Video: Corporate Media Gets You Ready for Your Forced Experimental Vaccination

July 31st, 2009

Fox’s Shepard Smith almost said “draconian” and instead said “drastic” while reporting on Northcom’s involvement in plans to “administer” a toxic H1N1 vaccine, more than likely in October. Robert Gates, the Bush admin leftover at the Pentagon, is ready to sign off on marrying troops with FEMA when the engineered pandemic breaks out later this year. No mention of the egregious violation of Posse Comitatus this plan presents in the Fox News report:


Northcom has a plan “on the table” for “five regional military teams” to back up FEMA when the pandemic hits. Fox’s Brian Wilson reports the military will be involved in imposing “mass quarantines,” that is to say martial law.

It is becoming increasingly clear what the government has in mind for the serfs.

For all the details on the hyped flu pandemic, forced vaccination with experimental vaccines, and coming martial law, see our Flu Pandemic Resource page.

Source: InfoWars

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  1. andy Says:

    If you know any children who are given Tamiflu, they might need extra care – see article here

  2. Dave Says:

    There’s no doubt that this was a lab virus(“Franken virus”)
    There’s no doubt that it is meant as a cover for another event(economy morphing into global system with a shutdown of banks for indeterminate length of time(no credit card use,no withdrawals).
    Where the doubt lies is what type of system we will be subjected to and for how long the military will be embedded with society.
    And here’s the worst part,whether or not Obama will voluntarily leave after he declares martial law for this “crisis”.

  3. The JC Says:

    The gov. wants a pandemic. More than likely a stronger version of H1N1 will be released by the gov. and said to have “mutated” and use that as an excuse to make people get vaccinated. Then who ever refuses vaccinations will be rounded-up and quarantined in the FEMA detention centers built by KBR and haliburton for 360 billion; as was legislated by congress. Its all part of the problem reaction solution paradigm gov’s use to enslave their people. This time its a an oh so scary gov. made virus. Obama is a communist he’s trying to bring communism; because that what his handlers want. When will we stop letting this corrupt communist gov. treat us like useless eaters?

  4. TerraHertz Says:

    OK, it’s well documented the Elites have been working towards a global population cull for decades. Their oft-stated aim is to get the world population down to something under 500 million. But of course, that has to be done in some way that doesn’t result in *them* being slaughtered and hung from street poles by the enraged survivors. It has to look like some accidental series of unfortunate disasters; a natural cascade of regretable but unavoidable circumstances. (One of which was 911.)

    But how to do it? This is a real problem for them. An engineered plague might work, but then again, it might also mutate, rendering useless whatever immunity the Elites hoped they’d given themselves. Result- they die too.
    Also, trying to arrange for some ‘mandatory innoculation’ to kill the sheeple outright, would be too risky – the military could cotton on, and likely *help* the surviving people kill off the elites.

    What a dilema for them! A plague might backfire, and direct genocide of six billion is so risky to organise and keep quiet while the ‘useless eaters’ still vastly outnumber and outgun the Elites.

    Here’s what I think they have come up with.

    Do a search for ‘innoculation, cancer epidemic’. There’s a lot of information around about cancer-causing genes being deliberately slipped into various immunisation shots over the last several decades. Honing the technology, getting it right. By now it’s likely to be quite an exact science.

    Now comes the (engineered, deliberately released, but pretty feeble) ‘swine flu’. Which is more of a stage managed media panic than an actual threat. It’s also very clear that the objective of the WHO/media hype has been to justify a massive, compulsory, world-wide innoculation program. Vaccines patented a year before H1N1 even appeared, laws put in place to allow compulsory shots, vaccine makers granted legal indemnity… Not to mention the timing of it all – just as the financial collapse is expected to really bite.

    What will the vaccine do? I’m guessing it will contain attenuated live virus (active, but non-contagious) which includes various cancer-causing genes. Not to mention all the other slow-death delights, such as squalene adjuvant, which causes a zoo of auto-immune neurological degenerations. The vaccine won’t kill many straight away. But you’ll die pretty rapidly later all the same – of cancer. ‘Tragic’ of course, and the government/media mouthpieces for the Elites will insist the horrific rise in lethal cancers over the next few years is ‘mysterious, cause unknown’. Just like the Autism epidemic has nothing to do with Thimerosal in vaccines, like Aspartame is good for you and has nothing to do with the MS epidemic, like Flouride is a beneficial additive in the drinking water which has nothing to do with chemically pacifying people, and widespread vitamin D deficiency has nothing to do with it’s associated plethora of diseases. Despite the Internet, it’s still sadly true that 80% of people are gullible, lazy fools, who will NOT lift a finger to seek out information and educate themselves. Even if their stupidity costs them and their families their lives.

    A secondary objective of the mandatory immunisation setup will be to identify ‘anti-social resisters’ – those who refuse to take the shots. Perhaps at most 20% of people (and more likely under 5%) will flat out refuse them. Few enough people to be easily dealt with by other means. Few enough to disappear, and not be mentioned in the evening TV news.

    The key point is that this method will work, from the Elite’s point of view. They won’t die – the cancer-causing live viruses in the shots won’t be contagious (they hope.) And they of course, won’t be taking the shots – or at least, not the same ones as the sheeple get. Plus, it gives them a fairly controlable means for selecting specific survivors – those they feel suitable and useful to enjoy life as slaves of the post-cull global regime of the Elites.

    All the Elites have to do, is make sure the truth doesn’t reach the masses and convince them.
    Do you think they will succeed?


  5. If this is the case Says:

    If this is the case, I get furious thinking about it… but if there is any truth to any of this as being more inside job taste to it, then its time someone puts a stop to it, whatever it takes… one for all, and all for one!

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