LaRouche: Paulson Willing to Sink All U.S. Banks

November 27th, 2008

November 26, 2008 (LPAC) — Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is willing to follow the British scenario and sink all U.S. banks, Lyndon LaRouche said today.

Instead of following British orders, Paulson should take his medicine, and declare the whole system in bankruptcy– reorganization in bankruptcy, not more bailouts. He may be a Christian Scientist, but this time he has got to take his medicine, LaRouche said.

LaRouche characterized Paulson’s latest $800-billion Federal Reserve program to buy junk paper, as an end-run around the debt ceiling. It is illegal and unconstitutional, LaRouche said.

Part of the reason for the British-orchestrated assassination threats against Obama is the fear that he could overturn some aspects of this illegal sham, LaRouche said.


3 Responses to “LaRouche: Paulson Willing to Sink All U.S. Banks”

  1. Rich Says:

    Paulson is no more a Christian anything than Mayer Amshel Redshield.

  2. jjink Says:

    Paulson should be investigated and arrested,then tried ,with full due prccess of law .All of his cronnies at goldman sacs and the federal reserve have got to be prosecuted .Come on guys .

    Once again dprogram is’nt afraid to post the truth
    these guys work hard.Deprogram get the newsletter.

  3. rexho Says:

    Lyndon Larouche is prophet of our time,leading intelectual and adherent of american intelectual and patriotic tradition.Henry Paulson is not serving to prosper american nation,and he don,t nothing to save the nation ,but he is part of H.G Wells plan to global fascist regime.Lyndon Larouche he is fighitng to save the american nation,the unique nation which is product of best intelectual brains of europe like Leibniz,to defend survival of billions of people.Becaquse of this sublime motives of Larouche people of all around the world need to join to support larouche and to save our civilisation.Because people like Paulson,Poul Walcker,Greenspan worked to end westfalian principles of nation-state and favored empire,bur the game is over ,we decline in global dark age…

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