Video: Glenn Beck & Napolitano Expose How Obama/US Government Ripped You Off!!!

March 25th, 2009

The financial collapse and the theft of America’s wealth was engineered by the Federal Reserve and Bilderberg Group. Over 45% of Americas wealth has been STOLEN right before your eyes and they think you are to stupid and scared to do anything.

They want you to riot so as to bring in Martial law and suspend the Constitution be wise folks get informed don’t allow yourself to get violent! Protest Peacefully and Demand To Be Heard!

NOT only is AIG to big to fail but the Obama, Clinton, Bush gang along with the Bilderberg Group and The Trilateral Commission are above the law! You are their cattle and will be treated as cattle. Chief architect and tax-cheat Timothy Geithner is the proverbial fox in the hen house. Learn the truth about the Federal Reserve System.

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