Video: CBC The FIfth Estate- 911 The Unofficial Story

November 29th, 2009

Airing Date November.27, 2009 CBC: The FIfth Estate- 911 The Unofficial Story Parts 1-5

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  1. Bifurcatio Says:

    Richard Gage is too cool! So right not to speculate, and so clear about this. Too bad the camera caught the cell phone guy turning his eyes down and stammering because of his speculations. It’s fun to make and hear speculations, but they put one in a shaky position sometimes.

  2. jamie Says:

    i sent the link to this show from the fifth estate web site to a few youtube contacts, after viewing it there in the wee hours of the morning on the 28th. the vid is no longer available to view outside of Canada. at least to Americans.

    a curious youtube contact let me know they found the show here searching for the vid, unable to view at 5th estate web site becuase it had been reposted with a block.

    respect to dprogram for snagging it to post.

    hope nothing bad happens to Gage.
    serious transaction to pull the program on the 28th and repost later in the day as blocked to viewers outside of canada

  3. Nancy Talbott Says:

    An important contribution. I had not seen the seismograph info before; it was both interesting and helpful. However, I don’t think the presence of nano-thermite in the debris dust was adequately dealt with and there was no mention at all of the CNN videotape in which Silverstein tells the interviewers “we decided to pull it” (referring to the decision he or one of his minions apparently made to bring down Bldg. #7)…and the fact that, in the demolition business, “pull it” is the term used for controlled demolition. If in fact Bldg. #7 was “pulled,” then the demolition charges had to have been placed there long before. There was also no mention at all about the critical records housed in Bldg. #7.

    Finally, it is a fact that people all over the world share these doubts about what really happened on 9/11. And, as is pointed out here, that fact alone–and the consequences which I can anticipate would result and be nurtured by such doubt–should compel the U.S. gov’t to reopen the investigation and then provide the world with the answers to all of these questions.

  4. Robert Singer Says:

    Are you awake yet?

    9/11 Truthers have you thought about what will happened when the US population “wakes up” from their delusion and demands the criminals be brought to justice?

    What exactly do they think will happen?

    “Excuse me Mr. former Vice President, can you step outside without your friend from Blackwater, we are taking you in, you are being charged with murder,” or

    “Are you Donald Rumsfeld? I have a warrant for your arrest,” or

    “Dubya, get off your weed whacker, put your hands up, you are now in charge of brush clearance at the nearest Halliburton KBR detention center. LOL”

    The most likely scenario is the United States will be justifiably declared a rogue government and a threat to the world because we invaded two sovereign countries to pursue the evil mastermind Osama Bin laden who by the way isn’t even wanted by the FBI. In June 2006, Muckraker Report investigative reporter Ed Haas contacted the FBI to ask why 9/11 was not specifically mentioned on Bin Laden’s wanted page on the FBI website.

    He was told “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Osama Bin Laden’s most wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11,”

    The only thing more ridiculous than buildings collapsing at free-fall speed is the image of Vincent Bugliosi showing up at a PNAC event with arrest warrants.

    If saying Bush and Cheney are guilty and not Al Qaeda isn’t giving aid and comfort to the enemy, I will eat my patriot hat!

    The government would not allow the openly treasonous behavior of David Ray and Steven Earl unless that was part of a plan to keep us from looking for a third story.

    When the mainstream media starts talking about 9/11, the “inside job,” you better not celebrate because all your fears are about to come true.

    Martial law will be declared and the United Nations will send in a peace-keeping force of foreign nationals who, when the riots break out, won’t have any problem firing on… Americans. [8] UN troops will not hesitate to fire on Americans. Fire on Civilians – 1by Forest Glen Durland

  5. tobi anderson Says:

    the real issue that most people never DARE to mention is that the US govt worked in cohesion with the ISRAELI govt, the CIA, and MOSSAD (Israeli intelligence agency) all worked together to carry out these acts. The us foreign policy kabal is FULL of israelis carrying out israel’s foreign policy by proxy.

    what serves as a real injustice when discussing such videos, is the fact that its easier to name and shame george bush and co, but not to say the same about jewish conspirators in this atrocity.

    israel wanted to get rid of saddam hussein..plain and simple. blaming the US govt alone does not go deep enough.

  6. Bifurcatio Says:

    I’m not sure why this site features the writings of Robert Singer. He started out pretty good, but most of his later stuff, such as the comment above, is offensive and riddled with aperspectival lunacy (thinking that goes in circles contradicting itself, and purposeless).

    The truth will set you free. Period.

  7. Charles Kania Says:

    Very helpful information.

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