Film: Operation Hollywood

February 25th, 2009

“You must glorify war in order to get the public to accept the fact that your going to send their sons and daughters to die.”

Never let the absurdities of history get in the way of a box-office blockbuster.
The inside story of the cozy relationship between big box office American war movies and the Pentagon

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  1. Todeau Says:

    NONE of any of this news is relevant because you’re not exposing the coup that’s taken place in the U.S. and also over much of the world by the criminal matrix which is in total control of this country.

  2. unclehertz Says:

    this woman presenting is now the governor general of canada.

    That mean she represent the queen of England in Canada. When our prime minister wants to go in election he got to ask the permission from this woman now. A formality but none the less she betrayed the Quebec independance movement in Quebec,a province who’d like to separate from Canada way before its confederation of 1867. 30 years after a bloody revolt from the quebec notables,called the revolt of the Patriots, but they fought the greatest army there was at the time…The English Army.

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