Film: The Illuminati

February 23rd, 2009

The New World Order?


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  1. James Oldham Says:

    To Those who are trying to do the will of our heavenly Father,
    Yes,to my true brothers and sisters who will not worship the beast and accept the chip in their bodies ( Hand at first,later inside the skull ). I pledge myself to either fill the vial of the martrys blood or to work to help support those who are fleeing the beast. Where do we run to? If we pick up arms who do we shoot? Don’t you all who still have love in your hearts see that we need to be organized to help feed and support those who will flee the system? Small groups of survivalist defending there stores of food against all is not the answer. We will need communities thyat are self sufficient and easily defended to help support those without the mark of the beast so that they will not starve or freeze to death when they flee. Where are they going to run to? Who will be there for them? To help and support them? When they realize they can’t accept the mark will they be safe where they have been living? How simple to unplug the credit card scanners and plug in scanners that will only read the chips they implant in people. The system is already in place. Without the chip it will be impossible to buy food or water. Get a room at a hotel. Buy gas for there cars.Will people have a place to run to where people will work together to feed and cloth those people outside of the system? Think about it people. Americans are sitting on their butts allowing all these events to unfold.Where everyone will have to make a choice,worship the beast( devil )and accept the chip or not.There will be no fence sitters,no more lukewarm folks out there. You will either throw your lot with the devil or flee to the wilderness. I am sorry that I have failed to warn you all and educate you all enough to have acted years ago to do something to prevent what is just around the corner. Now,is not the time to argue amongst ourselves or point fingers of blame,but, to act ! To organise ! To plan ! So that we help our brothers and sisters when they flee the beast. To have places to go where they can live free to worship our Messiah,Yehoshua(Joshua) and not starve to death. We all need to work together to make sure we will be able to feed and cloth those who flee. I know our Heavenly Father will do everything He can do to help us,but,we must act now cause the time to act is so very short. We need to organise and prepare now !!!!!!!

  2. sebastian Says:


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