March 25th, 2010

(TrueSlant) – Don’t believe the numbers, Obamacare is a financial disaster

Let me see if I got this right. The Obama administration and its congressional allies would like us to believe that the biggest piece of legislation in 45 years, one that will expand medical coverage to 32 million uninsured Americans, that will set up two new huge entitlement programs – health insurance subsidies and long-term health care benefits – is going to cost just $940 billion while reducing the U.S. government’s fiscal deficit by $138 billion?
Sorry, I don’t buy it. Read More Here

(NaturalNews) – Healthy and Uninsured in America – View Video Here

(SteveWatson) – Medical Companies: Taxes In Healthcare Bill Will Kill Jobs, Businesses

Knock on effect will mean more costs for the American people Read More Here

(NYTimes) – Cantor Accuses Democrats of Exploiting Threats

The Congressional clash over threats and vandalism against lawmakers in the aftermath of the health care vote took a new turn Thursday as the No. 2 House Republican accused Democrats of recklessly exploiting the incidents for political gain. Read More Here

(WSJ) – ObamaCare Day One

Companies are already warning about higher health-care costs. Read More Here

(CNSNews) – 12 Taxes in Health Care Law Violate Obama’s Pledge Not to Increase Taxes on Households Earning Less than $250,000

As many as a dozen taxes in the new health care law violate President Barack Obama’s campaign pledge not to raise taxes on families earning less than $250,000 and on individuals earning less than $200,000. Read More Here

(Fox) Video: Judge Napolitano – Health Care and the Constitution with Ron Paul

Can government legally force you to buy insurance? Video Link Here

(JTCoyote’) – The States, and 10th Amendment, will Thwart Obamacare

As I pointed out in an article here a few months ago, there is a specific “lawful” procedure, a specific set of steps that must be followed in order to satisfy lawful service, and peacefully stop unlawful federal mandates including this Obama-care travesty. Read More Here

(MSNBC) – Video: Clyburn: Obamacare Opponents “Aiding And Abetting Terrorism”

Congressman Clyburn accuses opponents of Obamacare of “aiding and abetting terrorism”. – Video Link Here

(CSPAN) – Video: Michele Bachmann – Congratulation Mr President You’re Half Way There! – View Video Here

Video: Ron Paul- Texas Straight Talk- Unconstitutional Healthcare

Ron Paul talks about the newly past Obama care bill.

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