Video: Andrew Maguire finally exposes systemic fraud by CFTC & JPMorgan

April 5th, 2010

I don’t ask for my videos to be forwarded and spread often, but this is one that really needs to get out there. This is the only video with all the currently known information that I know of. Thanks for rating, commenting, favouriting, and sharing this extremely important info!




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3 Responses to “Video: Andrew Maguire finally exposes systemic fraud by CFTC & JPMorgan”

  1. Charleston Voice Says:

    These CFTC commissioners and legal counsel (Berkovitz) need to hear from the public:

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  2. stevor Says:

    It’s all about STEALING money from the middle class, to give it to the “elite” so there’s no middle class and only Kings/serfs.


  3. Quarqy Says:

    As considerable time has elapsed since the driver of the accident vehicle was apprehended the authorities would by now know his/her motives. We are not informed becasue it was simply an accident.

    GATA is a crackpot conspiracy theorist organization run by crackpots. Maguire automatically loses all credibility, as do you, by lending credence to this organization.

    The bigger the short position in a commodity or stock the higher it must go when those shorts are covered. So complaining about manipulation through shorting is pretty meaningless.

    I’m surprised the CFTC were polite enough to reply to Maguire.

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