'CIA suspect in Bhutto's assassination'

July 16th, 2009

(PressTV) – Slain Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto could have been targeted by the CIA as part of its recently-exposed alleged assassination program, reports say.

On Wednesday, Washington-based investigative journalist Wayne Madsen quoted US intelligence officials as making ‘prominent’ references to Bhutto as a probable target of the program.

“I spoke to several US intelligence officials who were telling me that this assassination team may have targeted politicians in other countries,” Madsen told Russia Today.

“One name mentioned prominently was former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto, who may have been a victim of this particular program.”

The program was recently exposed by the agency’s director Leon Panetta, who claimed that he had stopped it last month upon hearing about it.

On Monday, The Wall Street Journal quoted intelligence sources as saying that the program also included capturing or killing al-Qaeda operatives.

“There was some initial involvement by the CIA in this program early on and it was described to me by US intelligence officials as a modern-day Phoenix program that was during the Vietnam War. The CIA and US military special forces cooperated to assassinate (the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam) Viet Cong leaders,” Madsen said.

Pete Hoekstra on the House Intelligence Committee claims little money was spent on the project that allegedly never became fully operational.

Following Bhutto’s assassination, CIA director at the time, Michael Hayden blamed al-Qaeda and allies to Pakistani tribal leader Baitullah Mehsud for the atrocity.

“This was done by that network around Baitullah Mehsud. We have no reason to question that,” he said.

Source: Press TV

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    she was deffinetly assasinated by the cia, for letting the cat out of the bag about bin ladens death. if bin laden is dead who are we fighting against???????? she was taken out by dick cheney
    for telling the truth. he is a close relative of lucifer and can not stand the truth! because the truth sets people free!!!!!!!!

  2. Mahatma Mahdi Says:

    Benazir Bhutto had to lead a very difficult life. After her father’s assasination I was surprised that she had the spirit to go into politics. I have followed her career for many years. I did write her after her father’s unjust hanging on my Grandmother’s birthday in 1979. I do not know if she ever got my letter. Being nearly the same age as myself and the same sign, under better circumstances we might have met.

    I had many doubts about her murder. Suspecting the CIA from the start based on some information I heard from Pakistani sources. The reasons to me are clear.

    “Pete Hoekstra on the House Intelligence Committee claims little money was spent on the project that allegedly never became fully operational.”

    To me Pete Hoekstra is a creepy man. He is in on many of the Bush crimes as well as stabbing of the back of the people of Michigan, especially the Governor. How he got on the House Intelligence Committee shows the pull he has in dark circles. But to say little money was spent on the project is bull.
    The CIA has more ways of funding it’s operations beyond the American tax payer. For example, what happened to the missing opium crop from last year in Afghanistan? The organization is the biggest drug cartel in the history of mankind. They are also big in illegal arms sales. The organization makes the anything the Nazi’s or the former Soviet Union had pale in comparison. They are also big in creating funds from prostitution and slavery, especially of children. Then there is their hired gun for murder business. The CIA doesn’t need tax payer money to fund anything. It is a self sustaining organization that has tentacles all around the world. The CIA’s association with al-Qaeda is as old as al-Qaeda itself as the CIA gave birth to the organization. Many things that al-Qaeda is alleged to have done we can find strings leading back to the CIA.

  3. gods chosen Says:

    what is abundantly clear to all is that the intelligence agencies are run and controlled by lunatics from the zionist jew branch, who then use them to murder politicians from all countrys and religions except jewish!

    the stupid christians have allowed this to happen with all that nonsense of rapture bullshit and godly jew rubbish , when these misfits are the human version of devils described in the bible in book of thessalonians “BE FURTHER ADMONISHED THE JEWS WALK CONTRARY TO GOD AND TO ALL MEN”

    take your countrys back from these devils and your religions, be godly following the 10 commandments. its your passions and perverse nature giving these misfits weapons to blackmail you with!

  4. George In Toronto Says:

    If O’bama does not take orders from Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton—He will be another goner
    Actually she is the President in Cheney’s pants

  5. AL-CIA-DA is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL Says:

    after Benazir Bhutto made her statement to David Frost on the ‘edited’ BBC interview, about Osama Bin Deceased Since 2002, this forced Cheney’s hand because he couldn’t risk her going out there and telling what most of the rest of the world already knew, that U.S. and Britain’s ‘pipeline dream’ in Afghanistan had nothing to do with finding Bin Laden, but had everything to do with installing the puppet pipeline for natural gas, under UNOCAL exec Hamid Karzai.

    I’m surprised it’s taken this long for people to figure out that the AL-CIA-DA murdered this lady and statesperson, especially after CondoLesbian Rice told her; “you need to go back to your country, Benazir..” (short for; “our assassination team under McChrystal is waiting for you!!”

  6. futuretruth Says:

    of course israel would try tp blame the cia. do you really believe israel could ever have peace anywhere in the middle east? what would happen to the trillion dollar yearly aid that is extorted from the us taxpayers? what wouled happen to the palistinians if they were allowed to thrive unfettered? our defense budget would be half as much as it is now. we have a fifth fleet just to babysit israel in case it throws a tantrum. if you haven’t noticed china flexes it muscles just because we are tied down with israel’s intrigue and lawlessness.

  7. Andrew Milner Says:

    Check the interview Benazir Bhutto gave to “Sir” David Frost (Al-Jazeera) on YouTube. “Omah Sheikh, the man who murdered Osama bin Laden”. Two months later she was dead. So if ObL’s dead, where did all those tapes come from?
    Wanted: Tall, bearded, distinguished, late middle age Arab gent for leading role in drama-documentary. On-going need. Apply in first instance …..Langley, Virginia

  8. robertsgt40 Says:

    You can bet if the CIA is involved(a certainty) that Mossad called the play.

  9. Nicolae Says:


  10. Anonymous Says:

    the cia, the mossad and the isi all work for the same people!
    that is the zionist jew bankers that run the world through manipulation of loans, currency and life giving natural resouces
    such as gas, oil and minerals. untill the nit whits of this world grasp onto the fact that this is a class war we are fighting, not a national war or a racial war. things will not change!!!
    these people are luciferian illumanists and they must chuckle
    every time there gone squades murder some one knowing the whole time that american taxes paid for the whole thing

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