Fox to Guard Henhouse? Former Monsanto VP May Be Named To Head FDA Safety Working Group

July 8th, 2009

Sometimes I’m just rendered speechless, and this is one of those times. Natasha Chart via Sustainable Food at

Obama’s considering appointing a former Monsanto vice president, Mike Taylor, to head the Food Safety Working Group at the FDA.

As Jill Richardson writes at LaVidaLocavore at the link above, Taylor thinks the FDA wastes too much time on food safety inspections at meat packing plants. Further, he believes that one of their main problems is that they have to slow down their line speed too much.

Everyone who’s read anything about the horrendous working conditions at US meatpacking plants knows that incomplete kills before slaughter and worker injuries increase dramatically when line speeds increase.

As also noted at the Ethicurean, Taylor is the reason milk from rBGH/rBST cows doesn’t have to be labeled. Bovine growth hormone is perfectly safe, after all. Except for cows, or humans who drink its breakdown products in milk.

So yes, Mike Taylor is the person we have to thank for putting pus from mastitis-infected cows into the milk supply, and exposing milk-drinking Americans by the millions to greater cancer risks.

This guy is heading up a food safety working group.

I’m just swimming in the changeiness.

Kids, if you care about your food, you know what to do:

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Switchboard: 202-456-1414

Or click here.

Source: Crooks and Liars

One Response to “Fox to Guard Henhouse? Former Monsanto VP May Be Named To Head FDA Safety Working Group”

  1. Jeff Says:

    So, of course, a “solution” to this problem is a new bill like HR2749, giving the FDA unprecedented power over small farmers, food and supplement producers, with provisions for warrantless searches and 10 year jail sentences, harsh criminal and civil penalties, even for administrative or paperwork violations of vague FDA rules.

    You can read more about it at “American Association for Health Freedom”.

    This situation is similar to the environmental fiasco where you have the big polluters on one hand, and the world environmental saviors on the other hand, all working for the same insane entity.

    Yet, I am unable to leave you ignorant here.

    That insane entity is also unknowingly serving another entity. This other entity, which is an infinitely transencedent entity, and happens to be operating all existence, actually has everyone’s long-term well-being determined, contrary to nearly all religious dogma and “free-will” consciousness baloney. If a human happens to hear and believe this transcendent benevolent entity, whatever occurs in the universe, becomes cause to be thankful, happy, and full of peace, even if we find ourselves engaging in reality operations that seem unpleasant on the surface. There are some things that are quite out of reach of anything negative, and infinitely beyond the reach of insanity.

    The poor little critters who are trapped in insanity, will encounter a rather rude awakening to their state. Yet, their real need after that–and they will be begging for it–will be to have mercy, genuine peace, and benevolence showered on them. They are not the only ones engaging in problem-solution dynamics. They just happen to be the ones losing at present and in the near foreseeable future. What is amusing, is their imaginary belief that they are their own creators, and that it is also up to them to come up with solutions to their problems, while all the while they are thinking this way, their problems and solutions spiral downward into a pit of emptiness and meaninglessness, that appears to them to be an evolutionary spiral up into infinite greatness.

    But there is hope for them, not in their own conceits, but in their true Creator, who has everything quite well in hand, and operating smoothly on schedule.

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