Video: Dr. Russell Blaylock on Alex Jones Tv – Obama Lies On Healthcare for illegal Aliens

September 11th, 2009

Alex is joined by Dr. Russell Blaylock to discuss the Real story about Obama’s Health Care that DOES unclude a provision in it, that say’s it will cover all illegal aliens here in america!
yes, Obama is the biggest Liar to ever walk the halls of the white House!

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

2 Responses to “Video: Dr. Russell Blaylock on Alex Jones Tv – Obama Lies On Healthcare for illegal Aliens”

  1. Linda Says:

    I am a healthcare professional.

    Everything that Dr Blaylock has described is exactly what is happening NOW with the insurance companies. Everytime he says that word “government”, substitute it with the word “insurance”. In my opinion, neither of these should be involoved in healthcare. Why isn’t Dr. Blaylock addressing the fact that insurors are currently rationing, interfering and administering care? I would imagine he is benefiting from the current abusive insurance system and may lose that if the system changes!

  2. BuelahMan Says:

    Linda nailed it.

    I suspect that Dr Blaylock has some ulterior motive if he honestly believes that everyone who is uninsured has access to medical care (true, ONLY if you consider an $8,000 visit to the ER for a sniffle to be the answer).

    It is apparent that this man doesn’t work or live in the SE USA (especially in SW TN), because if he did, he would be run out of town as a damned liar.

    Now to Obama: Of course Obama lies. Regularly. That makes two of them.

    But to make your point over the issuance of 30 pages in Spanish as your rationale, then I would say that Dr Blaylock is an idiot, as well. Just like every damned right-wing fool who is fighting just to fight (the party of NO) and the Dems who are nothing more than Ass-Kissing Sycophants who can not get enough of their Savior’s BS.

    I would have to say that most foreign countries have English as a second language and generally offer that service to us as we get healthcare in their countries. Also note that in many of these very same countries they have a Single Payer type system (much like what we need desperately here). If an American gets sick or hurt in that country, what do you think it costs them to get healed?

    Very little to NOTHING.

    People like Alex Jones are so full of shit that it makes me sick. But, at least he is making some money in this economy. The whole time causing even more divide when we need to be doing exactly the opposite.

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