Video: Full Spectrum Dominance – Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order

July 8th, 2009

William Engdahl on his book Full Spectrum Dominance:

The Plan is for the United States to rule the world. The overt theme is unilateralism, but it is ultimately a story of domination. It calls for the United States to maintain its overwhelming military superiority and prevent new rivals from rising up to challenge it on the world stage. It calls for dominion over friends and enemies alike. It says not that the United States must be more powerful, or most powerful, but that it must be absolutely powerful.



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  1. mk Says:

    well done paul jay part 2 of interview on iranians.
    United states of Amnesia does not have much control over Iran anymore wake up people this is not the 70’s if you are gonna say something about a country and its people at the present decade do not go talk to the revolutionaries of the late 70’s. “NO ONE IS STIRRING THE POT UP TO NOW”as the author puts it which by the way is also the opinion of Ahmadinijad. FYI about 80% of these people on the street of iran day and night are really more educated than idiots assuming who they are what they want..please go research the relations of persian/iranian gov’t history with britain and Usa in the last 100 years and maybe you get a feel for why Usa and Britain will never want to democrosize Iran because it will take over the whole Asia. Nucleor schmucleor everyone’s who is a more imbicile like India, pakistan got them curtousy of USA 2005. I am a fan of Iran into a turkish kind of state but unfortunately the pipelistan and pipoglobilization of the unfortunate geographic location of Persia or Iran and the jealous arabs-saudi’s and other neighbouring countries always created a barrier in history. Iran has more educated people than its neighboring countries like pakistan, India, and could be very wealthy by its oil-economy wise and socially, which if run by a half decent as-if uncorrupt go’vt it could eventually run half of middleeast into Asia. If another Mossadegh comes along whom by the way was not a colourized revolutionized guy but an wise guy who eventually got killed because of what he did for Iran’s own oil.. Iran will be the ideal country if the west allows it by not going and destroying its neighbors in the name of pipelization and greed and interferring in anything they want to if it is profitable. US will not interfere AND HAS NOT because the last thing it wants is bunch of university educated people freed from oppression unless it can profit from oil and from history we all learned .. to wish them luck the son of the **** for that idea.
    The refugee in germany the author claims to know or some Pro shah valiyat movement person he has met in a blind view that wish Iran oppressed like lebanon, afghanistan, more corrupt like Iraq for its refineries and to keep people under control by the help of West and Eurasia …The real people inside Iran shouting know what is going on in the world better.. they know they are oppressed and simply tired of it these demonstrations have been going on for the last 20 years small but when the gate is open it widened nothing zero zilch nada sefr to do with US plans the only thing Us can do is obey to Israel and since the staged 911 finish the pipolistan oil deliveries accross europe and asia.This is not a CIA job and USA has no power but to help ahmadinijad to push people down more and more maybe to do to them what stalin did to his own people when they oppose. They only thing history shown Usa is capable of is to invade a country and destroy it and rape murder and oppress its people more and drug deal their poppies, oil, and crops for their own greed and yes it is and always been the puppy dog in chains to Israel and Britain. abc 123 now you can go write a book about Iran.

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