Video: Climate Treaty Will Create World Government Dictatorship

October 20th, 2009

The Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations will hold their 15th conference on climate change through December 7-18th. At the conference, globalists like Obama will sign the ‘Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty’ that will replace the Kyoto treaty that is set to expire in 2012.

October 20, 2009

Lord Christopher Monckton, the man who warned many this week of the treaty appeared on the Glenn Beck radio program, he makes it clear that the treaty will create a World Government Dictatorship that will have complete authority over all nations by intervening in the economies and environment of any individual country in the world without consent. The treaty will also allow the distribution of wealth from developed countries like the U.S. to Third World Countries like Africa, in other words; taxpayer-funded socialist welfare! The reason why many believe Obama will sign this global treaty is because Obama has supported a global tax legislation would have given $845 billion of foreign aid to satisfy the United Nations’ goal of reducing poverty by 2015.



Here’s what it says about the distribution of wealth in the Copenhagen Treaty Draft:

17. [[Developed [and developing] countries] [Developed and developing country Parties] [All Parties] [shall] [should]:]

(a) Compensate for damage to the LDCs’ economy and also compensate for lost opportunities, resources, lives, land and dignity, as many will become environmental refugees;

(b) Africa, in the context of environmental justice, should be equitably compensated for environmental, social and economic losses arising from the implementation of response measures.

Meanwhile globalists like Brown are using fear of impending doom of climate change in order to pass the Copenhagen Treaty, he says “The world is watching.” “We must make history.” “If we do not reach a deal at this time, let us be in no doubt: once the damage from unchecked emissions growth is done, no retrospective global agreement in some future period can undo that choice. By then it will be irretrievably too late. So we should never allow ourselves to lose sight of the catastrophe we face if present warming trends continue.”


Al Gore has said, ”This treaty must be negotiated this year. Not next year. This year.”

The creation of a New World Order has been in the works for decades, technically America is already under the thumb of World Government in more ways than one. To understand what is about to take place in America we have to understand what Agenda 21 is, it’s the blueprint for the New World Order agenda for the 21st century.

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.

You can read the entire UN document here.

Excerpt: “Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action be integrated into individual and collective decision-making at every level.”



The phrase ’sustainable development’ really means population control, when you think about a New World Order just think about the de-population of mankind, the enslavement of man, forcing humans into compact zones surrounded by protected wildlife where he is prohibited from entering, a socialist distribution of wealth, the complete centralization of all governments and wealth in the hands of a few dictators in the United Nations. A Total bureaucratic, technological slave-grid.. in other words, hell on earth.

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  1. Christopher-Peter Says:

    Contraceptive$ can reduce impact of climate change $ay$ Lancet???

    The Lancet medical journal also critici$ed non-government organisations (NGOs) for ”working in silos” and avoiding the varied approach needed to change social attitudes.

    A $tudy soon to be published by the World Health Organisation (WHO) showed that 37 of the least developed countries appreciated the link between population growth and climate change. However, only six of them identified family planning as part of their adaptation strategy.

    Earlier this month, research by the London $chool of Economics said contraception is almost five times cheaper as a means of preventing climate change than conventional green technologies.
    Telegraph Media Group Limited – 18 Sep 2009

    The above, and just about everything you’ve ever been told about Global Warming is untrue.

    From Al Gore’$ “An Inconvenient Truth” to news reports from the popular media (The Lancet-medical journal) outlets, and even public classrooms, which in Chicken Little fashion are screaming – the sky is falling. But is it really?

    The Great Global Warming Swindle – Produced by WAGTV

    Tony Gosling interviews Webster Tarply about claims of global warming and their political and historic significance.

    Elitism & Depopulation lurking behind Climate Change Lies

    That’s what the UN, the IMF, the World Bank and the big foundations, among others, have built throughout the last 60 years, as front institutions for monopoly banks, corporations, and the good old Fabian elite running it all.
    Climate change is the ultimate pretext to get everyone under complete regulation and paying taxes through their ears, as established in UN Agenda 21.

    Climate change bill: looting the economy for world empire

    Read the Edward J. Wegman report; it covers the following subject: Climate Change 2001.
    Featured prominently in this “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change” (IPCC) report, was the work of Dr. Michael Mann, Dr. Raymond Bradley, and Dr. Malcolm Hughes (Mann et al., 1998, 1999) [MBH98, MBH99] – Mann et al., were responsible for the controversial “hockey stick” graph.

    Challenges to the way in which “principal components analysis” (PCA) was used, have arisen from McIntyre and McKitrick (2003, 2005a, 2005b) [MM03, MM05a, MM05b]. The challenges are based on rather subtle mathematical nuances. They found MBH98 and MBH99 to be somewhat obscure and incomplete, and the criticisms of MM03/05a/05b to be valid and compelling.

    After MBH99, Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKitrick [MM03] published their critique of the 1998 paper, citing calculation errors, unjustified truncation or extrapolation of source data, obsolete data, geographical location errors and incorrect calculation of principal components.

    They also claimed that using the MBH98 methodology and the Northern Hemisphere average temperature index, for the period 1400-1980 shows that temperatures in the 15th century exceeded those of the late 20th century. In particular, they claim that MBH98’s incorrect usage of PCA alone, resulted in the well-known “hockey stick” shape.

    More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims.
    A newly updated U.S. Senate Minority Report was released last week featuring the dissenting voices of over 650 international scientists. Many are current, and others were former UN IPCC scientists who now criticized the climate claims made by the UN’s IPCC and, former Vice President – Al Gore.

    The report quotes Ivar Giaever, a Nobel Prize Winner for Physics, saying: “I am a skeptic…Global warming has become a new religion.”
    UN IPCC Japanese Scientist Dr. Kiminori Itoh, an award-winning PhD environmental physical chemist said; warming fears are the “worst scientific scandal in the history …When people come to know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scientists.”

    See the full Senate Minority Report here:

    CBC – Global Warming Doomsday Called off – 44 min – Apr 21, 2007

    The Cryosphere Today – Compare Daily Sea Ice

    Global Warming or Global Governance
    This documentary showcases the interviews of climate scientists and biologists from numerous sources, who explain step by step, why Al Gore and the global warming alarmists are incorrect.

    “I believe it is appropriate to have an ‘over-representation’ of the facts on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience.”

    “Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action be integrated into individual and collective decision-making at every level.”

    “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis…”
    ROCKEFELLA DAVID – CLUB of ROME executive member.

    “The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea; that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine, and the like, would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”
    CLUB of ROME – Premier think-tank consultants to the UNITED NATIONS.

    “No matter if the science of global warming is all phony…climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world.”
    STEWART CHRISTINE – Former Canadian Minister of the Environment

    “Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty, reduced resource consumption and set levels of mortality control.”

    “My three main goals would be to reduce human population to about 100 million worldwide, destroy the industrial infrastructure and see wilderness, with it’s full complement of species, returning throughout the world.”
    FOREMAN DAVE – co-founder of Earth First!

    “Human beings, as a species, have no more value than slugs.”
    DAVIS JOHN – editor of Earth First! Journal.

    “The Earth has cancer and the cancer is Man.”
    CLUB of ROME – Mankind at the Turning Point.

    “A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people. We must shift our efforts from the treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions.”
    EHRLICH PAUL (PROFESSOR) – The Population Bomb.

    “A reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American material standard of living would be 1 billion. At the more frugal European standard of living, 2 to 3 billion would be possible.”
    UNITED NATIONS (UN) – Global Biodiversity Assessment.

    “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”
    TURNER TED – Founder of CNN and major UNITED NATIONS donor.

    “…the resultant ideal sustainable population is hence more than 500 million but less than one billion.”
    CLUB of ROME – Goals for Mankind.

    “One America burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangladeshes. This is a terrible thing to say. In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it’s just as bad not to say it.”

    “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”
    PHILIP – PRINCE DUKE of EDINBURGH – Patron of the World Wildlife Fund

    Demographic Winter & Demographic Bomb

    When the great social experiments of the 1960’s were launched, and when concern over a “population bomb” loomed large, we did not have the social science and economic studies we have available to us today. So the world embarked unknowingly on a self-destructive course.

    The population control movement includes organizations, governments and international bodies (like the United Nations), dedicated to lower birth rates. Their methods range from the voluntary to the coercive – including forced sterilization in Peru, and China’s one-child-per-family policy, which has included forced abortions. Over the course of decades, population controllers have persuaded the public, through fear and hysteria, that there are too many people in the world and drastic action must be taken to curb population growth. Their fallacies have been institutionalized and become the “standard wisdom” of Western elites.

    “The science to which I pinned my faith is bankrupt, its counsels which should have established the millennium, led instead directly to the suicide of Europe. I believed them once. In their name I helped destroy the faith of millions of worshipers in the temples of a thousand creeds. And now they look at me and witness the great tragedy of an atheist who has lost the faith.” – George Bernard Shaw.

    Information compiled and provided by Christopher-Peter: Maingot; without prejudice, malice aforethought, ill will, vexation, or frivolity.

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