MSM: Japan says N.Korea nuclear test "unacceptable"

May 25th, 2009

(Reuters) – North Korea’s nuclear test would be a clear violation of the U.N. Security Council resolution and an unacceptable move, Japan’s top government spokesman said on Monday after Pyongyang said it had tested a nuclear device.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Takeo Kawamura told reporters that Japan was asking for an emergency U.N. Security Council meeting and would seek a new resolution by the council.

Kyodo news agency said Japan was also considering tightening its own sanctions on the reclusive communist state.

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Source: Reuters

One Response to “MSM: Japan says N.Korea nuclear test "unacceptable"”

  1. J.P. Says:

    With the resurgence of North Korea’s race to obtain nuclear arms capability the balance of the world powers are countering with sanctions and other forms of threat to retard such advances. Well frankly, it is obvious this type of counter-force is *NOT* working.

    So what is a possible solution?

    What I propose will undoubtedly be scoffed at by most as ridiculous but I believe it has viability.

    Simply put: let *EVERY* sovereign country of the World obtain, manufacture, whatever, as many nuclear arms as they deem necessary or can afford. That’s correct let the world nations arm their-selves to the hilt.

    The rationale for this rather bizarre solution falls on the logic that if everyone is holding a gun only one of two things will happen:*NOTHING* or *EVERYTHING* _(i.e.: they all shoot one another until the last one standing but in this case the radioactive contamination will render the spoils to the so-called winner – useless)_.

    It would seem logical that the threat of annihilation of one or all of the countries would render a constant enough threat to *ALL* that it would nullify the threat.

    Ask yourself: what would you do if you walked into a room knowing that everyone including yourself, held a gun? Probably keep it in your holster, as nothing would be gained to pull it on those that outnumbered you with a high degree of probability that you would be killed before you killed all of them. Since the same rationale holds for all that are in the same room effectively *NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN!*

    The current arrangement does nothing more than support the definition of *SUPERPOWER*. The concept that _I am holding the gun so you better do what I say or else!_. Well obviously this has been the root of the world’s problems to date and will continue until a more _simple_ solution is implemented.

    The fringe benefit laughably is that the world economy would flourish from a significant amount of dollars exchanged from the research, manufacture, sale and maintenance of such weapons.

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