Media Pundits Back Away From 9/11 Debate With Sheen

October 1st, 2009

Charlie Sheen’s challenge to media pundits to debate him on the issues brought up in his “20 Minutes With The President” letter has not been met after several news outlets expressed interest in taking part but later backed off when it became clear that the discussion would have to be fairly moderated.

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bill O’Reilly was the only pundit to express an interest in debating Sheen but all has gone quiet on that front following Sheen’s request that the debate be properly presented with each side having equal time.
Earlier this month, appearing on The Alex Jones Show, Sheen responded to personal attacks by Meghan McCain, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, by challenging them all to a debate on neutral ground regarding the unanswered questions surrounding 9/11.
Initially, CNN’s Larry King Live show was eager to host the debate but was shocked that it could find no one who would agree to go toe to toe with Sheen and his 20 bullet points on 9/11.
E mails forwarded to us by Sheen indicate that Bill O’Reilly was initially interested and that ABC’s Good Morning America was keen to broadcast the debate.
However, as soon as Sheen outlined rules that would ensure a fair environment to discuss the issues, O’Reilly and his representatives went cold and backed away from the challenge, according to Sheen.

But at least O’Reilly had the courage to respond, unlike every other debunker who attacked Sheen yet skulked away in a cowardly fashion when they were challenged.
“We’re not naked shouting from the top of a building ‘come debate us’, we’re just issuing a very calm and reasonable offer to just sit down in an open and fair debate forum and hash this thing out,” Sheen told The Alex Jones Show yesterday.
Sheen characterized O’Reilly’s brief interest in the debate as a “nibble” and added that an agreement has not been reached on the terms that were presented to the Fox News host’s representatives.
Sheen said that the reaction to his challenge was, “Inkeeping with how this very deceptive and dangerous machine operates.”
“As long as they’ve got the media under their control then this is the mountain that we must continue to climb,” he added.


3 Responses to “Media Pundits Back Away From 9/11 Debate With Sheen”

  1. Bifurcatio Says:

    I don’t think much of anyone who makes a 100-fold living by just moving their mouth and looking pretty, but Sheen is becoming somewhat forgiveable. I hope he goes into furniture making like Robert Taylor did, or something like that.

  2. fedupvet Says:

    Are you saying that you have all of the answers to the 911 questions?
    Wonderful!! let`s here them.
    Jerry Alexander

  3. hmm... Says:

    Although I suspect there will never be anything “fair” about any inquiry into 8-11, I suppose we must keep on trying…

    Bifurc, what difference does it make what someone does for a living? I respect the hell out of Sheen for stepping out of that world of lip-moving and pretty-looking to be a real-life human being who has real-life concerns–a lot more than can be said for the people who ARE paid to take such actions, i.e., the US government. Would that their paid work did not have a real-life impact on all of us!

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