The Point of No Return

September 17th, 2008

Dictators do not appear overnight. They must gradually assume more and more power over time so that the population does not realize what is going on, or does not feel it is worthwhile to object.

But to maintain control, dictators “seduce” their population into greater and greater atrocities, over time. There is more than simply acclimating the population involved to the dictator’s agenda. By tricking the population into acceptance of greater and greater atrocities, the dictator will eventually reach a position where the people will be too afraid to examine what they themselves have become. Trapped by the fear of examining themselves, such people turn into the most fanatical of the dictator’s supporters. They dare not look at the dictator’s evil for to do so is to look at their own. Once the dictator can trick his people past that point, they are his slaves. Hitler used this tactic. So did Stalin.

The people of the United States stand at that point right now. That the US Government is using torture on POWs (just as Hitler did) is beyond argument. One can either stand up and denounce that torture and demand the firing of all who took part in it (and the end of the war), or one is by default complicit, an accessory after the fact, seen by all to condone such barbarism.

Anyone who steps across that line is trapped. Unable to look at what they themselves have become they will refuse to look at what the government has become, indeed will create or accept any justification, no matter how thin and transparent, rather than question that government. And indeed this web site gets email from people who have already crossed that point, and are trying to explain why torture is really necessary “this time”.

So, you are down to a choice. There is no more being neutral, or sitting on the fence. As Bush himself said, you are either with him or against him, and unless you are actively against him and his war machine, then he wins by default. Unless you stop them now, sooner or later, Bush and the NeoCons will succeed in turning this nation into the 21st century version of Nazi Germany, powered by fanatics so afraid to look in a mirror that they will inflict any pain on any people, rather than do so.

Time to decide.

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  1. BladeDraven Says:

    Why the hell do ignorant pricks continuously assert that every American citizen is the exact same person? Does it really just make it easier to point a finger? Fuck. I don’t support torture. I’m an American Citizen. –> THIS DOES NOT MEAN IM OKAY WITH MY COUNTRY DOING IT, THAT WOULD BE A LOGICAL FALLACY.

    Do you yell at the Chinese citizens when their country does crazy shit? No because they’re communist and you know they have no say in what happens.

    Well wake the fuck up, America is no more a democracy than China, and if you think that because we’re told we have some right to choose the fucks in power that we end up bearing the burden of fixing whatever problems you think they(Bush) created, you’re absolutely wrong. American citizens are not directly responsible for being mind controlled and fucked with by a terrible society that screws you from K5-up making sure to create little insects.

    Being born into a prison society where the gates are all invisible isn’t exactly what I had in mind when choosing this planet, but seriously, for those of us who made it outside of the bullshit machine in America, give us some sympathy, because for those of us who do care and try to make a difference, our entire country is controlled into turning against us, and to that effect try arguing with people who abandon logic and just can’t see obvious facts right in front of their faces.

  2. carolyn cohen Says:

    I have been browsing the sites of alex jones, the deprograming site, and the infowars, ect. I have know for a long time what is going on. I like a lot of other people don’t want to face the facts. It is just too scary. However, you are all right. Now is the time to face the facts. I have one question. Aside from viewing the various information (which is all saying basically the same thing), where do I actually start to become proactive. Anyone with some legitimate, valuable information please e-mail me with direction in this most important matter at
    Thank you so much. Rock on America and keep it real. Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. sakerfa Says:

    we could use some help in our oommunity with the website =)

    I’m emailing you,

    SAkEr @ #deprogram

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