FBI Says Boston Cops Need M-16s to Prevent City from Becoming Next Mumbai

August 19th, 2009

I kid you not. This is the reasoning used by the FBI. The cops need automatic weapons to respond if the city falls victim to a Mumbai-like terror attack. It’s more likely Boston will get hit by a hurricane, but you don’t see the government building levees and boarding up windows. A terror attack launched against Boston figures pretty low on the probability chart.

Kurt Nimmo
August 19, 2009

“Warren Bamford, the special agent in charge of the FBI in Boston, said Tuesday that he is baffled by opposition to a proposal to give some neighborhood police officers the semiautomatic weapons,” reports the Associated Press. “In May, Boston Mayor Tom Menino criticized a proposal to arm up to 200 officers with M-16s that the police department had ordered from the U.S. military. Menino said only specially trained units should have the guns.”

Menino, after all, has to face the wrath of citizens who will naturally resent the cops walking around as if Boston is Baghdad.

The FBI is merely playing its assigned role. From the Pentagon to the Department of Homeland Security to the FBI, the government is on the fast track to turn the country into a police state from sea to shining sea. A major part of that effort is the militarization of the police, a process already well along.

Let’s hand it to Boston Mayor Tom Menino — he didn’t buy into the FBI’s malarkey about a terrorist event that will probably never happen.

Source: Infowars

3 Responses to “FBI Says Boston Cops Need M-16s to Prevent City from Becoming Next Mumbai”


    this is so fucking typical of the corrupt scum in the Federal Bastards of Israel ranks. get lots of firepower. flamethrower people after shooting them like at WACO. women and children slaughtered by ATF and FBI bastards. for what?

    the U.S. government is out of fucking control. trusting it with more firepower is like asking a man inside a huge gas tank to light his cigar with a flamethrower. very insane idea.

    fuck the F.B.I. bastards. they’ve fucked this nation so hard in the ass we’ll be walking funny for eons after they’re long gone and completely banished.

    they need to be gone. They’ve been behind everything from Robert F. Kennedy’s murder in Los Angeles, to the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. And they blew up the Murrah building in O.K.C., this has been proven to be another ‘guvmint job’ as well. Last but not least, they have murdered our own citizens and aided and abetted in the cover-up for the false flag attack on Sept. 11, 2001, and hidden and obfuscated all the evidence that supports U.S. GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT MASS MURDER AND HIGH TREASON.

    so, give them more powerful guns. Fuck them, they’re lucky we don’t shoot them all on fucking sight for being such corrupt scumbags and liars.

  2. kerf Says:

    Well said. I work with seniors; I’ve had 2 women in their 80’s ask me when the revolution will begin. One of them was sitting in her rocker, making shooting noises/motions.

    Our government and elected officials are corrupted. It is all unclean beyond repair. Government is the engine driving the country to ruin. The motor needs replaced.

    I tell the seniors that one day, we will all get the same day off.

  3. tp Says:

    It’s way past time that ‘Law Enforcement officers’ took note of their oath on taking up their jobs. If they don’t, they are acting unlawfully and are subject to citizens arrest, if any Americans can actually still get off their glutamate-addicted obese posteriors long enough to act!

    Here’s an essential website for cops to visit:-


    – perhaps Bostonians (and everywhere else in topsy-turvy Zionist occupied America!) could aid the process by printing off their front page and delivering it to precinct houses everywhere? Is this really too much to ask in a country mesmerised by enemies masquerading as ‘friends’? It’s YOUR childrens lives you are supposed to be defending, after all!

    Look, there’s a film** been around for a while now – it’s supposed to be ‘funny’ but in reality it gives a very clear insight into the Zionist ‘mindset’ – watch it that way and you will learn that all your kind, caring, compassionate attributes as normal human beings mean ABSOLUTELY nothing to these psychopathic deviants now running YOUR country into the ground.

    ** BORAT – don’t be fooled! This is NOT humour; it is dispassionate arrogance by a Zionist FOR Zionists.

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