Film: Fallujah – The Hidden Massacre

February 16th, 2009

How the United States used chemical warfare indiscriminately in Iraq.


5 Responses to “Film: Fallujah – The Hidden Massacre”

  1. Bob Says:

    He that lives by the sword shall die by the sword. The words should be not God Bless America, but God Forgive America.

  2. James Emery Says:

    Hatred & Greed Breed Affluently into our Society Leaving only a wake of despair regret and distrust and the burden of labor be hard pressed upon the people and only the most wealthy and formidable of men will ever truly profit from that System of greed.

  3. john Says:

    great. JUST MORE awful war crimes from america. when does this end? certainly not under obama. russia, china, india, pakistan, too, IF and when , they ever stop taking orders from washington, need to form their own lil’ nato

  4. john Says:

    i put a link to this atrocity on my twitter page, unfrickinbelievable.

  5. Railway Paul Says:

    Fuck America and it’s lies…I feel sorry for any country that doesn’t follow it’s orders…Obviously Lies will be told to justify the invasion…What will they say about australia to justify attacking if/when we ever get a P.M.with a backbone???

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