Peace of the Action – Cindy Sheehan

October 9th, 2009

I had just walked back into my hotel room yesterday after chaining myself to the White House fence and being arrested, when I saw White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, say that removing troops from Afghanistan was “not an option.”

Hundreds of us were out in front of the White House as this nation is heading into the 9th year of what is the longest overt military misadventure, next to Vietnam.

Sixty-one other people were arrested with me. Organizations calling for the end to torture and for single-payer Medicare for all were in attendance, along with Vet groups and other pro-peace organizations and leaders.

When I saw such a quick response to our protest, I was angry, of course, but I was also excited. First of all, when Obama said that we had to “make him do it,” I knew Obama was just blowing smoke out of his hind end, like he blows cigarette smoke out of his mouth. Secondly, I know we are being heard and I have complete realistic hope that this is the time for US in the USA to make a difference.

The anti-war, peace movement must step our efforts up and take it to the next level of severe militant resistance.

Not only is this country borrowing or printing billions of dollars each month for the military; almost one out of four of us do not have a job, or are grossly underemployed; millions of us have or will lose our homes due to foreclosure or eviction; and 1/6 of us don’t have health insurance.

The police state is getting out of control and if we don’t intensely exercise our rights immediately, we will lose them.

To that end, we are organizing the most ambitious anti-war, peace event ever. We are planning what we are calling, Peace of the Action which will be the largest, most aggressive and sustained action ever done in DC.

We are calling for 5000 people to commit to come to this Nation’s Capitol to participate in daily civil resistance to stop “business as usual,” because “business as usual” in this town is so corrupt and disordered.

We are not calling for this commitment for a day, a week, or a month. We are not even interested in making symbolic gestures. We are calling for this commitment until our demands of: All troops and para-military mercenaries, are ordered out of Iraq and Afghanistan, the drone bombings in the tribal regions of Af-Pak are discontinued and we get about the business of healing, reconciliation and REPARATIONS.

I am going to move to DC to help coordinate these actions and I will be 100% committed with you to be: “all in it to win it.” This time true change will happen, it must.

We must sacrifice a few of our creature comforts to rein in the Empire we live in before it’s too late. We will not start Peace of the Action until we have 5000 people who are willing to join us.

This plan is ambitious, audacious and bold. However, I truly think we have a chance to be successful. We are looking for many coordinators, helpers and hell raisers and are hoping to house, (or tent) and feed everyone until Peace happens. This will take massive infrastructure and financial support.

Hopefully we can begin Peace of the Action by the 7th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq on March 19th.

Please email with any questions, or if you are ready to make a commitment to change the future for the better.

Thank you!

Cindy: – Joshua Smith:

Source: Information Clearing House

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  1. Harald Says:

    Peace of the action is not the way to go. First, repent of your sins and turn to the living God, the Lord Jesus Christ for true peace and the action of the Holy Ghost in your lives. Second, unless you are born again you have absolutely no hope. I am sad to say there will be a massive uprising, maybe in many places around the world. No uprising will succeed. The bible has declared all will be destroyed by God on judgement day which is coming soon. Our only hope is in Jesus Christ. We fervently pray for the peace of the city of God, that is His People,the called, chosen, elect, and faithful born again christians, and we pray for the salvation of those not yet saved. Jesus said in John 18:36..’My kingdom is not of this world…’ so why fight for lost real estate in this world with our flesh. The battle is a very, very spiritual one. We are fighting the forces of Satan and his demons (Rev.16:13,14; 2Corinthians 10:3-6 & Ephesians6:10-18. Repent and be thou born again, in Jesus’ name, amen.

  2. Assemblage Point Films Says:

    Here is the video for Peace Of The Action


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