Video: Jason Bermas – What In The Hell Does It Take To Wake People Up!!!

October 2nd, 2009


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2 Responses to “Video: Jason Bermas – What In The Hell Does It Take To Wake People Up!!!”

  1. haansgruber Says:

    This is NWo funded propaganda

    Hegelian dialectic in it’s finest form

    Let’s all pretend to organize against this fascist corporatism!

    alex jones is funded by rockefeller (behind the scenes)

    How does buy my videos help stop the New World Odor (which by the way isn’t new)
    It’s the same old stench we’ve all been smelling for years.

    Carroll Quigley: Tragedy & Hope; A History of the World in Our Time

    “Government is the disease masquerading as the cure” –backed by the violence of gun toting thugs and financed by international bankers

    In the present day and age: Deception backed by violence is the order of the day

    peace :)

  2. Tom Gambill Says:

    He is a shill that pretends to be on our side. He has the same agenda as Alex Jones, Jesuit, Naomi Wolf, and others that are helping to establish a civil war and resurrection of a revolution, and final acceptance of the UN as a favorable alternative.

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