Startling New Evidence That The Swine Flu Pandemic Is Man-Made

August 27th, 2009

(A. True Ott, PhD, ND) – Novartis Patent Detailed And Mass Murder Charged

Murder suspects are either convicted or acquitted at trial based on the prosecution’s presentation of EVIDENCE which usually hinges on MOTIVE, OPPORTUNITY, and TIME-LINES combined with physical documents. To gather such hard evidence, detectives and/or federal agents often spend months following leads and interviewing witnesses. In the trial phase, re-creating the sequence of events is essential. I submit this paper will provide more than enough hard evidence to at least result in a series of criminal indictments of charges of MASS MURDER, and CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT WORLD GENOCIDE against Novartis Pharmaceutical principals and agents and others.


The Primary Motive behind this alleged criminal activity is also the primary cause of most murders in the world today, and that motivation is simply: BIG MONEY. Billions of Dollars of windfall profits from government contracts worldwide, as a matter of fact.
I will provide evidence that will show that Novartis Pharmaceuticals of Basel, Switzerland has conspired with corrupt “scientists” at the U.S. Army Institute of Pathology ­ Ft. Detrick, Maryland, to create a “novel” strain of weaponized “influenza” virus by means of “reverse engineering” the deadly 1918 killer strain ­ which strain was maliciously and surreptitiously released upon the world in March and April of 2009 for the primary purpose of creating a panic-stricken world-wide demand for Novartis vaccine material.

The evidence will also clearly show that the Novartis vaccine material is in reality designed to facilitate the further mutation of the pandemic into more lethal waves of increasingly virulent and deadly disease, rather than to curtail and limit the existing outbreak. The evidence will show that Novartis is willingly being used, (and extremely well-paid) to facilitate the edicts of the global elite’s Club of Rome; which edicts clearly call for a massive and sudden depopulation of certain segments of the earth’s human population.


To realize such windfall profits on an engineered, global flu pandemic, detailed covert planning must take place of course.
Patents protecting the proprietary flu vaccine must be applied for and secured before the pandemic virus is released in order to minimize the competition and maximize the profit potentials. In a biological attack of this nature, timing is extremely critical.
Indeed, the evidence is clear ­ Novartis applied for just such a patent on Nov. 4, 2005, and the U.S. Patent Office accepted this application and granted US 20090047353A1 for a “Split Influenza Vaccine with Adjuvants” on February 19, 2009. (See bottom of page).

With this patent now secured, the conspirators were now free to create the demand for their “novel” split influenza vaccine by releasing a “novel” split-influenza (combining multiple viruses) pandemic virus from a weapons lab test-tube into unsuspecting human hosts.

The so-called “Swine Flu” grabbing headlines today is actually a recombinant, or “split-influenza” virus consisting of A-strain Bird-Flu (H5N1), Swine Flu (H1N1) and multiple strains of human flu (H3N2). Likewise, the 1918 Killer Flu that killed untold millions of people was a recombinant or “split-influenza” virus composed of Bird flu, Swine Flu, and multiple strains of human flu.


The criminal timeline begins in 1997, when Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger assembled a team of geneticists and microbiologists to analyze the genome structure, and then to REPRODUCE (i.e. reverse engineer) what is arguably one of the most deadly viral structures the world has ever been cursed with ­ the 1918 killer flu virus. According to numerous published stories and reports, Taubenberger and his team utilized super-computers to map the complex RNA and DNA structures of the killer virus, then utilized human plasmids to successfully re-create the 1918 killer. Taubenberger completed his work in early 2005, then immediately left the employ of the U.S. Army at Ft. Detrick to take a much more lucrative position with the National Institutes of Health. His new focus was to create a VACCINE against the very same 1918 killer flu that he and his team had, just months earlier, successfully “reverse engineered” and created.

This researcher is very confident that a focused criminal investigation would likely reveal prima facia evidence that Taubenberger was in reality working for Novartis while employed with the N.I.H. ­ and was quite likely the primary author of Novartis’ Nov. 6, 2005 “provisional” patent application. On page 2, paragraph 32 of the patent publication we read, quote: “The influenza virus [that the ‘invention vaccine’ is designed to protect against] may be a reassortant strain, and may have been obtained by reverse genetics techniques. Reverse genetics techniques allow influenza viruses with desired genome segments to be prepared in vitro using plasmids.” The remnant of the paragraph then goes into very specific detail as to the actual mechanics of how the pandemic virus was actually created by Taubenberger’s Ft. Detrick team. At the very least, the author of the patent application had to have studied Taubenberger’s various published reports on his work at Detrick, for the wording and science is virtually verbatim.

Furthermore, this paragraph is even more damning by the words “may have been obtained”. Who “obtained” this virus and for what reason was it “obtained”? Keep in mind the CDC and HHS would have Americans believe that the pandemic viral outbreak is totally a “natural” occurrence ­ if so then how could Novartis have such an incredible advance knowledge to the point of developing a vaccine with such absolutely PERFECT TIMING???


Novartis International AG is simply the world’s largest, multi-national pharmaceutical company with over $53 Billion USD revenue generated in 2008. It’s headquarters is located in Basel, Switzerland, home of the vaunted “Swiss Guards” who provide all security measures for the Vatican and the Club of Rome. The company logo symbolizes the “eternal flame” of the Illuminati “enlightened ones”. Dig into Novartis International AG’s long history, and one finds that it began as a component of the infamous I.G. Farben combine, which in turn was primarily responsible for the rise of Adolph Hitler and the German/Austrian Third Reich.

Dig a bit deeper and you find that Novartis also wholly owns a company called Sandoz ­ which was the inventor of LSD and other strong hallucinogenic “truth” drugs, and was the supplier of LSD to the CIA allowing them to scale new heights with their covert “MK ULTRA” mind control experiments. Documents released to U.S. Congressional investigators in 1977 show that Sandoz Labs had arranged for certain Nazi scientists to gain new identities in Allen Dulles’ CIA at the conclusion of WWII. This was accomplished under a secret extraction program called “Operation Paper Clip”.

The address listed on the Novartis Patent applications is a P.O. Box in Emeryville, California. Up until the summer of 2005, this Emeryville California address belonged to Chiron Inc. ­ the world’s second-largest INFLUENZA VACCINE MANUFACTURER. Chiron was doing very well, with reported sales of $357 million in fiscal 2002. Chiron’s sales nearly doubled, peaking at a whopping $678 million in 2003 ­ and it was mostly due to the marketing and sale of FLU VACCINE CONTRACTS to the federal government. Novartis, which owned much of Chiron’s stock, was very pleased, until disaster struck in 2004 — the entire year’s stock of flu vaccine was found to be contaminated and was condemned.

Stock values plummeted on the news. With the stock at a historic low, Novartis quickly purchased the remainder of Chiron’s stock and began immediately to work on the massive “novel pandemic flu” vaccine that they somehow knew would soon have worldwide demand ­ especially if they controlled the exclusive patent they could effectively “corner the pandemic flu vaccine market”!!


I would submit that killing tens of thousands of innocent humans via the systemic creation of a “pandemic” in order to make billions of dollars is vile enough, but there is also evidence that there is an even more heinous hidden agenda at work here, and it is spelled GENOCIDE.

It is no mystery that Adolph Hitler advocated the elevation of a Nordic “Master Race” that would rule the world in a “New Order of the Ages” called the “Third Reich”. Sadly, not all of the EUGENIC/GENOCIDAL National Socialists were executed at Nuremburg.
In reality, the elite financiers that actually dictated the agenda to Hitler, merely went underground, willing to bide their time until their godless agenda to liquidate BILLIONS of people could be successfully implemented.

The evidence that the Novartis-controlled “Pandemic Vaccine” may well be a tool of mass genocide, is actually quite overwhelming.
At this point, some readers may scoff and ask: “Why would any company want to kill off their customers?” The answer is that these “customers” control large blocks of assets and equity. As Kissinger’s “NSSM-200″ report outlines, the “spoils” of genocide include controlling large tracts of land and mineral assets. This is secondary, of course, to their warped dream of creating a Utopian World Order with only 500 million “worthy” humans allowed to share in it.


While George H.W. Bush was busy saving the world from the evil dictator Saddam Hussein in 1991, pursuant to his U.N. speech to create a “new world order” an agenda for an “Initiative for Eco-92 Earth Charter” elitist meeting happened to fall into honest, Christian hands. This agenda basically reiterated the genocide outlined in Henry Kissinger’s infamous NSSM-200 report of 1974, and called for “the immediate reduction of world population.” The entire report can be downloaded at:

My extensive research shows that by 1992, the massive death rate of AIDS had simply not materialized to the Elite’s satisfaction, and a more efficient mass killer had to be engineered in order to fulfill the edicts cut into the “Georgia Guidestones”.

Evidence shows that like the 2009 “Novel” Flu Virus the HIV virus was also engineered and manufactured in the labs of Ft. Detrick.

In 1969, during a House Appropriations Committee hearing, the Defense Department’s Biological Warfare (BW) division at Ft. Detrick requested funds to develop, through complex gene-splicing (i.e. genetic engineering) a “novel” new disease that would both be resistant to, and break down a victim’s immune system. The Congressional Record reads:

“Within the next 5 to 10 years it would probably be possible to make a new infective micro-organism which could differ in certain important respects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious diseases.”

The funds for this “Dr. Strangelove” project were somehow approved. AIDS “magically” appeared within the requested time frame, and of course, just happens to exhibit the exact characteristics specified by the Ft. Detrick scientists.

Three years later, in 1972, the fledgling World Health Organization (WHO) published a very similar proposal to the one submitted to the U.S. House Appropriations Committee in 1969. The WHO proposed that: “An attempt should be made to ascertain whether viruses can in fact exert selective effects on immune function, e.g., by …affecting T cell function as opposed to B cell function. The possibility should also be looked into that the immune response to the virus itself may be impaired if the infecting virus damages more or less selectively the immune cells responding to the viral antigens.” (Bulletin of the W.H.O., vol. 47, p 257- 274.) This is a “textbook” clinical description of the function of the HIV/AIDS virus.

The W.H.O. shortly thereafter begins a massive “smallpox vaccination” program in Africa in 1975. Within two years, millions of smallpox vaccines are provided by Novartis et. al, under U.N.I.C.E.F. funding. A decade later, it is determined by independent journalists in the U.K. that the incidence of AIDS infections’ MAPPED AND GRAPHED EPICENTERS in Africa coincided exactly with the locations of the W.H.O. smallpox vaccination program centers in the mid-1970’s (Source, The London Times, May 11, 1987). Some 14,000 Haitians then on UN ‘humanitarian missions’ to Central Africa were also vaccinated in this campaign, and soon contracted HIV. Personnel actually conducting the vaccinations of the Haitians maintain they had been completely unaware that the vaccine was anything other than a routine shot.

In 1987, Dr. Hilleman, head of all vaccine production of Merck Pharmaceuticals stunned the world with his public admissions that the mass vaccination campaigns of the 1950s and ’60s likely caused thousands of cancer deaths each year. This was due to the presence of a cancer-causing virus that contaminated the first polio vaccine, according to Dr. Hilleman. Known as SV40, the virus originated from dead monkeys whose kidney cells were used to culture the first Salk vaccines. Doctors estimate that the virus was injected into tens of millions during the vaccination campaigns, including several million in Canada, before being detected and screened out in 1963. Those born between 1941 and 1961 are thought to be most at risk of having been infected with SV40, and are estimated to have a 300% greater chance of developing cancer. According to Hilleman MERCK KNEW THE VACCINES WERE INFECTED WITH SV40, but distributed them anyway. See

Furthermore, research doctors in New Orleans reported in 1963 that a percentage of the Salk polio vaccines were found to have attenuated, (live) viruses, which actually CAUSED tens of thousands of polio cases during the 1950’s.

Following the successful liberation of Kuwait in Operation Desert Storm, hundreds of thousands of victorious American troops are suddenly stricken with a wide variety of auto-immune disorders that doctors named the Gulf War Syndrome, (GWS). After a decade of medical investigation, the culprit is finally determined to be an ingredient in the anthrax vaccinations mandatorily given to the troops. This offending “adjuvant” is a synthetic material known as squalene ­ aka, oil-in-water adjuvant. Writer and Gulf War correspondent Gary Matsumoto documents this entire, tragic saga in his seminal book, “Vaccine-A”. See

Understanding these historical facts is very important for this reason: Those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it. This is doubly true when it comes to blindly accepting a “novel” mass vaccination for a weaponized, “reverse engineered” virus.

The historical record is very clear ­ attenuated, live viruses in vaccines SPREAD the disease very effectively. When combined with SQUALENE ADJUVANT ­ the virus becomes many times more potent and lethal. When given to CHILDREN IN SCHOOLS, millions of “typhoid Matts and Marys” will be spreading the disease exponentially.

Chillingly, the Novartis patent for the “novel pandemic flu” declares that “African green monkey kidney cells” will be used for the “viral growth substrate” ­ i.e. the carrier medium.
(Page 3, paragraph 0037) We also see that “oil-in-water” squalene-based adjuvants will also be included (page 8 ­ 0098) but most incredible of all, because this is a “recombinant” and “novel” split vaccine, it is deemed necessary to include fragments of attenuated viruses (i.e. live pathogens) in the vaccine medium.

On July 13, 2009, the W.H.O. sanctioned this lunacy by declaring: “In view of the anticipated limited vaccine availability at global level and the potential need to protect against “drifted” strains of virus, it is recommended that promoting production and use of vaccines such as those that are formulated with oil-in-water adjuvants and live attenuated influenza vaccines is important.”

In conclusion and summation, it should be evident that the “2009 Swine Flu” could just as easily be called the “Bird Flu” ­ because it is as much H5N1 (bird flu) as H1N1 (pig flu.) Novartis knew this in 2005 when it received hundreds of millions of dollars from Mike Leavitt’s HHS to develop and patent the “bird flu” vaccine. I publicly charge that Novartis had advance knowledge of this “combination” because they had been in consultation with Jeffrey Taubenberger for years.

It is further evident that Novartis’ patent provides for “influenza vaccine kits” to be provided to other pharmaceutical manufacturers as well. These “kits” are the basic raw ingredients needed for the other companies to build their own vaccines under their own label.

In 2005, this “jobbing” of separate ingredients by multiple companies would never have been allowed because of the legal liability issues involved. However, in 2009, all liabilities for death and disability from faulty or contaminated vaccines have been stripped away. Any wrongful death or disability lawsuits against Novartis or any other company will today be summarily dismissed.
Novartis today has carte blanche blanket immunity for their actions ­ and any large pharmaceutical company who so desires, can join them at the feeding troughs just by paying millions for their “kits”.

If this isn’t the pinnacle of criminality, then I don’t know what is.

Novartis, if this “novel split vaccine” is so wonderful and safe, why do you require such blanket protection from litigation?

Jeff –

As I have written, the smoking gun is found in the pages of this attached patent below.

Novartis admits that their “invented” vaccine will be effective because of ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE CONCERNING THE ORIGINS OF THE PANDEMIC FLU STRAIN THAT WAS “REVERSED ENGINEERED” WHICH WAS OBTAINED! Clearly the pandemic virus was not an act of nature.

This is prima facia evidence of conspiracy to commit mass murder to get gain, is it not?


– True Ott

Source: Rense

60 Responses to “Startling New Evidence That The Swine Flu Pandemic Is Man-Made”

  1. Linda E Schirmer (NZ) Says:

    This article makes horrific reading. It also makes perfect sense. Though horrified, I am not at all surprised by any of the facts or suggestions scribed above. I anticipate insightful commentary and responses from the global academic community and interested lay people.

  2. Kim Says:

    That would explain the massive numbers of people with cancer. I was born in 52 and I have uterine cancer. Many in my age group that I know have died of cancer in the last 15 years. My parents’ generation are outliving us.

  3. Karmakaze Says:

    Don’t believe a single woird of this bullshit. For a start, there is no such patent as Ott describes. In fact the number “US 20090047353A1″ Is not even a genuine patent number!

    Here are two REAL patents:

    #7,493,662 – February 17, 2009 – Data nullification device for nullifying digital content recorded on a recording medium, after the digital content has been reproduced, a predetermined time period has passed since the recording of the digital content, or the digital content has been moved to another recording medium,493,662.PN.&OS=PN/7,493,662&RS=PN/7,493,662

    #7,493,663 – February 24, 2009 – Protective and therapeutic body gear,493,663.PN.&OS=PN/7,493,663&RS=PN/7,493,663

    Sorry for the huge links, but the US Patent Office database works like that and it can’t be helped.

    Go ahead and check out those patents. You will see that 7,493,662 was granted on February 17th 2009, and 7,493,663 was granted on February 24th 2009. That’s right the two sequentially numbered patents were granted a week apart, and neither of them were granted on the 19th. In fact NO PATENT was granted on the 19th, let alone one for an influenza vaccine.

    Go to that search engine and put in any terms you want (the given title “Split Influenza Vaccine with Adjuvants” for example) and you will not find anything even remotely close to what this liar is describing.

    But notice how he tries to trick you:

    “granted US 20090047353A1 for a “Split Influenza Vaccine with Adjuvants” on February 19, 2009. (See bottom of page).”

    See bottom of page? Why? One paragraph later he includes an actual link to a Washington Post article (and several other links are also included in this bullshit) but not one link to an actual patent (like I have included in this comment) not even at the bottom of the page as he claimed! Why? Well he’s hoping that by the time you get to the end of that bullshit article of his, you’ll forget you haven’t seen the so called “evidence” and won’t bother to go try and find it yourself.

    And it seems at least two of you didn’t!

    I don’t even need to bother with the rest of his bullshit simply because the foundation of his claim is:


    “Patents protecting the proprietary flu vaccine must be applied for and secured before the pandemic virus is released”

    “the evidence is clear ­ Novartis applied for just such a patent”

    In a REAL court of law (unlike the bullshit one this guy thinks he’s addressing) if the PRIMARY evidence is proven to be a fabrication by the prosecution, then you can be damned sure the charges will be thrown out, and the prosecutor put under investigation!

    Case closed.

    The reality is this fool is a quack with (apparently) a “Doctor of Naturopathy” degree that is only recognised in sixteen US states! As for his claimed Ph. D.:

    “One correspondence school, the Progressive Universal Life Church, offers a “Ph.D. in Naturopathy” for $250 plus “life experience with no coursework”.”

    Oh by the way, when he goes to South Carolina or Tennessee he’s just plain old A. True Ott, because naturopathy is ILLEGAL in those states!

    This guy is a nut job and a liar, and you are a fool if you believe a word he says.

  4. Karmakaze Says:

    After a little more digging, I’ve found what this liar used as the basis for his claims:


    This is NOT a patent, but a patent APPLICATION that has not been granted as of yet (if ever).

    Let’s look at something Ott says:

    “On page 2, paragraph 32 of the patent publication we read, quote: “The influenza virus [that the ‘invention vaccine’ is designed to protect against] may be a reassortant strain, and may have been obtained by reverse genetics techniques. Reverse genetics techniques allow influenza viruses with desired genome segments to be prepared in vitro using plasmids.” The remnant of the paragraph then goes into very specific detail as to the actual mechanics of how the pandemic virus was actually created by Taubenberger’s Ft. Detrick team.”

    Interesting. Here is what that FULL paragraph says (from the linked patent application):

    “The influenza virus may be a reassortant strain, and may have been obtained by reverse genetics techniques. Reverse genetics techniques [e.g. 16-20] allow influenza viruses with desired genome segments to be prepared in vitro using plasmids. Typically, they involve expressing (a) DNA molecules that encode desired viral RNA molecules e.g. from poll promoters, and (b) DNA molecules that encode viral proteins e.g. from polII promoters, such that expression of both types of DNA in a cell leads to assembly of a complete intact infectious virion. The DNA preferably provides all of the viral RNA and proteins, but it is also possible to use a helper virus to provide some of the RNA and proteins. Plasmid-based methods using separate plasmids for producing each viral RNA are preferred [21-23], and these methods will also involve the use of plasmids to express all or some (e.g. just the PB1, PB2, PA and NP proteins) of the viral proteins, with 12 plasmids being used in some methods.”

    All scientific sounding but essentially meaningless (in this case) because all this is saying is that the Influenza virus used in the invention can be obtained in several ways, including by creating a virus with “desired genome segments”. Why would you do this? Well if you are trying to protect against an as yet unencountered virus (ie one humans have never caught before – the kind that creates pandemics) then you will not HAVE the wild virus to use! So they try to predict the kinds of modifications that could occur in the wild and then engineer a virus in order to create antigens that would kill it. Oh, and the virus they create does NOT have to be identical to the target virus, it just has to be engineered so as to produce an antigen that will ALSO attack the desired type.

    If you read the few paragraphs before this one, it is clear that what is being listed are the potential sources of virus to be used in the process described by this patent application. For example:

    “[0026]The influenza virus may be attenuated. The influenza virus may be temperature-sensitive. The influenza virus may be cold-adapted.”


    “[0029]Influenza virus strains used with the invention may be resistant to antiviral therapy (e.g. resistant to oseltamivir [14] and/or zanamivir), including resistant pandemic strains [15].”

    and “[0031]In some embodiments of the invention, the compositions may include antigen from a single influenza A strain. In some embodiments, the compositions may include antigen from two influenza A strains, provided that these two strains are not H1N1 and H3N2. In some embodiments, the compositions may include antigen from more than two influenza A strains. ”

    I hope you see my point. This is just a list of the potential sources of virus that can be used (or not) to create a vaccine using this method.

    So what is so important about this paragraph to Ott? Well it includes the phrase “reverse genetic technique” and anything refering to genetic engineering is a gauranteed way to elicit a “my god we’re all going to die!” reaction from far too many people. Unfortunately for him and his bullshit theory if you actually READ the patent you quickly realise what this guy doesn’t want you to know (or is too stupid to figure out for himself): this is NOT a patent for a vaccine!

    Let me repeate that, this is NOT a patent for a VACCINE! It is in fact a patent for a method of producing a vaccine (utilising any of a number of different strains of Influenza A and B) that avoids a certain potential side effect. Go to the top of the patent I linked and read it for yourself:

    “[0003]Influenza vaccines are described in chapters 17 & 18 of reference 1. They are based on live virus or inactivated virus, and inactivated vaccines can be based on whole virus, `split` virus or on purified surface antigens (including hemagglutinin and neuraminidase). Haemagglutinin (HA) is the main immunogen in inactivated influenza vaccines, and vaccine doses are standardized by reference to HA levels, with vaccines typically containing about 15 .mu.g of HA per strain.

    [0004]The `split` vaccines are obtained by treating virions with detergents to produce subvirion preparations, using methods such as the `Tween-ether` splitting process. Split vaccines generally include multiple antigens from the influenza virion. The BEGRIVAC.TM., FLUARIX.TM., FLUZONE.TM. and FLUSHIELD.TM. products are split vaccines.

    [0005]During the 2000-01 season in Canada, a newly-identified oculorespiratory syndrome (ORS) was observed in patients who received split vaccines. The ORS has been associated with incomplete splitting of virions during manufacture, giving compositions with a high proportion of microaggregates of unsplit virions [2].

    [0006]It is an object of the invention to minimize the risk that a split influenza vaccine might elicit ORS.”

    Oh My God those evil bastards! How dare they invent a method creating a vaccine that tries to prevent an adverse reaction in patients receiving it! How dare they? Have they no morals!?!

    Keep reading the next few paragraphs and it is made much more clear. Novartis has identified what they believe is the cause of ORS in patients receiving split vaccines (note: a few existing split vaccines are listed by name) and despite inconclusive evidence that this is in fact the cause, they have found a way to minimise this cause during the manufacture of split vaccines. This patent application covers that method of manufacture, NOT a specific vaccine.

    Ott is a fake “doctor” who has NO IDEA, or is an outright LIAR – either way, if you believe him, you’re an idiot.

  5. tim Says:

    Hello scholars & scientists,
    This information is fine for your ego-battles within the inner circle … how’s about some plain information for us folks without letters after our name. After all, we’re the only ones who, through our sheer majority of headcounts, can actually make a difference to this. Keep it simple & forget the egos please. Let’s get the information out to the people.

  6. Karmakaze Says:

    Well, Ive tried several times to post a reply to Tim and Robert, but it seems the site has decided not to post my comments any more. I guess the truth is a little hard for this site to swallow!

  7. Karmakaze Says:

    I’ll try and get through at least a summary of my latest comment:

    Ott is a liar. There is no such thing as a “split virus”. All Influenza viruses share nearly the exact same genetic code, just like humans.

    “H5N1″ is a method of identifying Influenza strains based on certain structures in the virus. H5N1 is not a single strain but a group of related strains containing the same two structures. H5N1 was first discovered in the wild in Scotland in 1959.

    What was dug up at Brevig Mission was Spanish Flu (H1N1) not H5N1.

    SARS, Bird Flu and Swine Flu combined and in total have killed less people than die in a single month in the US alone from normal Human Flu (H3 variants). In the time since those scares started, normal Human Flu has killed over 2.5 MILLION people. Combined, SARS, Bird Flu and Swine Flu have killed less than 2,500 people, making them a THOUSAND TIMES LESS DEADLY than normal Human Flu.

    Anyone pushing these scares, like Ott and Finnegan, are either liars or fools, and should not be believed in the slightest.

  8. Karmakaze Says:

    It seems Finnegan is definitely a LIAR.

    In the last link he gave he PROVES that he KNOWS the virus dug up at Brevig Mission was NOT H5N1 but was in fact H1N1.

    So why was he saying it was H5N1? Well because when he started his scaremongering the “big one” was going to be H5N1 and he had to try and tie the dig to the H5N1 outbreak to push his conspiracy theory.

    But why not simply say it was H1N1 which we are now told to fear? Because when he first started making this claim the 2009 H1N1 outbreak was still in the future, and no one would be afraid of a potential outbreak that hadn’t even occured yet!

    He’s making this shit up as he goes along.

    So why does he not now say it was H1N1 (which it was)? It would tie in nicely to the Mexico outbreak, but if he did, he would have to admit that he was lying about it being H5N1 all along!

    See, liars are ALWAYS exposed by their own folly.

  9. Karmakaze Says:

    It seems this site doesn’t like my post in one piece, so I will try putting it up in several pieces:

    To Robert S. Finnegan:

    “And you have absolutely no credibility or proof of what you are alleging. If you by chance do, then by all means post it here…”

    Are you kidding? Here is YOUR link, to YOUR article where anyone who can read can EASILY see the PROOF that you are a liar.

    “In 1997, freelance investigative reporter Robert S. Finnegan, then living and based in Alaska was present when Dr. John Hultin managed to con the Natives of Brevig Mission Alaska into allowing him to exhume the bodies of several Native Alaskans against the almost violent protests of the Natives.”

    “Hultin turned virus samples over to the CDC and the U.S. Army (Jeffery Taubenberger) who then proceeded to weaponize the virus H5N1, baptizing his new doomsday creation with the name “Bird Flu.””

    “In February 1997, Johan Hultin recovered samples of the 1918 influenza from the frozen corpse of a Native Alaskan woman buried for nearly eight decades in permafrost near Brevig Mission, Alaska [3].”

    “On October 5, 2005, researchers at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York announced that the genetic sequence of the 1918 flu strain, a subtype of avian strain H1N1, had been reconstructed using historic tissue samples.”

    Those are direct quotes from an article you wrote, and linked to in your comment. YOU proved yourself a liar, you idiot!

    You haven’t got a clue have you? You do realise it is IMPOSSIBLE for an Influenza virus to be “H5N1″ and “H1N1″ don’t you? H5 stands for the fifth of several known types of the protein hemagglutinin, and N1 stands for the first of several known types of the protein neuraminidase. A virus has ONE of each protein, not two or three. Claiming that a virus is H5N1 and H1N1 is like saying a human is a full blooded European AND a Full blooded Asian – it is IMPOSSIBLE.

  10. Karmakaze Says:

    “along with your real name and contact information.”

    Why? Are you going to sue me for calling you a liar and an idiot? AHAHAHAH! Yeah right, you retard. If you got anywhere NEAR a court, you’d probably end up in prison for purjury! You can’t even correct yourself when directly confronted with your lies! For example:

    “It was indeed H5N1 that was dug up at Brevig Mission.”

    Really? So it wasn’t the 1918 Spanish Flu that killed these Innuit? It was a virus that was not even seen in the wild until 1959, and has never killed a human until the last decade? That’s really funny, because as I quoted above YOU YOURSELF ADMITTED IT WAS H1N1!

    Only an absolute retard or a desperate liar would keep denying their own damn words!

    “Again, if you have proof to the contrary, please post it here.”

    You are the one making the claim. You said it was H5N1, so where is YOUR proof? In YOUR article you PROVED it was H1N1 (refer again to the quote above), but never ONCE gave anything but your word that it was H5N1. So you first, retard.

    “The fact of the matter is you do not have proof.”

    Refer to your own words idiot. You wrote them. You linked them. And now you deny them. What a fool.

    “Indeed, you are probably just another dirtbag government shill paid a dollar a post to harass individuals attempting to get at the truth.”

    And there it is. The retard is confronted with his own words that prove he is a LIAR, and all he can do is call me a “government shill”! AHAHAHAHA Sorry pal, I make fun of retards like for you for fun and on my own dime. I must say though if The Illuminati want to give me a dollar every time I make an idiot like you look like a retard, I’ll gladly accept! It has to be the easiest job in the world.

    “Indeed, why not call it a strawberry milkshake. It s painfully obvious that you know more of the latter than the former.”

    Maybe because idiots like you wouldn’t fall for the “Strawberry milkshake is an NWO genetically engineered supervirus that is going to kill us all” bullshit. Although I’m sure you would try, if you thought it would work. What is not obvious is why you would be stupid enough to engage someone who can PROVE you are a liar, and is willing to do it. You must be a masochist AND a retard.

  11. Karmakaze Says:

    “I cover the news when and where it is relevant.”

    AHAHAHAHAHA You cover the goings on in your fevered mind, and that is all. If you spent 5 minutes with Google you could easily have come up with a much better “conspiracy theory”.

    For example: “the H1N1 from the 1918 pandemic was dug up in Alaska, and around 3 years later has been released in Mexico”. You can’t prove THAT wrong, but it’s too late now because you said it was being used to make H5N1 and was released before the Mexico outbreak occured, and even now you know if you back down from THAT claim, then none of your other bullshit will ever be believed again.

    “Thank you for demonstrating once again your abject ignorance.”

    MY ignorance? Do you even know what hemagglutinin or neuraminidase is? Obviously not! Projection is the sign of a weak and diseased mind.

    “Had you done your research, ‘kamakazi,””

    Had you learned to read you would see it is Karmakaze. I guess you find it impossible to be accurate about ANYTHING, even the spelling of my screen name.

    “a fitting moniker for one that has just been shot down in flames”

    Shot down in flames? How do you figure that? Because you repeated the same false and unsupported claim? I think you’ll find that any sane person will agree that the truth is the complete opposite (which once again you seem genetically incapable of recognising).

    “you would have found that I have been on this case since 1997, when I was in Brevig Mission watching this drama unfold.”

    Bullshit. I don’t believe you were anywhere NEAR Brevig Mission in 1997, nor at any other time. You are a liar and unless I see proof of this once again unsupported claim, I will assume it is also a lie.

  12. Karmakaze Says:

    So I decided to do a little digging around. What idiots like you fail to realise is that the internet is a new kind of media, where anyone with a will and some time can find out a lot of interesting things about people. For example:

    “The first is in response to Lt Gen. Mattis.
    The second a general comment.
    Sgt Grit ……….
    What a leader.
    Do you and your kind support this? What in the h&ll do you think Chesty would do to this asshole? This is the kind of sh!t that passes for leadership that I am talking about, and you gutless worms carry on with your mindless prattle, f–king fecal diatribe that is a disgrace to our Corps.

    Regardless of your arrogant stance and pretentious claim to speak for Marines, this piece of sh!t is exactly the kind of puke I am talking about that is destroying the Marine Corps.

    Robert S. Finnegan
    Managing Editor
    Southeast Asia News
    Robert Finnegan []

    …….. Just had to drop you pukes a heads-up…. while you blather on about movies, retirement and sh!tty merchandise Marines are dying for lack of leadership in Iraq. I’m not suggesting you REMF’s pack your 782 gear. This is just to let you cowards know that you ain’t fooling the Old Corps Marines. Keep blowing that hot air, it will give you a moment’s respite from thinking about what you really are – a disgrace to the Corps.

    Robert S. Finnegan
    Robert Finnegan [] ”

    So Mr Marine, who were you calling a government shill again? Idiot.

  13. Karmakaze Says:

    It also seems your accuracy in reporting in the Jakarta Post is a little shaky:

    “As a recent expat arrival to Indonesia, I tend to listen more than talk when confronted with an unpleasant situation in the business sector. However, I do not extend this courtesy to the international airlines.”

    “As a result of this experience, I feel compelled to alert my colleagues and the general public to the nefarious business practices of Korean airlines.


    “In the Feb. 14 edition of The Jakarta Post, an outdated letter that I wrote regarding Korean Airlines was printed by mistake due to a communication error.”

  14. Karmakaze Says:

    Yep, it was an “error”. You seem to do that a lot. Take this as an example:

    “I just finished reading Robert Finnegan’s very critical analysis of the investigation of the Bali bombing, which he defined as a “”dismal investigative performance.”” Finnegan’s analysis focused in large part on the investigator’s inconsistency or ineptness in identifying the tyes of explosives used”

    “However, as an internationally published investigative reporter with over two decades of investigative experience, it seems that Finnegan would be able to produce a more accurate map of the bomb area.”

    “Why the map was even included in the article, I don’t know. However, it does make one question the credibility of such an extremely critical analysis from an expert who doesn’t seem to have a good grasp of the geographic area he is describing.

    MIKE WALSH, Taman Griya, Bali”

  15. Karmakaze Says:

    Maybe you should take your own advice:

    ” * The aggressive peer review must be standardized within the domestic press. Those that violate the code must be identified and ostracized, effectively banned from the profession. It happens across America every day, and to be frank I fear the condemnation of my colleagues more than any publisher or editor.


    English Editor

    CAKRAM Magazine


    I do find it interesting that in that same link you said:

    “I think that government has shown admirable restraint in dealing with individuals and publications that churn out an outlandish assortment of half-truths, innuendo and outright lies while hiding behind the banner of freedom of the press.”

    It seems that not only are dishonesty and sloppiness USMC values, but so is hypocrisy!

    Anyway, so there I was looking through the meager search results for your name at the Jakarta Post, and I realised that even though you supposedly were all over this since 1997, not ONCE prior to 2009 did you ever mention H5N1 in Alaska, not even when you were an editor at the post. Thanks for the warning, I’m sure it’s better late than never!

    So Mr Marine, why don’t you PROVE that you were in Brevig Mission in 1997. Why don’t you PROVE that you ever wrote a word about it BEFORE 2009. In fact why don’t you just give up before I REALLY start digging around?

  16. Karmakaze Says:

    “Scotland in 1959? Where did you get that? HA HA! Let’s have the legitimate documentation.”

    You’re the “investigative journalist with 20 years experience” so why don;t you go to goole and enter “A/chicken/Scotland/59″ That is the name of the first strain of H5N1 to be identified. But to help you on your way, here is a link:

    “AVIAN INFLUENZA Low Pathogenic H5N1 vs. Highly Pathogenic H5N1 Latest UPDATE July 23, 2007

    There are two types of avian influenza (AI) that are identified as H5N1. A difference exists in the virus classification; one is low pathogenic (LPAI) and the other is highly pathogenic (HPAI). Pathogenicity refers to the ability of the virus to produce disease.

    HPAI H5N1, often referred to as the “Asian” H5N1, is the type causing worldwide concern. LPAI H5N1, often referred to as the “North American” H5N1, is of less concern. Following is an explanation of the differences between them.”

    “1975 – LPAI H5N1 was detected in a wild mallard duck and a wild blue goose in Wisconsin as part of routine sampling, not as a result of noticeable illness in the birds”

    “Avian influenza (AI)–the bird flu–is a virus that infects wild birds (such as ducks, gulls, and shorebirds) and domestic poultry (such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese). There is flu for birds just as there is for humans and, as with people, some forms of the flu in birds are worse than others.

    AI viruses are classified by a combination of two groups of proteins: the hemagglutinin or H proteins, of which there are 16 (H1-H16), and neuraminidase or N proteins, of which there are 9 (N1-N9).

    Pathogenicity: the ability of the virus to produce disease. AI strains also are divided into two groups based upon the ability of the virus to produce disease: low pathogenic (LP) and highly pathogenic (HP).”

    “H5N1 a “group” of related strains? That is rich, did your masters cook that one up to further the confusion in the public sector? Related to what? You are and idiot with an obvious agenda.”

    Look’s like I just answered that one too, you retard! The obvious answer is H5N1 is a classification given to several strains of the Influenza Virus that are related to each other. Obviously English language is another discipline you could use some extra education in.

  17. Karmakaze Says:

    So Mr Marine…

    Who got shot down in flames again?

    Give up idiot.

  18. Troy Billington Says:

    Despite who “A. True Ott” really is, or knows is a distraction to contemplate. What MUST be looked at is, what is the drive/purpose behind H1N1?

    It’s highly suspicious at best, WHY would a government give full immunity to the drug makers for any harm (such as fears of GBS) as a result of taking a vaccine with KNOWN harmful adjuvants?

    Why were clinical tests conducted and the vaccine approved without these adjuvants in testing? The profit from mass production of this vaccine, combined with the legal force compelling you to take it (or be jailed/fined).

    I guess we’ll see in the coming months what this is REALLY about when the whole thing unfolds, then we’ll know what the truth is behind this vaccine.

  19. Mariah Smith Says:

    Looks to me like the usual “mixture of truth and lies to mislead and deceive people” is afoot here from both the writer of the article and from some of those who have put down their feedbacks. I’m not sure if it’s intentional on the side of the article poster, though.

  20. Karmakaze Says:

    To Troy Billington:

    “Despite who “A. True Ott” really is, or knows is a distraction to contemplate. What MUST be looked at is, what is the drive/purpose behind H1N1?”

    The same as the drive/purpose behind all living organisms – to procreate and propagate the species. But other than that, viruses don’t have any independent will… unless you are assuming something that has never been proven, that is.

    “It’s highly suspicious at best, WHY would a government give full immunity to the drug makers for any harm (such as fears of GBS) as a result of taking a vaccine with KNOWN harmful adjuvants?”

    Playing the devil’s advocate here… A government would give a corporation immunity if for example they feared an incredibly bad event and were legislating the mandatory use of a potentially risky preventative measure (because the benefits have been calculated to outweigh the risks) and that the companies forced to provide such measures should not be forced to bear the fallout of the risks that the government decided to ignore?

    Why, what did you have in mind?

    “I guess we’ll see in the coming months what this is REALLY about when the whole thing unfolds, then we’ll know what the truth is behind this vaccine.”

    What vaccine? The bullshit one that A. True Ott invented out of whole cloth and that doesn’t exist except in his own mind? If you mean that “vaccine” I can tell you right now: NOTHING WILL UNFOLD BECAUSE IT DOESN’T EXIST!

    To Mariah Smith:

    “Looks to me like the usual “mixture of truth and lies to mislead and deceive people” is afoot here from both the writer of the article and from some of those who have put down their feedbacks. I’m not sure if it’s intentional on the side of the article poster, though.”

    It’s obviously intentional if he is going around using a title like “Ph. D, ND” When very few jurisdictions even recognise it as a title, and it is possibly illegal in at least two US States. The only reason to do that is to fool the lazy into thinking this is an educated person, rather than a charlatan with a mail-order degree. Does him having a degree in naturopathy (even a semi legitimate one) qualify him to make any kinds of pronouncements about the genetic make up of a virus, or the manufacture of vaccines? Not even close. Doesn’t stop him from trying to trick you into thinking it does though.

    He CLEARLY has no idea what the text in that patent application means OR he is willfully lying about it – either way his appeal to authority (the phoney degrees) and his proclamation of having found the “evidence” that “proves” that Novartis is engaged in mass murder, clearly show this man to be totally untrustworthy, whether it’s intentional or not.

  21. Karmakaze Says:

    To Mariah Smith:

    “I’m not sure if it’s intentional on the side of the article poster, though.”

    I just realised you probably meant he person who uploaded the article to dprogram not Ott, the author of the article. In that case I would suspect you are right, that it isn’t intentional on their part, but maybe just the result of a lazy attitude and a lack of any sort of attempt to corroborate the story in even the major details (does such a patent exist, and does it say what Ott claims).

    That took me a little while to find because Ott does LIE about what it is so I was looking in the wrong place (granted patents, rather than patent applications) for the wrong title (because if Ott had posted the full real title it would have been obvious it wasnt an application for a patent for a new vaccine, but instead an application for a new method of making certain kinds of vaccines: “CHANGING TH1/TH2 BALANCE IN SPLIT INFLUENZA VACCINES WITH ADJUVANTS”).

    If Ott hadn’t been a liar I could have easily confirmed his claim with a simple search on Google. If “sakerfa” had tried even slightly to confirm this story before posting it, he would have quickly found it was a load of bull, just like I did.

    So maybe not intentional – but definitely not good.

  22. Karmakaze Says:

    I would just like to point out one more thing:

    A. True Ott (and this site as well because they have posted it) could potentially be liable for a massive libel suit from Novartis. This article straight-up accuses that company – a company with very deep pockets and very expensive lawyers – of MASS MURDER (not just potentially, but of having actually committed mass murder – the people killed by H1N1).

    I would suspect that Novartis legal would be most interested in reading this article.

  23. Egoigwe Says:

    @ Kamakaze: A government would give a corporation immunity if for example they feared an incredibly bad event and were legislating the mandatory use of a potentially risky preventative measure (because the benefits have been calculated to outweigh the risks) and that the companies forced to provide such measures should not be forced to bear the fallout of the risks that the government decided to ignore?

    Kind Sir, would you consider it responsible for government to ignore such risks accruing to its citizens, whatever they may be? Do you see such conduct as acceptable? Have citizens been advised as to what these risks are to enable them make informed decisions? I do not recall anybody forcing Novartis to mass produce swine flu vaccines and I stand to be corrected on this. It is not standard practice for governments, anywhere in the world, to grant legal immunity to corporate bodies for potentially risky preventive measures merely because the benefits have been calculated to outweigh the risks. Such governments would be vicariously responsible for deaths that occur as a result of such decisions. Having admitted to certain inherent risks, where does government find the logic and morality to forcefully impose the administration of this vaccine on its citizenry?

  24. Egoigwe Says:

    How has government established the presence of “an incredibly bad event”? The impression being passed is that Novartis is doing us a great favor but the truth is that it isn’t. It has led governments, especially in the US, to relieve people of their rights to choose and make choices. I would rather believe that this was a condition precedent imposed on the US government by Novartis for the production of said toxic vaccine. It is not as if Novartis is doing this as a humanitarian gesture, they are in it for the maximization of profits and are being paid handsomely for their endeavor in that regard, where is the sense in not ensuring that they deliver products that meet universally acceptable standards?

  25. Karmakaze Says:

    To Egoigwe:

    “Kind Sir, would you consider it responsible for government to ignore such risks accruing to its citizens, whatever they may be?”

    First of all, let me point out I did say “Playing the devil’s advocate”. This means that I do not necessarily agree with the act I am about to defend, but that I am doing so for the sake of argument and to further the conversation.

    But seeing as you asked, hell no I don’t think the government has that right. However, as I am not American, it is not MY fault that they are doing it, and neither is it Novartis’ (or any other company) fault and as such neither I, nor they, should be held responsible for acts which we don’t approve (in my case at least).

    The point I was trying to make was that there is a perfectly valid reason why a government would grant immunity in a case like this, and I think were most people to put themselves in the shoes of the companies involved they would agree.

    It can be simply explained like this – forced vaccination will inevitably lead to side effects (all active chemicals in the human body have side effects in at least SOME people) companies like Novartis would refuse to supply the vaccinations unless they were covered by the government for any liability arising from their enforced use.

    So imagine the situation where we have a REAL pandemic kicking off but because Novartis et al. were afraid of lawsuits a perfectly acceptable vaccine was not available in sufficient quantities because it was not stockpiled beforehand. At that point the government would then have to choose who lives and who dies.

    It seems to me this latter act is a far more heinous thing for government to do.

    “I do not recall anybody forcing Novartis to mass produce swine flu vaccines and I stand to be corrected on this.”

    You are right, they are not being forced to mass produce – they are being asked to mass produce and told that the vaccines so produced would be used on anyone and everyone despite possible contraindications and that this would inevitably lead to many adverse reactions – and are then saying, “no, we won’t supply you, unless you shield us from liability for your use of our product”.

    Think about that. Everything you do nowadays comes with legal disclaimers (even posting on this site) and that is essentially what we are talking about here. Is it really so “suspicious” Troy Billington claimed? I think not.

    “It is not standard practice for governments, anywhere in the world, to grant legal immunity to corporate bodies for potentially risky preventive measures merely because the benefits have been calculated to outweigh the risks.”

    Actually, yes it is. In fact it is standard BUSINESS practice to refuse to expose your company to liability for the customers’ USE of the product.

    “Such governments would be vicariously responsible for deaths that occur as a result of such decisions.”

    Exactly, which is why the suppliers want it in writing that the government accepts sole and full responsibility. Which is what granting immunity is.

    “Having admitted to certain inherent risks, where does government find the logic and morality to forcefully impose the administration of this vaccine on its citizenry?”

    Once again as the devil’s advocate – the logic is actually impeccable. A very bad pandemic could kill billions and spread like wildfire simply because no action is taken to stop it. It would be like rebuilding New Orleans with no levys. If the big one comes, people WILL die en mass, and it COULD be prevented by a rapid vaccination program that halts the spread of the disease, while killing fewer numbers than the disease itself. in the affected areas. A global pandemic could be turned into a local epidemic with rapid reaction.

    So the simple answer is, decisions have been made like this by governments around the world on a daily basis. Is not refusing medical insurance for the poor a similar idea? Protecting the wealth of the many, be allowing the few to die? When the US invaded Iraq, they made the decision that the thousands if not millions of innocents killed would be “worth it”. And no matter which party you support, they have all done it many times over.

    That’s what government is. Don’t complain when it’s YOUR life they have decided is expendable, if you refuse to complain every other time they do it too.

    Now if you want MY opinion, it is simply this – these “pandemics” are bullshit plain and simple. Normal Human Flu has killed a thousand times as many people around the world in the same time as SARS, Bird Flu and Swine Flu combined, and has been doing so for centuries. THAT is a pandemic. It Comes every year and kills millions, and we don’t even notice it.

    But thanks to people like Ott and Finnegan, “we the people” are being terrified into submitting to these measures because even though most of us don’t like the idea of forced vaccination, we like the idea of a billion dead bodies in the streets less.

    If you REALLY want to stop this program – focus on the fact that the “pandemics” are NOT happening, and are no where near as scary as people make out, and as such drastic actions are unneccessary.

    Sound reasonable? It doesn’t require you to invent bullshit stores about mass murder or NWO genocide – all you have to do is point out the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

    “The impression being passed is that Novartis is doing us a great favor but the truth is that it isn’t.”

    Jesus, after all this are you STILL pointing at Novartis? They have NOTHING to do with this, beyond what any other vaccine maker has. Ott is a liar, Novartis HASN’T made a H1N1 vaccine and this story of making a vaccine to combat a virus they created, is defamatory bullshit.

    “It is not as if Novartis is doing this as a humanitarian gesture, they are in it for the maximization of profits and are being paid handsomely for their endeavor in that regard, where is the sense in not ensuring that they deliver products that meet universally acceptable standards”

    Where is ANY evidence that they have or intend to do so? There ISN’T any that wasn’t invented by liars like Ott. Look at this article. It took me 5 minutes to PROVE that the whole basis for the claim to have found “proof” of “mass murder” is a total fabrication. Why do you keep believing it?

    That is NOT the act of a rational mind – and if you are not rational, then your opinions are rather weightless.

  26. Karmakaze Says:

    I just have to point out that Novartis does have/is working on a H1N1 vaccine, as are many other companies. However, this patent application is NOT for such a vaccine, but for a method of making many kinds of Influenza vaccines (even the ones currently on the market) that reduces the possibility of a potential side effect.

    This alone proves that Novartis IS trying to reduce such side effects, otherwise why go to the time and expense of developing and patenting such a process?

    The patent application referred to in Ott’s article is direct contradictory evidence to the claim that Novartis is trying to INCREASE the number and severity of adverse reactions (like Ott claims) or the potency and lethality of any virus.

    He PROVES himself wrong. It’s very common among liars and retards (see Finnegan).

  27. Karmakaze Says:

    To Robert S. Finnegan:

    “I see that you refuse to pick up the gauntlet, coward. Why am I not surprised, everything you have written here is pure trash.”

    What gauntlet? Do you mean revealing my identity? After all the PROOF I posted that you are a lying retard, calling me a coward for forgetting to give you my NAME is the only thing you have to say?

    Thank you for conceding that you have NO evidence for ANY of your claims. Idiot.

    Oh and my name is Simon Rika, from Rotorua, New Zealand, and you can email met at karmakazenz at hotmail dot com.

    I have NOTHING to fear from retards like you, Finnegan, I could out argue you in my sleep.

    To interested spectators: “Appeal to authority” is a logical fallacy that involves claiming someone’s argument carries more weight due to who they are. For example “Ph. D, ND” or “globally published investigative journalist with twenty years experience”.

    Notice that I have not once told you my qualifications or credentials and I have no need to. My arguments can stand on their own, without having to try and impress you with how important I am – unlike the lying retards like Finnegan and Ott.

    By the way, *I* am a globally published investigative journalist with many years experience – all that means is that I have investigated something, and posted it on the net, and I have been doing such things for years. Go look up Finnegan at the Jakarta Post. See just how many “investigative journalism” articles he authored there, and then hit google and have a look at what you find – take special note to see how many articles he wrote regarding this issue he was “all over” PRIOR to 2009. If you can find ONE you’ll have found one more than I did, and when asked he hasn’t provided any proof of any such article.

    Supposedly this investigative journalist has known an Earth shattering fact, one that no one else has ever reported and that could be evidence of mass murder if true, but he kept it to himself for TWELVE YEARS. Now THAT is what I call journalism!

    For this idiot to call himself an investigative journalist is an insult to investigative journalists everywhere. Now back to the show…

    “Your disjointed style of writing could either be attributed to bi-polar syndrome or several individuals spouting the same crap. The squealing of multiple pigs on the way to slaughter, which is exactly what happened to you here.”

    So, no facts or evidence, simply ad hominem attacks? OK then “and your mother wears army boots!” So, care to address my argument now? Or is that all you’ve got?

    “No credibility whatsoever. How do you expect people to take you seriously when you engage in juvenile attacks from behind the cloak of anonymity? Now, go take your shot, Boy Sheep. Embrace your murderers. Baaaa…”

    Juvenile attacks? Who is the one making sheep noises, idiot?

    “It was H5N1 that was dug up by Hultin at Brevig Mission.”

    PROVE IT! This is the third time you’ve simply repeated the same unfounded and unsupported assertion, and the second time since I’ve asked you to provide ANY evidence for it at all beyond your worthless word.

    It seems to me that your argumentation has devolved into a childish “la la la I can’t hear you” type thing. Put up, or shut up, idiot. I already proved, using your own words, that what was found was H1N1, which was the virus that caused the 1918 pandemic (so no surprise it is what was found in the body of someone who died in it). So unless you’ve got something better than “No it wasn’t” then I’ll just have to assume you can’t prove it, and thus you are a liar.

    “Indeed, if this were not the case, why all the fuss?”

    Because it was Spanish Flu (H1N1) that in 1918 killed upwards of 20 to 50 million people? That’s a pretty good reason to be concerned about the recreation of this particular strain… Of course when YOU started bullshitting about this you didn’t know H1N1 was just on the horizon, so to create your conspiracy theory you simply decided to attach it to the then current boogeyman, H5N1. Now, Finnegan, your own words are coming back to haunt you, and you have been proven to be a liar.

    I told you to give up while you were behind, but I am perfectly willing to keep stomping you senseless, if that’s what you want.

    “And if I am so full of crap, why have I not been sued or at least threatened with a lawsuit?”

    To be honest, and I don’t mean to hurt your feelings (OK, yes I do), but it is because you are so full of crap a reasonable person could not believe what you are saying is true and as such no actual damages have occurred, which is one of the prerequisites for a successful defamation suit. Basically, you haven’t been sued because you are too stupid for anyone to take you seriously. Sorry to break it to you. Oh and there is one more reason: because no one has ever heard of you, and I doubt anyone affected has even read any of your bullshit. To wrap it all up – “dumb luck”.

    “Because it is the TRUTH, something you need to get acquainted with.”

    I’m surprised you can even spell the word, because you certainly have no idea what it means. Please come again, I really enjoy making fun of retards like you.

  28. Egoigwe Says:

    Well, thank you Kamakaze, I definitely can live with your points of view. Just as an aside: Colombian president has swine flu, government informing summit leaders who may have contacted him.,0,1253646.story

  29. Ken Benjamin Says:

    To Karmakaze:

    “So imagine the situation where we have a REAL pandemic kicking off but because Novartis et al. were afraid of lawsuits a perfectly acceptable vaccine was not available in sufficient quantities because it was not stockpiled beforehand. At that point the government would then have to choose who lives and who dies. It seems to me this latter act is a far more heinous thing for government to do.”

    I appreciate you are only playing devil’s advocate to further the conversation, but if one compares the track record of vaccinations to the track record of the drugless treatments (in a flu pandemic), one would quickly realize that it is completely, and totally, illogical to depend upon vaccinations as a form of prevention or treatment. The numbers clearly show this:

    In chapter 2 of her book “Swine Flu Expose”, under the section titled “I WAS AN ON THE SPOT OBSERVER OF THE 1918 INFLUENZA EPIDEMIC” ( ) Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D. wrote the following …….

    “While the medical men and medical hospitals were losing 33% of their flu cases, the non-medical hospitals such as BATTLE CREEK, KELLOGG and MACFADDEN’S HEALTH-RESTORIUM were getting almost 100% healings with their water cure, baths, enemas, etc., fasting and certain other simple healing methods, followed by carefully worked out diets of natural foods. One health doctor didn’t lose a patient in eight years.”

    The following two sources independently confirm the above stated ineffectiveness of vaccines ……

    So the question becomes …. if the government knows that vaccinations are less effective in flu prevention and treatment than drugless methods, why do they push vaccinations?

  30. Egoigwe Says:

    @Ken Bejamin: Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D. wrote the following …….

    Oh! You’ve gone and done it now Ken, just watch Kamakaze freak out at Eleanora’s Phd., ND appendages!

  31. Richard Says:

    Karmakaze, you say “Go to that search engine and put in any terms you want (the given title “Split Influenza Vaccine with Adjuvants” for example) and you will not find anything even remotely close to what this liar is describing.” And then in your very next comment you post a link to the same site you told us to search, with a patent application that has the same exact terms you told us to search. Yeah real credible it makes you. “Oops better post that quick before someone calls me a liar!”

  32. Ken Benjamin Says:

    To Karmakaze:

    “Got anything better? For example can you show that say “healthy eating and exercise” (or whatever you consider to be a proper treatment) would have prevented MORE deaths and crippling deformities from Polio, than the vaccine that all but eradicated that disease?”

    Yes to both questions. Right now, it’s past my bedtime at 11:45 pm where I’m at in the US of A. Will respond in about 10 hours or so.

  33. alice Says:

    Help! Rome burns and all that happens is that the commenters fiddle away, slagging each other off. God, I really hope that Rome is not really burning.

  34. Ken Benjamin Says:

    I guess my post was too long so I’m breaking it in half.

  35. Ken Benjamin Says:

    Karmakaze said ….

    “….. in 1918 no one knew what the cause of Spanish Flu was, nor how it was communicated, or how to treat it.”

    It’s probably true that at the time, in 1918, the connection between vaccinations and Spanish Flu had not been widely known (even today it’s probably still not widely known). However there certainly were people around who knew how to successfully treat it. Perhaps you missed my link explaining who some of those people were. I’m posting it again …….

    “To this day, one of the leading causes of death in the developed world is iatrogenic infection. If you bring lots of sick people into one place, it is not surprising if their cross infect each other.”

    I understand what you’re trying to convey here, but the correct term in this situation is iatrogenic causes – not iatrogenic infection. The term iatrogenic is defined as: induced in a patient by a physician’s activity, manner, or therapy. In other words, the conventional / drug pushing doctors using “REAL medical preparations” (your words) are the THIRD LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN THE US (killing 225,000 people EVERY YEAR) ……

    “So it is far from surprising that doctors using REAL medical preparations might have killed more people than if they had been just left alone in a room.”

    There is no “might” ….. the conventional drug pushing doctors did kill more people then – just as they are doing today. See above links.

    “This DOES NOT even remotely mean that Kellog and his quack friends had any idea how to treat it either,”

    The results speaks for itself. If the track record of the “quacks” is better than the track record of the “REAL” doctors, I’ll take the quacks everytime.

    “Tell that to the millions of people who aren’t permanently crippled or dead because they didn’t catch Polio.”

    I would tell those people that they had been hoodwinked into taking a dangerous vaccination to prevent something that is easily prevented by diet. In the words of Benjamin P. Sandler, MD, in 1951 …..

    “Thus I arrived at a simple formula for preventing polio: eliminate from the diet sugar and foods containing sugar, and reduce the consumption of foods containing starch.”

    For those people who already had contacted polio, possibly as a result of taking the polio vaccine, I would point out that Fred R. Klenner, MD, had in 1948 been successfully treating and preventing polio with massive dosages of ascorbic acid – vitamin C …..

  36. Ken Benjamin Says:

    Karmakaze said ….

    “Sure those soldiers may have been “vaccinated” but it certainly was not a real vaccine against H1N1…”

    What on earth are you talking about??????? Nobody mentioned anything about being vaccinated against H1N1! H1N1 is a modern term, it wasn’t around in 1918.

    “…… and could potentially have caused illness itself.”

    BINGO! You’ve got it! That is EXACTLY the premise of McBean, and other “naturopaths”. In McBean’s words (from the link) “People cannot contaminate the body with poisons without causing disease.” That was true in 1918, it’s true today.

    “Sorry, but if thats the quality of your sources, I’m going to have to say that your argument is unfounded because its initial assertions are incorrect.”

    I’m not sure what you mean there, but the purpose of me making my post was to show that vaccinations/drugs were not an effective means of promoting health in the 1918 pandemic. Mcbean’s account of people who didn’t take any vaccinations and did not get the swine flu is a very strong message. For the people who did get swine flu (and other diseases), chiropractic treatment was shown to be much superior to the drugs offered by conventional doctors. I think this knowledge is applicable in today’s environment. Have you got anything disproving this info?

    “For example can you show that say “healthy eating and exercise” (or whatever you consider to be a proper treatment) would have prevented MORE deaths and crippling deformities from Polio, than the vaccine that all but eradicated that disease? I’d be interested to see it.”

    See above links to Sandlers and Kilenner.

    “While I am interested in seeing what you have to offer, it does not really relate to THIS thread.”

    Yes, you are absolutely correct. It does not directly relate to the thread. But indirectly it does because it makes the whole issue of vaccinations moot, dosen’t it? Why even bother with any vaccination if more effective, safer, cheaper, natural means are avialable? It’s been demonstrated that diet can prevent polio. It’s been demonstrated that massive dosages of vitamin C can cure polio. The same natural things can protect from any other disease that comes down the pipe. That includes bird flu, swine flu, flu flu, it dosen’t matter.

    “….. than the vaccine that all but eradicated that disease?”

    This statement is not true. Polio, like all the major diseases, were well on the way out prior to introduction of vaccinations. Look at the graphs ……

  37. unkLe_p Says:

    When you read an article with the types of adjectives included here, you should know to watch out, quite often the emotional state of the writer is out in plain view. This reference applies to kamikaze as well, who correctly points to Ott’s mistaken use to the word proof, and weak references.
    Ott has ‘found’ a pattern and ‘filled’ in the missing pieces, and Kamikaze is lashing out, because he found a few mistakes, and fill’s in missing pieces equally by claiming everything Ott says is wrong (quite a strong statement in itself). Kamikaze is much more logical, but his emotional state is equally out in the open, and equally despicable.


    -Ott is weak on science and criminology, and his ‘agenda’ and emotional state are visible. Get back to work/ school.

    -Kamikaze pushes others hard for truth (good!), but is too emotional to avoid the same generalisations he attacks Ott for “This guy is a nut job and a liar, and you are a fool if you believe a word he says” – Kamikaze, your emotions are equally visible, and I think I could find at least one word worth believing in Ott’s rant. Lying means saying things that are not true, at least Ott does it for an abstract semi compassionate, leftist hippie perspective, not like a rabid defender of conservatism, desperate to find one mistake to bring the whole house down. The closest match to your emotional state (that I’ve seen), are teachers at conservative Christian schools delighted to find one mistake in evolutionary research, ‘proving’ evolution is false.

    U both suck, but i’d rather stand for a goofy fake doctor with a compassionate cause then a simple hater any day

  38. Ken Benjamin Says:


    As I read thru your response I was struck with two very glaring points – (1) you provided not a single referenced published article disproving anything I’ve written or referenced, and, more importantly, (2) you had not even read (thoroughly) – due to time considerations – the links I’ve provided. These two points, along with some of the comments you’ve written, indicate to me that a continuing exchange would be a futile and frustrating endeavor for me.

    For those reasons I’m ending this exchange now. Thanks for what you’ve provided so far.

  39. unkLe_p Says:

    I do agree with Kamikaze, that it is unlikely for this type of pandemic to sweep over the world, I certainly agree that he is needed here… but what I don’t understand is why every time Kellogg is mentioned he starts talking about vaginas?
    I am not knowledgeable on flu’s, but I do know a few things about immunity systems. Subjects were injected with flu, one group watched comedy, and one group watched Nazi documentaries (or something in that line), simply one’s emotional state at the time of injection made a huge difference in catching the flu. I think silly things vitamins, nutrition, rest, and social perceptions correlate with health (and I’m arrogant enough to not provide ‘proof’ for that). Perhaps kellogg was a pervert, surely a religious freak, but I don’t see how that should prevent interest in his other works, or products.

  40. Novice Says:

    First and foremost, I’m not asserting that any of the following is fact. I have stumbled down the rabbit hole (internet…lol) and am struggling to find a sound factual basis for a story which will be published in a college newspaper. Any direction provided will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    The virus at fault for the 2009 pandemic (i.e. Swine Influenza A H1N1 Triple Reassortant)is not novel as it first appeared in a farm boy in Nov of 2005, according to the cdc. The boy became sick with the aforementioned virus approx 2 to 3 weeks following an administered flu inoculation. The cdc suspects that the boy had contracted the virus via interactions with swine or poultry. However, no one else in his family became sick, including those who also interacted with the animals. Further, non of the animals tested were carriers of the the virus. Please fully consider the following references — they contend that A H1N1 Triple Reassortant was in fact found, but “human subtypes H1, H3, and Asian avian H5″ were not (im not a virologist, what does this mean?).

    CDC Ref:

    EID Art Ref:

    The reassortant triple virus did not appear in swine till 97/98 after interactions with humans (i.e. did not occur naturally in swine).

    Ref 1:

    Ref 2:

    Now for the important question:
    Can anyone produce factual references which back up the assertion that Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger was in fact employed by the U.S. Army Institute of Pathology during the mid 90s/early 00s in order to reverse engineer viruses?

    As a side note, I was able to find references asserting that a strain of H5N1 was found in Scotland in 1959. However, the first human case was discovered in 1997 (is the timing simply a coincidence?).

    Furthermore, Taubenberger allegedly completed his work in 2003 and published a paper “identifying that the 1918 killer virus was a triple reassortant novel virus containing genetic segments of Human, Swine, and Avian origin.” (does anyone have a link to this alleged paper).

    Thanks for your time and consideration.

  41. The Insurgent Says:

    I agree and Is ee teh same signs of genocide made by man. However, i disagree with the author’s comment on that ”Nazi” scientists are behind the massmurder. This is non-sense. The plans of Nazi Germany were totally for German people. Unfortunately, Hitler was too humane, too Chrsitian to go deep down to the roots of the problem; namely world-jewry.
    It is teh zionbolsehviks and 99% jewish background with their 3000 years odl hatred agianst Christians. Just read their talmud and torah about what they want to do with the ”goy” (non-jews) and you will understand that not Hitler, but the yids are behind all genocides.

  42. Novice Says:


    Sorry, but your argument is logically flawed. Asserting that all Jews are at fault for the “problem” which currently pervades our global society is on par with saying that all americans neo-imperialist fascists. Projecting fault onto a single religious ideology just doesent make any sense. For example, consider the role that the “protestant work ethic” has purportedly played in the advancement of globalization (or global enslavement) during the last couple of centuries. Consider the similar role that confucianism has allegedly played in southeast asia. History has proven on numerous occasions that religious doctrines — most of which possess a sound ethical core — are perverted by the elites in order to advance their own personal agenda (oh yea, the catholic papacy is another great example). Long story short, the financial elites who possess a vast amount of resources yet still strive to acquire more are to blame, not the people. The sooner we come to grips with this truth, the sooner we will be able to prevail in this war which has been raging since the bith of our species. This post is not intended as an insult. Please give it your honest consideration. Thanks.

  43. unkLe_p Says:

    Dear Kamikaze:
    I had a chance to read your answers to me yesterday, I was planning to answer them, but they have mysteriously disappeared. There was no profanity in them, so I can’t see any reasonable explanation. I don’t think I could control my emotions in a similar exchange, so I should have probably minded my own business.
    I too get banned from leftist websites for holding obnoxious opinions like all Jews should probably not be killed, etc so I feel you for real! My email is so if you want, we can insult each other in private :)

    Dear administer:

    Yesterday you had my sympathies, and Kamikazes language was not always polite, but editing the comments like this, you make yourself obsolete.

  44. C. Guilford Says:

    Vaccine trails for the swine flu started in Nashville, Vanderbilt Children’s hospital less than a month ago. We had our first death of a child in Nashville on Monday. This child got sick on Friday and died on Monday. I look at pass behavior of our government in swine flu vaccine campaign and have learned not to totally trust. My family will not be getting the vaccine, nor do we get the yearly flu vaccine.

  45. Egoigwe Says:

    Where did Kamakaze go? I was thoroughly enjoying myself AND getting educated, whereas I think he should tone down his language and choice of words, I do think there’s a greater good he serves us all. I can understand his anger, even if not his outpourings but I think we can all ignore the messenger and deal with the message-let his outrage be the price we have to pay.

  46. jeff l. Says:

    Conspiracy to commit high Treason:
    I strongly believe the Israel will attack Iran in the 1st half of October 2009. This will severely spike fuel prices and collapse the economy the rest of the way. I also believe that another faults flag terrorist attack in the same time frame, the next one being nuclear in nature. There is a web sight that claims the 11th of October 2009 for this event. They will claim this next attack will be home grown, blaming militias and right wing Christiania’s. This being the justification for martial law, suspension of the constitution, bill of rights and gun confiscation they will use the propaganda into brainwashing the people into asking to have the guns confiscated. This Martial law and suspension of the bill of rights has been planed for at least 35 years. I was told in high school in the 1970’s during time of martial law they can suspend the Bill of rights. I have read the constitution and there is not provision that provides for its suspension for any reason. Put the NW0 propaganda machine wants to brainwash the people to think that they can. What they are doing is nothing short of high treason. The LDS scripture “the Book of Mormon” warns of this in Ether 8:18-26.

  47. E H V Says:

    Karmakaze, it’s your nap time now. Ease up on whatever it is you’re taking. You have not proven anything, and merely asserting that someone is a retard (without backing it up with anything substantial) is reminiscent of elementary school playground talk. We’re all adults here, so please try to be diplomatic. You are also very verbose for no reason–keep it clear and to the point. You are a weak Devil’s Advocate until you stop name-calling and start backing up your ranting with facts.

  48. kitkurious Says:

    I can’t believe the anger over this blog. Obviously, a lot of effort has gone into providing links and information about this. I thoroughly believe that the Government are a bunch of pricks who want to reduce the population, oh yes. It wouldn’t surprise me that every single disease out there is made by these toxic drugs that pharmaceutical companies make and receive billions of pounds for. It’s mad but they always get away with it. The people who don’t believe the Government have not been manipulated by the media or Government in any way. It is we who speak the truth. The trouble is that the Government have done so much brain washing and terrifying people with this bullshit over the years that people really believe it.

    So regarding this post, let people believe what they want to believe. If you don’t…don’t try to find evidence against it. Freedom of choice.

    Ask yourself, why do no GP’s know about orthomolecular therapy which can treat mental illness, because the Government has filed a conspiracy against it. They’ll burn in hell!

  49. Black Says:

    Lets be honest about this we have known for sometime that CULLING THE POPULATION WAS ON THE AGENDA – People waken up One world power, microchipping Humans – elimination of all Christianity – Take alook at the secret group that all presidents and leaders of the world join and only last week they met in secret – Evil wants full control and their servants among many are the FREEMASONS – GET ON YOUR KNEES AND PRAY THEIR IS A GOD

  50. matt Says:

    @ karmakaze. your unbelievably long winded responses and posts do not offer sufficient space for rebuttal. by the time i got to the end of 15 or 20 posts in a row, i had so many items to rebut that i just gave up keeping track. just wanted other people who might read all of your mumbo jumbo to know that you don’t have all of your facts straight. thanks for ken benjamin taking the time to rebut some of them. why would you attack this article with such venom and gas? i think that is a valid question? you seem to have very very easy access to all kinds of private information as well? ….hmmmmm, starting to look like a paid debunker to me. just take your shot like a good little lamb. ott is right, novartis needs to be investigated and held accountable regardless of the free pass they have been given by our corrupt and eugenicist government.

  51. O'Malley Says:

    Karmakazie is KarmaKRAZY!

    Sounds like your garden variety atheist sputtering spammer-jammer.

  52. holmes Says:

    go to the us patent office patent applications put in the number and drop your jaw as you read then google th2 response and ORS and read the british med journal article on th1 and th2 responses a real wow!!! technical but very informative!!!! do your homework….due diligence before you pollute your blood or your children’s blood w ANYTHING!!!!

  53. truth Says:

    it is simple.
    forget and ignore the rhetoric and long winded speeches.
    don’t trust any man.

    revelation chptr 19 has come true: “pharmakea will deceive the whole world”

  54. Vito Positano Says:

    My mom told me that Hitler rose to power, in part, by stacking the audience with his own people and then shouting down the committee. As committee members left, Hitler replaced them with his own from the audience, thereby controlling the debate and agenda. Kamikaze is attempting to achieve that by a similar method, by shouting down the debate.

  55. Robert S. Finnegan Says:

    The boy is a loon, Vito. Disregard his drivel. He is probably commenting from a computer in the playroom in a state hospital somewhere, one with bars on the windows.

    There is no debate here. Ott’s article is right on the money. I have independent confirmation from a microbiologist working on it that this “novel” virus is man-made, H5N1/H1N1.

    We will be publishing an article written by her in the immediate future.

    Robert S. Finnegan
    Jakarta, Indonesia

  56. Caryl Jacobs Gabe Says:

    Wow this post has sparked a little hostility huh. While I don’t put much stock in this article, I still do like to get all points of view that are floating around out here in cyberspace.

  57. Gordan Finch Says:















  58. Egoigwe Says:

    Well, in the end, hundreds of millions didn’t die (the only ones who did, took that toxic vaccine) but the US govt and its co-travelers (the UK and most European govts) got stuck with mountain-high heaps of toxic vaccine, that had to be destroyed or thrown away, coupled to billions of dollars flushed down the drain that could have been put to much better use.

    I can’t help wondering what Kamakaze must be thinking; he probably smiled and giggled all the way to the bank, seeing that he invested in Novartis shares. Events tell us that evil is all about and to be really vigilant in these times. From Novartis to BP, down Wall St. and through America’s CIA and Israel’s Mossad to the comfort of banks’ lounges and pharmaceutical/military complexes, evil lurks, spreading its tentacles from Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Iran through the Middle East and Africa, all about, killing and maiming, completely encircling our world. I can’t show enough appreciation to sites as this and others that keep the required awareness alive, drawing our focus to where it ought to be all these years. Just think about what they have gotten away with already.

  59. Gordan Finch Says:

    I say in reply, that the higher up the social ladder THEY get, the more corrupt and greedy THEY GET.

    Britain has just recieved new stocks of Flu vacine, this new vaccine also contains swine flu H1N1 as well. No-one in Britain is happy about this, and word is that no-one will have it, or wants it now, including those at severe risk with immune systems compromised.

    Now WERE the manufacturers or the Government AWARE, that the British are NOT stupid. Or did they also just KNOW no-one would use the vaccine.

    This leads to the question WILL a largely un-vaccinated population lead to the next PANDEMIC ???? for the HUGE CORPORATES AND GOVERNMENTS TO PROFIT.

    You have to work with, or among some of these people, the facilities, or Governments and organisztion to realize YOU are just the Sourse of THEIR WEALTH.

    DIG deeep in GOVERNMENT FILES they are mostly availiable. You just have to find them, and its made very difficult, BE VERY DETERMINED. YOU WILL BE SHOCKED: about the truth.

  60. Gordan Finch Says:

    The swine flue deaths and lack of vacinated population is leading to many deaths now in the UK. RE …see my earlier comment, YOU ARE JUST THEIR SOURCE OF WEALTH: mmm

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