So What Happens When We All Are Broke?

March 13th, 2009

Ponder this reader’s letter from G. Edward Griffin’s web site. (He’s one of my heroes and author of an expose on the Federal Reserve.)

Who is going to bail out the US when we citizens no longer have the money to pay?

If the goal is to reduce the citizens of the US to poor “peasants” like other 3rd World countries, then the time is coming when we peasants won’t have the money to pay the interest OR the principal on loans. Does not the whole fraudulant system then collapse? Where then is their power?

Won’t those in power eventually be shooting themselves in the foot?
Mrs. Cook, 2009 Feb 28

Hello Mrs. Cook.
G Edward Griffin This concept deserves thoughtful analysis covering many aspects of the drama but, in my view, it all boils down to this: The elitists do not expect the common man to pay for this current debt in terms of money.

In the face of crisis, people now are exchanging their personal freedom for security, or at least promises of security. At the end of that process, money as we have known it disappears and becomes merely digital impulses in accounts assigned to each person. Those digits will be used to acquire the necessities of life.

The quantity people receive will depend on their service to the state and their willingness to cooperate.

Those who obey will be told where to live and what work to do.

Those who dissent will be cut off and will starve or beg.

The elitists’ power will lie in total control over the economic lives of their subjects. Common people will support the government, not with taxes, but with human effort. They will be slaves to the system.

Money is not a significant factor under slavery. Masters do not collect money from their slaves. Instead, they possess the output of their labor.

Ed Griffin


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3 Responses to “So What Happens When We All Are Broke?”

  1. Pennsylvania Says:

    easy fix. Dont participate. Ever have a bounced check fee? Jenny hasn’t. She buys money orders every month and has $5 in an account so as to cash her check. She uses no other bank service. None. Cash and carry. My “free” checking has had many NSF fees, including bill payer fees close to $500. I am too stupid to operate a checking account. So, I am going to conduct my affairs just like Jenny.

    TV service, auto deduct? yeah right. ha! Nope.

    Remember, the customer is always right.

  2. Dave Says:

    when the citizens finally realize that they were playing by the rules when no one else was , then the citizens will quit following the rules and justice will begin her journey for the balance. Plain and simple. And the false sense of superiority that the taskmasters possess will be shaken to the core. Out of order is borne chaos. And out of that chaos order will return. But it will be an Olde world order, that will make changes to disallow these vermin to to exist in the future.In the scheme of things it will be a minor inconvenience with great loses but good will win. I’ll bet my life on it. And just may have to.

  3. Dave Says:

    The unfortunate fact is that there is no money system since all ‘money’ is now credit. You don’t have to participate in the banking system to be subject to the credit system. As long as you are dealing in ‘Federal Reserve Notes’, you are still dealing with credit instruments created by the banks and/or the banking system. There is no cash, as those ‘Federal Reserve Notes’ you carry around in your pocket are not ‘dollars’ or ‘money’, but are merely credit instruments (i.e., ‘notes’). The people that are the creators of labor will always be enslaved by those who get to create the credit instruments without laboring to get them (i.e., the banksters). For the People, the ‘money’ serves as a medium of exchange. For the banksters, the ‘money’ serves as a theft mechanism where they get to confiscate the labor and wealth of those who labor to acquire the ‘money’. Most people have been so conditioned that they cannot see the fraud mechanism. They have been conditioned to think of value in terms of ‘dollars’ or ‘Federal Reserve Notes’. Witness the huge confiscation going on today, euphemistically called a ‘market crash’ or ‘meltdown’. It isn’t a destruction of wealth, but is really a TRANSFER of wealth from the laborers to the banksters. The value of the ‘money’ or the ‘market’ don’t matter if you (i.e., the banksters) have concentrated all financial control of labor and real physical assets and the means of production into their own hands!

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