Film: Endgame – Derrick Jensen

February 16th, 2009

What if you live in the most destructive culture ever to exist? What if that culture refuses to change? What do you do about it?

Given the significance of its subject matter and the urgency of Jensen’s message, Endgame is the most important book of the decade and could stand as the must-read book of our lifetimes. But be careful. The book is likely to send you into periods of despondency over the bleak future of the planet. But Jensen explains that if enough of us stand up and work together to fight the fascists, the crash won’t be as devastating.

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  1. meghan2013 Says:

    I really enjoy reading Jensen, and think he is doing some important work for the furture of my generation. Not only are his works very moving, he is also a great speaker with a sense of humor. It is rare to find a public figure who holds both himself and others accountable for what is being done to the planet. That is part of what I am working on in my . Feel free to drop by any time.

    Thank you for your post and for making this blog.

  2. meghan2013 Says:

    Sorry about the link and the spelling of “future”. Technology and I don’t always agree.

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