Video: Webster Tarpley on Jason Bermas – Demise of The Dollar & The IMF Takeover

October 9th, 2009

Jason welcomes Webster Griffin Tarpley to discuss the demise of the dollar and the takeover of the world economy by the IMF, the G20 and the World Bank.

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3 Responses to “Video: Webster Tarpley on Jason Bermas – Demise of The Dollar & The IMF Takeover”

  1. Lars Says:

    Someone calling Gordon Brown an Austrian School economic has got something very wrong or is deliberately trying to mislead. Half of what Tarpley says sounds great and the other half sounds like he is a globalist. Is this the new way of selling the global one world government and currency to libetarians?? I prefer to stick to the people I know and who have been fighting for peace and freedom all their lives – people like Ron Paul.

  2. haansgruber Says:

    This is propaganda; essentially designed to get people join the down the fed bandwagon, which is precisely what they want. The North American Union and the new currency which mirrors the Euro and the European Union. They will provide exactly what they have planned for decades. A new currency without reform and more control in the hands of international bankers and the UN (located on private property donated by rockefeller) The national parks we signed over to the UN by Clinton. All property and natural resources will eventually be bought up by, and belong to this group if they are not stopped.

    This is hegelian dialectic; “Down with the fed” and “buy my videos at info-whores dot com” are so obviously conflicting positions anyone should see right through this thin veil right down to the rockefeller funding

    TArpley with his buy my books to better understand

    If this information were so valuable and essential you would clearly “give it away” hoping for the betterment of mankind

    peace :)

  3. Planning4acrash Says:

    I sent this message to Jason’s myspace.

    Jason. Webster said that Gordon Brown is an Austrian economist, because of his support from derivatives.Austrian economists are AGAINST fractional reserve banking, AGAINST derivatives being collateralized or even being counted as assets on a balance sheet. Austrian economists hate Gordon Brown. So he totally misrepresented a massive section of your audience who are Ron Paul supporters.

    Dr Ron Paul is an Austrian economist and is totally against fractional reserve banking, collateralized debt, and even paper money!!

    And he said that Iceland had wild capitalism, free markets for the banks. Austrians consider that this has nothing to do with free markets, that it is legalized counterfeit and crony capitalism. Webster knows this to be the case. Why must he keep pushing the left-right paradigm?

    And who exactly will pay for the high speed railways? There is NO evidence that a railway is sufficient to bring an economy out of depression. We need sound money, lower tax and jobs, and this will encourage production. That will then will drive private investment into the appropriate infrastructure that the economy requires. Surely top down economics has has its day?! Maybe the infrastructure we really need are ecolo-blue’s in every house, maybe that would be better than Tarpley’s high speed rail, but we won’t know until people have money in their back pockets and are able to make decisions about what to invest in. His focus on high speed rail is curiously like the Zeitgiest’s Venus project, these are carrots socialists put infront of us to justify taxation. Be warned.

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