Neutralised and Obamatised – Where The Hell Is The Anti-War Movement?

May 16th, 2009

Obama is not only Mr. [fake] Change, Mr. [fake] Hope and Mr. [fake] Yes-We-Can; he’s also Mr. Untouchable. Most of the anti-war ‘left’ bought the Obama propaganda down to the smallest syllable and they are either getting deeply embarrassed by now or resorting to cognitive dissonance to kid themselves they were right.

Cognitive dissonance is that filter in the head that explains away contradictions to confirm the original belief. It’s a powerful form of lying to yourself, so powerful, in fact, that you don’t know you are doing it. ‘We must take our freedoms away to protect our liberties’ is a classic example of cognitive dissonance in action.

The effect of this can be seen in a report by the Huffington Post:

‘Obama’s presidency has not only complicated the anti-war message, but has also made it more difficult to turn out the large numbers that the movement enjoyed during the latter Bush years. Over the weekend, Code Pink held their annual 24-hour Mother’s Day Vigil for Peace in Lafayette Park across from the White House. It was the first time since 2006 that they asked people from outside the Washington area to attend. Just over a hundred people showed up to the event according to organizers, a stark contrast to the thousands that Code Pink enjoyed in 2006.’

Most of the left have convinced themselves that Obama is anti-war, a man of peace, and so there is no need for the campaigns of protest that we saw under Bush. But this is patent nonsense. Obama is not ‘anti-war’ at all.

This myth comes from a speech he apparently made opposing the invasion of Iraq in 2002, although, as with everything surrounding Obama, the spin is at odds with the substance. The very opening line of that speech said: ‘Let me begin by saying that although this has been billed as an anti-war rally, I stand before you as someone who is not opposed to war in all circumstances’.

Clearly, because his very first act in office was to sanction US bombing raids in Pakistan and you are going to see him (his masters through him) increase American military action in that country that will kill and maim still more civilians. And look at Afghanistan. By the end of this year the United States will have more than 68,000 troops deployed there – around double the number at the end of the Bush presidency.

Same force, different mask, but where are the protests now that greeted Bush?

Source: David Icke

3 Responses to “Neutralised and Obamatised – Where The Hell Is The Anti-War Movement?”

  1. DebbieKat Says:

    I disagree with your association that the anti-war left was wholly behind Obama. I consider myself anti-war left. I did NOT vote for Obama. I am very happy I chose to vote for whom I did. :-)

  2. Virginia Says:

    Deb, I agree. The point that is missing in this article is that there is no REAL left or right, but just a (very effective) way of keeping everybody at odds with one another over stupid personality issues, while letting the REAL issues, like this “war,” gather dust. I had also always been a “liberal Democrat” until I woke up and saw the flim-flam of Obama, who had absolutely no substance in his spiel, and became more and more “conservative Republican,” the closer to election time we got. The evidence for ths is that it was NOT just “liberals” who voted for this traitor, but “conservatives.”
    Unlike them, I believe in my ideals, and I stand by them, no matter WHO is talking. ALL leaders must pass the test of my convictions, no matter what “party” they claim to belong to. I am STILL anti-war and pro-choice; I STILL believe in food stamps for the poor and health care for everybody; I STILL denounce torture and government imposition in its citizens’ personal lives. The ONLY thing that has changed in my politics is that I no longer ride the fence on gun control. Now I stand squarely with the 2nd Amendment, first because it is the LAW, and second, because I have come to realize that gun bans are for you and me to abide by, NOT for criminals who don’t abide by the law anyway, and certainly NOT for our violent imperialistic government and its moronic low-level functionaries who can only get respect by demanding it at gunpoint.
    This article is correct, however, in that MANY erstwhile anti-war folks ARE bamboozled by the antics of fake personality politics, and they are unable or unwilling to see that they are saying okay to a war program because they are caught up in the idea that Democrats are somehow different from Republicans, when they are the same. Same product, different salesman.
    I have friends who have known me for over 20 years, and know what it is that I believe in, but when I said I was NOT voting for O-baa-ma because he had nothing of substance to offer, but only slogans, they called me a racist–as if race were the ONLY criterion from which to make a political decision–which is racism, by the way. They are most unhappy when I point out that THEY are the racists because they swallow the white-supremacist slop that black people are somehow incapable of being FOR oppressive hegmonic structures, and that one careful look at Africa should dispel that notion. Power is power, no matter what color the skin of the person who abuses it.
    Glad you are awake, and I too get sick of the talking heads who do not respect that human beings transcend simple labels. Because I have stuck by my political convictions I am NOW called a right-wing conservative racist, when last year I was a bleeding-heart liberal–and my politics are exactly the same as they were before this sham election. I am now supposed to believe something entirely different just because some idiot in some office says so. The ONLY difference is that now I see through the smoke and mirrors of personality politics. My remedy is to turn off the TV, and try to get people to wise up and realize that they are being manipulated by these meaningless labels to overlook the real issues.
    Folks, we must put aside our petty differences, ignore the name-calling, and come together to fight the common enemy. In all my life, I have NEVER been in favor of one single so-called “war” this country has waged–not Vietnam, not Granada, not Iraq I or II, not Afghanistan, not Pakistan…the list is endless. But NOW there IS a war I am in favor of, and it is the war that must be waged RIGHT NOW against the criminals who have usurped our government: Our enemy is HERE in THIS country, and no doubt about it, they have weapons of mass destruction.

  3. DebbieKat Says:

    I totally agree with you Virginia! And the Dems and Reps are basically the same party now… I left the Dems somewhere in between Pelosi taking impeachment off the table and the primaries. I was an early Kucinich supporter, then Gravel, then Nader.

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