Video: Dennis Kucinich – These Wars Are Corrupting our Nation!

December 13th, 2009

On Sat., Dec. 12, 2009, Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) was one of the featured speakers at the emergency End-the-U.S.-Wars rally. See for background: The event was held in Lafayette Park, opposite the White House. Rep. Kucinich has acted as the conscience of the House of Representatives in opposing U.S. wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Also: Cynthia Mckinney and Russia Today’s Coverage of the event

Russia Today

Ex-Rep. McKinney: “President Obama, Stop Bankrupting our Nation!”

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One Response to “Video: Dennis Kucinich – These Wars Are Corrupting our Nation!”

  1. hmm... Says:

    I could kick myself for not supporting Kucinich and McKinney more. My only excuse is that I was asleep. Thanks to the downstream media, I didn’t even know about McKinney. Barr, or Baldwin until the day after the election. I had to search HARD just to find out I could vote for Nader, a good choice, not the best this country has to offer, but a damn sight better than the predatory military industrial complex party favorites, McCain and Obama. Americans have got to learn that whoever the parties are for, we need to be against. Go against the tide, not with it.

    Let’s get it straight: There is no such thing as a JUST war, never has been and never will be, though it may seem, and even be, JUSTified at the time. There is a difference between what is justified and what is just.

    I wonder, can we demand a corporate recall on product Obama?

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