Video: Who are the Oath Keepers?

April 16th, 2010

(RussiaToday) – The Tea Party rallies are certainly a large gathering of people with many ideas about politics and society. But they rally around the central goal or idea of lowering taxes and lessening big government. The Oath Keepers are often guest speakers at the rallies, what are they trying to convey through what the Oath Keepers call education?


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  1. jess Says:

    hmm, weird that the interview ended as he accused O of being the same as W on military and foreign affairs. Really? um, yeah, dont back that up ’cause it’s pure BS. So, here’s another example for the left to get to impose more gun control cause if it’s safe that ur in charge of a large armed group than i can forsee someone’s gonna blow something up soon.

  2. TennWalt Says:

    No…whats weird are the herd of american people that still believe we are under a two party system and cannot come to grips with the idea they(dems/repubs) are all working for and paid by the same globalist and special interest and lobbist hence “bi-partisan” agreement on taxiation without representation.
    Barry Soetoro(BHO) and Bush=same crap different a$$holes. As far as Rhodes goes he is all blow and no go. It would be nice to see a list of anyone still in the military or police that have “stood down” when given an unconstitutional order..thats why oath keepers are an oxymoron to the extent they are obeying unconstituional orders everyday…war has never been declared by congress constitutionally under Dictator bush or Barry Soetoro.

  3. Kate Says:

    I agree with you, TennWalt.

    I also see tactics afoot to discourage the people from getting behind any movement that challenges the government. They want to
    keep us from assembling by any means possible. But we need to see
    through this and join with like-minded people anyway, no matter
    how they are being marginalized. The big concern is infiltration.

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