messiah as I see fit. I hate what has been going on and it is getting worse by the day. I filed as a conscientious objector under Army Regulations 1AO in 1977 . After a long battle,I was told I had to join the 7th Day Adventist or the Jehovah Witnesses before the Army would grant me my objector status. I said,”I don’t know why I’d have to join one of them that I don’t belief in so that I could get out the army that I no longer beliefed I could serve. Whenever the music plays to bend my elbow,keep my wrist straight,and salute ( Worship )that woven rectangular works of our hands and all the other things it represents. I ended up in Walter Reed Army Hospital as what I preceived as a polictical dissident prisoner of war. In my first letter to President Reagan (read it on said for those that wish to meet aggressors with bayonet let them stab them,and for those that wish to meet aggressors with prayer,let them pray ! Know that my prayers are with you all,but,that I fight for a greater cause, the souls of my brothers and sisters and for the kingdom that is at hand. I came to understand that this country didn’t give me the right to worship our Father as a matter of conscious,our Messiah,Yehoshua did when He put the forbidden fruit in the garden. My choice,my decision,my free will to chose who or what I serve can never be taken from me by any government or church on earth,and even if in chains or locked in a boxcar I will always be free. Yehoshua’s Truth can set you free to Adam. If this were my kingdom I would fight alongside you against this evil government. Our Messiah said,” This is NOT my kingdom…” He gave it to Adam and all that lives on the earth. Through sin we gave it to the devil who offered the glory (Gory) of all the great kingdoms of this earth. They were the devils to give cause this earth is his only kingdom. So,I say to all you who visit this site. What did you expect to see in his kingdom anyways? Peace ? Mercy? Lovingtenderkindness? Fight the good fight. Fight to save the souls of us 1/3 of the rebel angels who listened to the wrong dude and turned our backs on our only true Father. Humans are those rebel angels (He said to Jeremiah,”I knew you before you were in your mother’s womb”! Of course most of rich bastards and governments of this world are going to be evil and corrupt. Maybe if Americans had done a better job of loving and keeping our Father’s words the USA wouldn’t be in the shape its in today. Don’t think the devil will win cause our Messiah is going to take back to heaven with Him many of that 1/3 that rebelled . Even if the devil got all of us,which he won’t,he’d still be the pathetic loser he is the destroyer of paradise and the pollutor of minds and souls .

  6. Abe Froman Says:


    First, happy birthday!! I want you to know that many people who seem silent in public have deep emotions and thoughts that are similar to yours. Please keep moving forward, as we are behind you.

  7. ernest Says:

    I have been saying this for years!
    On my old website I declared that ‘THE REVOLUTION STARTS NOW!!!’

    While many tip=toed around saying it.

    Now its fashionable.

    That’s okay, I’m glad that so many are catching up.

  8. huntfortruth Says:

    Happy Birthday!. Keep up the good work. Maybe we will ALL wake up someday and realize that everything we ever thought we knew is a lie. With people like you I hope we can accomplish this.

  9. Angela Says:

    Your courage and insight are admirable.
    May you inspire everyone to be the same, and spread truth and wisdom and crack the shell of tyranny to let the light of justice and freedom in.

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