Video: The Strange Case of Joseph Moshe

November 9th, 2009

Whistleblower warning in August by Professor Joseph Moshe to Dr True Ott about Baxter creating a Plague in the Ukraine. Exactly what we are seeing and hearing now. He was then arrested and hasn’t been seen since. The MSM said he was going to blow up the white house. Where is he now ? Lots of info about the story and Joseph Moshe here-… More info to come (For Bill Deagle interview go to and view August 19th entry)


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  1. ahrcanum Says:

    So we should believe that the Ukraine is having a self fulfilling prophecy with another never before seen strain of a virus causing black lung? Or should we believe the NYTimes who blames an outdated medical community? Our take on it Either way Moshe sure had a lot of stamina with all that was sprayed at him, thx for vid and link to pimpinturtle.

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