Video: Fox News Strategy Room w/ Judge Napolitano, Ron Paul and Peter Schiff

February 19th, 2009

Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Great new show called Freedom Watch airing every Wednesday from 2pm – 3pm EST. Regular freedom loving guests include Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell, etc.

Part 1 of 6

Part 2 of 6

Part 3 of 6

Part 4 of 6

Part 5 of 6

Part 6 of 6

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4 Responses to “Video: Fox News Strategy Room w/ Judge Napolitano, Ron Paul and Peter Schiff”

  1. BuelahMan Says:

    That particular video does not prove to me that this show is a “Great new show”.

    Just because the sycophantic Faux News has Ron Paul and Peter Schiff on doesn’t make this propaganda “Great” anything. When the woman spoke, I knew right the and there that this was shit.

  2. Mike Says:

    I believe those videos were put out by — you might want to give attribution… (Liberty Maven was even plugged at the end of the show for doing so).

  3. BuelahMan Says:

    At least James has a favorite news source…

  4. Helen Says:

    I have followed Peter Schiff and Ron Paul for years and I can only hope that more Americans will wake up to the disastrous policies being “inflicted” on them by an incompetant, self serving government, which is a puppet of the banking industry. Well done Fox on allowing these lovers of freedon to have a platform from which to share their views. I will consider forgiving you for your treatment of Ron Paul during his election campaign as you have somewhat redeemed yourselves by broadcasting this enlightening programme.

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