Video: G. Edward Griffin – On Individualism v Collectivism

August 10th, 2009

Let’s re-learn the true nature of a constitutional republic, our culture and our birthright.

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One Response to “Video: G. Edward Griffin – On Individualism v Collectivism”

  1. Bifurcatio Says:

    I believe there is an I, a We, and an It (Individual, Society/Culture, Environment) that are equally important and must act together for the proper functioning of all 3.

    I don’t like the seatbelt law, as it takes the rights away from the individual who can only harm himself by breaking this law, but I do like the laws that prohibit 10-year old children and inebriated drunks from driving cars, where they clearly put other individuals at risk. I like that there is some entity that I can contribute to to build roads and public restrooms for me, rather than my having to do it myself.

    And the effort to keep the environment in tact is commendable, I think, but I don’t like the laws that ‘require’ me to get a permit to enter the woods, but I do like the laws that prohibit shooting everything in sight from an airplane or an off-road vehicle.

    The problem is not the desires of the individual, the collectivist, or the environmentalist; the problem is that none of them see the heterarchical (all equally valid and important) nature of their relationship. A vision of this type of relationship can be had with a bit of study of Spiral Dynamics and/or The Four Quadrants of Ken Wilber.

    My observation is, though, that the individual hasn’t developed enough yet to embrace this type of thinking; and so, well, we have what we have, and here we go!

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