Glenn Beck’s Outrageous Lie: Racist Von Brunn is “Hero of 9/11 Truthers”

June 10th, 2009

There should be absolutely no doubt Glenn Beck is a government disinfo operative tasked with taking down the 9/11 truth and patriot movements. In fact, Fox News — as a primary fount of Operation Mockingbird — is tasked with attacking not only the 9/11 truth movement but the pro-liberty and Constitution movements as well.


“Our country is now vulnerable,” the operative Beck declares. “Those people who would like to destroy us — our enemies like Al Qaeda. They’d like to destroy us, and they will work with anyone. There are also people like white supremacists or 9/11 truthers that would also like to destroy the country. They’ll work with anybody they can.”

In other words, the 9/11 truth movement, according to Beck, will work with al-Qaeda. If you read between the lines, Beck is calling for the government to dish out the same kind of violent response to the truth movement the CIA-created al-Qaeda received in Afghanistan or at Camp Gitmo. Beck is calling for murder and torture of people who disagree with the government.

Fox News did a smash up job subverting the tea parties and reducing the movement to a carnival sideshow while CNN and especially MSNBC went into overtime to portray the “tea baggers” as irrelevant and absurd.

On October 22, 2007, Beck — then a host on Prime Time News — viciously attacked the 9/11 truth movement, describing the whole movement as “insane” and branding 9/11 activists as “dangerous anarchists.”

“These truthers are exactly the kind of people who want to rock this nation’s foundation, tear us apart and plant the seeds of dissatisfaction in all of us” said Beck. He later said the 9/11 truth movement is “the kind of group a Timothy McVeigh would come from,” insinuating the movement is intent on violence.

In November of 2007, Beck the operative teamed up with the scurrilous ex-Marxist and neocon David Horowitz to denounce Ron Paul’s supporters as terrorists. “Beck opened up his show segment by inferring that the U.S. military should be used to silence domestic dissent against the war, claiming that those he would later identify as Ron Paul supporters, libertarians and the anti-war left and link with terrorists, were a ‘physical threat,’” wrote Paul Joseph Watson for Prison Planet.

“When you enlist in the U.S. military, you have take an oath that says you’re gonna support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies – foreign and domestic – we talk a lot on this program about the foreign threats – maybe we should spend some time tonight on the domestic one….the physical threat may be developing domestically as well,” said Beck.

Last week the corporate media reported that U.S. counterterrorism officials “authenticated” a video by a supposed al-Qaeda recruiter who claimed he has the ability to smuggle a biological weapon into the United States via tunnels under the Mexico border. In the video, Abdullah al-Nafisi also suggests that al-Qaeda might want to collaborate with “members of native U.S. white supremacist militias who hate the federal government,” according to the Washington Post. The video was posted on the web by MEMRI, a documented Mossad front and Israeli propaganda outfit run by intelligence operatives and neocons.

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  1. Jan Says:

    well Glen Beck you are such an a.. i wonder if you have ever red some of those reports and studies done by the most intelligent people in the world about the way those buidings were destroeyd. do you really think that they are haters and want to destroy the USA? open your eyes…

  2. Bill Chappel Says:

    Remember the enormous controversy that erupted in April over a Department of Homeland Security report that assessed the threat of “right wing extremists”? The story provoked days of nonstop cable chatter, forcing DHS chief Janet Napolitano to ultimately apologize.

  3. T.J. Says:

    they aren’t calling the Muslim a “killer” they are just calling him an “extremist”! So that the sheeple will get used to the word association extremist/terrorist/murderer

  4. unspy Says:

    What the heck Mr Beck? I have questions about 9/11 (like why scientists found nano-thermite in the dust from the World Trade Center) so do my question threaten to destroy America? or do my questions threaten to destroy an illegitimate and criminal government run by dueling mafia families (i.e., the Reps and Dems) from whom you get your talking points?

    Here we have Glenn Beck attempting to connect Von Brunn (and other white supremists) with the 9/11 Turth movement. As yet, I have seen no evidence of this, but I did see that the FOX news network (Mr. Beck’s new employer) has revealed that Von Brunn has a long history of being against the Federal Reserve Banking system.

    I find this most interesting,.

    Think about it, given the fact Glenn Beck has also spoken out against the FED repeatedly, one could argue he is a terrorist. That is if one were to use the same logic he does. Yes, it is all becoming very clear to me now, Mr Beck is a neo-Nazi Jew hater because he wants to audit (and thereby destroy) the Federal Reserve banking system. Hey, I used his logic to get there.

    Glenn Beck talks about the Found Fathers and calls himself a libertarian then he say the military should be used against to silence domestic dissent against the war? He’s either the most confused metrosexual talking head in the world or a shill who is so obsessed with money and his image that he’s willing to say anything he reads on the teleprompter, even outrageous lies that he surely knows are lies. What a tool.

  5. David Howard Says:

    China Syndrome at the WTC – Radioactive mini-nuke fragments strewn about in the rubble pile.

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