Film: Camp Fema – American Lockdown

April 19th, 2010

Camp FEMA: American Lockdown – FULL MOVIE – View At BlipTV

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3 Responses to “Film: Camp Fema – American Lockdown”

  1. Joseph Conrad Says:

    This nation is a land of FOOLS if it continues to let WEALTHY OLD WHITE MEN decide its fate. The C-level execs at the ‘Big 8′ Wall Street Banks and Goldman Sachs – from ex-CEO Paulson to current CEO Blankenstein – planned and executed a simple FRAUD using Blythe Master’s (of JPMorgan)CDS/CDO creations. Everyone on Wall Steet KNEW of the ‘Big 8′-Goldman sachs Fraud-Scam but nobody cared , especially the then-head of the SEC; Geithner-then head of the NYFed; Greenspan-former Fed Chair; Summers (BushI’s lead in looting the Russian economy in the ’90’s); Rubin-former treas. Secty. and Friedman of Goldman Sachs & AIG – which BACKED the Fraud.

    All the guys involved in the GS CDS/CDO Scam will get off because America’s become a land of TEA PARTY COWARDS & gun-totting loud mouths. US ‘courage’ is lost in the Middle East killing Muslims so US Cos. can steal their Oil!
    3 Cheers for IRAN’s will to stay soverign & FREE!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    sad but true

  3. Laura Morseth Says:

    I totally Agree with Joseph! One Nation Under Fraud!

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