Gore Says Country as “Moral Duty” to Pass Obamacare, Cites Jesus

August 31st, 2009

Two old friends, fresh from a day of mourning in rainy Boston, came south Saturday night to pledge to a roomful of roaring Tennessee Democrats that Ted Kennedy’s dream indeed will never die.

Bill Nichols
August 31, 2009

Al Gore and Bill Clinton — ghosts of Democratic victories past who are increasingly showing up to buck up the faithful as President Obama goes through his first real trials in office — were the star guests at the Tennessee Democratic Party’s annual Jackson Day dinner.

As you would expect from two very skilled old pros, they were careful to not inject a note of abject partisanship into a day when much of the nation watched the services and burial for the legendary Massachusetts senator, a man Gore called “by far the most effective member of the United States Senate that I ever served with.”

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One Response to “Gore Says Country as “Moral Duty” to Pass Obamacare, Cites Jesus”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    gore,clinton and obama are all zionist jew prostitutes and do not have the ability or the will to tell the truth, if they did they would be asassinated immediatly!

    and besides they are luciferian elitist’s and most likely posesed
    by demon spirits, which constitutes isanity!!!

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