Film: The War On Democracy – John Pilger

February 16th, 2009

Award winning journalist John Pilger examines the role of Washington in America’s manipulation of Latin American politics during the last 50 years leading up to the struggle by ordinary people to free themselves from poverty and racism.


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4 Responses to “Film: The War On Democracy – John Pilger”

  1. Wonderer Says:

    This fascism is back in Europe too! Yet can people not see that, but the feeling is already there. People are still blinded with economic structures that they think is for the better. But soon when all the privileges going to disappear and all the rights to the freedom disappear, people going to cry. But, then it’s going to be too late and wee are going to have a new war over our head. So wee can by new weapons from the ………! I don’t know if the name of this country can be written without to having be tortured. ;(

  2. Guillermo Says:

    The segment on Chile is extremely biased. The reality is that Allende did not get elected with a majority vote, he got the most votes in a three way election and got just barely over 1/3rd of the vote in an extremely dirty PR campaign. He and his international socialists supporters instituted changes that were extremely detrimental to Chile. The country fell apart. The agricultural economy ceased to function. Nationalized factories ceased to function. Many people left the country. There is little question that American security interests (including ALCOA copper mining and the CIA) were involved, but you must also take into account the context of the times – this was at the height of the cold war. And the conflict was not between “freedom loving people” and “fascists” (as the ex-socialist in Chile like to have it portrayed). It came down to choosing between the lesser of two evils. A country descending into a socialist hell-hole or restoring some degree of order through a coup. The socialists in Chile are in the minority when it comes to the opinion on whether moving back to a free market based economy was the right thing to do for Chile. Chile’s experiment with socialism was a total failure, and the cost for the recovery was also very high.

  3. Joseph Conrad Says:

    The US as directed by its corporate leaders has used the CIA to overthrow every ligitimately elected leader fo EVERY NATION in South America, Africa and Asia sinc e the 1950′s. American citizens sat by each and every time their government minions purposely plunged resources-rich non-white nations into chaos to steal their Oil, Gas, Water, Land and Minerals.

    What 1,500 Wealthy Old Whiteboys who run the US undre Obama don’t realize is the violene and poverty they’ve created and perpetuated will cost them TRILLIONS of dollars and MILLIONS of US lives. Fortunately, they have no children to offer up – merely those they have enslaved…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The government has a powerful control over the people, because most people don’t believe that they would do something like 9/11 or the swine flu. Well let me remember the none believes something. Back be4 the Iraq war, the Bush Administration was trying to build support to go to war. I don’t know their names but you can look it up if you want, but one guy fought against Bush and his “no called for war” and when he spoke out and said that Iraq had no WMD’s. What did they do? They went and put his wife’s name in the paper and she was a secret CIA agent and she was serving her country. So they put a hit on her. If those sorry ass people would do that, then why wouldn’t they do 9/11 or the swine flu? They was going to have her killed just because her husband wouldn’t lie for their sorry ass and bring us into a trillion dollar war and kill all those people and for what? Some might say well Bush is gone, no Obama is just his extension and the health care bill proves that! So go on don’t believe it, its just your money that they are wasting on bailouts, health care bill, wars that hasn’t done any good. So keep on paying into them, keep letting them rob you and your children and your children’s children! But I say enough is enough! I’m going to find a new country to call home because America is going to hell fast and it makes me sick! So all you that support this out of control wasteful government can have it and you can set in you home and wait to pay the next tax, fee, or fine just because you can afford insurance, or lose your job and let the state action off your home when you can’t afford the taxes on it after the health insurance goes up. After this passes they can charge what ever they want to and you’ll have to pay it or pay their fine. It kills me how stupid the majority of the people are in this country! Why has the majority of the people in this country believe their lies when they know they are lieing,like Iraq had WMD’s? Why oh why America have you turned out to be so messed up, and why does it make me want to cry?

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