Video: Russia Today – Daniel Sunjata Wants a New 9/11 Investigation

October 7th, 2009

In an exclusive interview with RT, “Rescue Me” Actor Daniel Sunjata explains his demand for a new 9/11 independent investigation. He says truth will reveal September 11th was an inside job.


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One Response to “Video: Russia Today – Daniel Sunjata Wants a New 9/11 Investigation”

  1. Jerry Alexander Says:

    Daniel Sunjata,
    Let`s stop with the crap..Ok?
    We all know that if we put our so called leaders on the spot by asking them,each one of them,all of them,to explain things to us.Things like how can ton`s on metal traveling at 450 MPH can hit a concrete wall and not leave one scratch…ask them while we have them out in the open.
    Ask them if they really believe that the Plane,the Passegers,the fuel,even the blood could possibility have “Evaporated” ask them while they are out in the open,in front of as many people as possible…ask them to give an answer to those question..and other questions that need..must be answered.
    The effort could be named “Out In The Open”…
    We may even find out how to exit Afgastan” because we`re not suppose to be there in the first place..they had nothing to do with “911” all.

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