Video: G. Edward Griffin Talks Candidly About Chemtrails

April 14th, 2010


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  1. stevor Says:

    If he’s right, I’d want to know about it. In the pictures of the trails, the ones that dissipated fast were higher and on days with few clouds, so the lack of ambient moisture in the air might have made them dissipate faster. In the pictures where they lasted so long to be across the whole sky, they seemed to be lower and there were other clouds, to indicate that there was more moisture, which would lengthen the time it’d take to dissipate.

    If somebody knows more about such things, I’m interested!

  2. asa Says:

    I have watched planes side by side, one with “chemtrails” and other “condensation” trails. One stays for hours afterwards while the others are there for a mere minutes

  3. mountainpalm Says:

    Alzheimers starting at 35………..aluminum and barium residue……birds dying by the thousands…………..trees
    dying after spraying………..
    It is all a scam…………’s one of the biggest deceitful scams on the people of the world. It isn’t just happening in the US…….by the US government. This conspiracy is bigger than anything you will ever read about………or see.

    As Mr. griffin stated.: “I don’t know what it is…….. but it isn’t GOOD>!”

  4. LAURA BROWN Says:

    Down here in Georgia u.s.a we are getting sprayed almost every day–i write to each & everyone of my congressmen and complain–but so far not one has answered this is very madding cuz i know its making us sick–some days i swear i can feel it in my lungs–i will wake up to a beauitful dark blue sky only to see them spraying all this crap into it–then it all turns into what looks like clouds–but i know its not cuz i watch them daily–it upset me greatly—even moreso that everyone else seems to think its just fine–ITS NOT JUST FINE!!!!AND WHY THE HELL IS N O T H I N G BEING DONE TO STOP THIS!! I HATE TO OPEN MY CURTAINS ANYMORE CUZ I KNOW WITHIN HOURS THEY WILL BE RIGHT BACK UP THERE DOING IT ALL OVER AGAIN–ALL I KNOW IS THIS HAS GOT TO S T O P

  5. Dwarn Says:

    Everyone should watch this. 4 hour film on chemtrails!
    YouTube – 1 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather ****

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