Vaccine revolt! Swine flu vaccine support crumbles as flimsy rationale for H1N1 shots becomes apparent

October 12th, 2009

(NaturalNews) – Public support for the swine flu vaccine is evaporating by the day as the rationale for the vaccine appears increasingly ludicrous to anyone paying attention. Moms, nurses, day care workers and members of the general public are increasingly realizing that Big Pharma’s rationale for swine flu vaccination just doesn’t add up.

Recent polls conducted by the mainstream media indicate that more than fifty percent of moms are refusing to expose their children to the swine flu vaccine, and nurses and health practitioners across the US and UK are going vocal with their opposition to the vaccine.

Legal action against the FDA’s approval of the swine flu vaccine is already underway (…), and public protests are gaining momentum in raising awareness about the primary objections to the swine flu vaccine. Intelligent, informed people everywhere are saying NO to this vaccine!

Popular support for the vaccine is crumbling by the day, and health authorities are now turning to exaggerated scare stories to try to drum up demand for their vaccines. Where scientific credibility is lacking, fear is being invoked in its place.

Why the swine flu vaccine doesn’t add up

So why is the justification for the swine flu so flimsy? It all comes down to these five crucial reasons being pushed by the vaccine industry… but as you’ll see below, each of these five reasons is demonstrably false!

Reason #1) The H1N1 swine flu pandemic is dangerous and deadly!

Why it’s flimsy: While the infection rate of H1N1 is currently high, the fatality rate is remarkably low. In fact, it’s no higher than a normal, seasonal flu.

Reason #2) The vaccine protects you from the virus!

Why it’s flimsy: There is absolutely no scientific evidence demonstrating that the swine flu vaccine offers real-world protection against the circulating H1N1 virus. While there is evidence showing that it produces antibodies, as people who have studied vaccine effectiveness already know, the mere existence of vaccine-induced antibodies doesn’t directly translate into functional, real-world immunity! Vaccines are often, in effect, fabricated immunity that often don’t provide practical immune defense in the real world.

Reason #3) The vaccine is perfectly safe, even for kids!

Why it’s flimsy: This reason is truly laughable. None of these vaccines have been properly safety tested by the FDA or the drug companies. They were approved by the FDA with a waiver, utterly bypassing the normal process of long-term safety testing that the public expects the FDA to enforce. In fact, according to attorney Jim Turner, the FDA’s baseless approval of these swine flu vaccines is a violation of federal law. (…)

Reason #4) There’s nothing else you can do to protect yourself from the swine flu (therefore you must take the vaccine shot).

Why it’s flimsy: This reason is an outright lie. In order to sell more vaccines, the pharmaceutical industry (and all its bureaucratic cohorts at the CDC and WHO) are intentionally keeping people ignorant of far safer and more effective options such as vitamin D and anti-viral herbal remedies.

Reason #5) If you don’t take the vaccine shot, you’re being unethical by placing the shot burden on everyone else without taking it yourself.

Why it’s flimsy: Hilarious! This is marketing by guilt — trying to arm-twist people into the vaccine shot by making them feel guilty if they don’t. The truth is that you’re being unethical if you DO get the shot because you’re financially supporting a dangerous and highly deceptive vaccine industry that’s causing tremendous harm to children, expectant mothers and other innocent vaccination victims.

Hoping to improve your health by handing money to the pharmaceutical industry through the purchase of vaccines is sort of like hoping to create world peace by writing a check to weapons manufacturers.

No good reason to get the vaccine

Is there any good reason to get the swine flu vaccine? Not based on the current situation, no. Unless you have a strong desire to play Russian Roulette with your health, of course.

Of course, if things dramatically change, there could be increasingly strong reasons for considering a vaccine. If the H1N1 virus mutates into a virus with a very high fatality rate, things might be different. If the vaccine were proven safe with adequate long-term testing, that would be something working in its favor. If the vaccines were scientifically shown to actually protect you from the virus, then that would be different, too.

But to date, none of these things are verifiably true! The vaccines haven’t been properly tested at all. There’s no honest evidence demonstrating that they protect you from the swine flu. And the flu has such a low fatality rate, why does a vaccine matter in the first place?

Keep in mind that over 2,000 people die each year from taking aspirin. Over 100,000 Americans are killed each year from taking doctor-prescribed, FDA-approved prescription drugs. If the people at the CDC are looking for a pandemic, they should be focusing on the pandemic of disease mongering and pharmaceutical pushing that’s taking place across the world right now in the context of the swine flu pandemic.

There is a real pandemic afoot, though… a pandemic of B.S. running rampant across America and the UK. It’s an infectious form of pharmaceutical quackery that spreads from one person to another at the speed of propaganda. Symptoms of infection include a loss of rational thinking, swine flu hysteria and an irrational belief in symbols of authority.

What we really need in America is a vaccine that protects consumers’ brains from infectious pharmaceutical quackery. Then again, if we actually injected people with that, the whole drug industry would collapse overnight. That’s because Big Pharma runs on propaganda. And the propaganda we’re seeing with this swine flu vaccine push is so thick with unjustifiable speculation that it probably deserves a Nobel Peace Prize or something.

Source: Natural News

6 Responses to “Vaccine revolt! Swine flu vaccine support crumbles as flimsy rationale for H1N1 shots becomes apparent”

  1. Judy Says:

    At least we can prove Darwin right. The smartest (i.e. the fittest) will survive because they got the shot. And all the others that let themselves get stampeded into ignorant panic by irresponsible conspiracy theorists, will get ill or… worse.

    I’m curious to see if the people who run this blog will actually post this.

  2. Jamie Says:

    I agree with Judy – the smartest (i.e. the fittest) will survive – because they DO NOT get the shot. Instead, they will take responsibility for their own health and strengthen their immune system by taking simple preventative measures that are FREE and in your own kitchen.

    – Onions
    – Garlic
    – Honey
    – Spices

    To mention just a tiny sample of FOOD that can help you find disease and are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

    Another simple measure – cut out all processed crap which just clogs up your system.

    Oh but that would require the brainwashed drug supporters to actually get off their ass and take responsibility for themselves instead of handing it over to whoever shouts the loudest.

    If the vaccines are so good, those who take it have no need to worry about those of use who don´t because you will be protected anyway. If you need everyone to be vaccinated in order to feel safe from the virus, then you don´t believe your own hype enough about it being effective.

    Get your shot, take the risk and let everyone decide to do what is best for their particular circumstance.

  3. Erin Says:

    There is just not enough known about this vaccine that would deem it helpful by any means. In fact, like the authors of this post say, this whole flu “epidemic” is so media-ized that people are rushing to cure something that they don’t know about. It is disheartening to know that all this time and money is being put into this, not more important things like Alzheimer’s/memory loss or breast cancer, and the like.

  4. robo421 Says:

    Judy Judy Judy !!! Oh yes those dreaded conspiracy theorists what a danger we are. And Faux News and the rest of the MSM are not???

  5. Judy Says:

    – Onions
    – Garlic
    – Honey
    – Spices

    Well gosh, I guess that means that Italians never get ill.

    H1N1 is different because is more highly contagious than typical flu. And people have no resistance to it. It no worse than the average flu, but catching the flu is not fun. And people do die from the flu. I get a flu shot every year and always watch my co-workers get deathly ill, while I remain fine. And these include people who use every known “natural” preventative for illness.

    As a child, I caught the Asian flu in the 1957 pandemic. As a young adult, I caught the Hong Kong flu in the 1978 pandemic. I was miserably ill both times. My two-year-old also caught the Hong Kong flu in 1968 and almost died. I also caught a really nasty flu 20 years ago and started getting a flu regular shot after that. I have not gotten the flu since then. And I have no desire to participate in the next pandemic. Having survived having influenza in a pandemic as a child and young adult, I have no desire to see if I can survive it as a senior citizen.

    500,000 people die each year from the flu. And it is entirely preventable. Children die, older people die, and in some cases, perfectly healthy young adults die due to an overactive immune system. That’s why resources are invested. It saves lives and it’s relatively easy to accomplish that fact.

    Frankly: eat all the wonder foods and other curatives you want to keep healthy since there are other cold viruses out there. But getting a flu shot is merely one more protection. It just seems foolish to deny yourself that additional protection.

  6. Christopher-Peter Says:

    [Judy: I’m curious to see if the people who run this blog will actually post this.]
    Hey Jude, your conspiracy theory, has just as much right to be printed too, other wise, this would be a bias forum, or blog…not good…bad.
    I just happen to believe these conspiracies too, but what I no longer believe; is that they are theories.
    As for your belief in Darwin, how is this: If man, or woman, evolved from monkeys, and or apes, then why do we still have monkeys and apes?
    Atheism is a non-profit organization.

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