Video: Deliberate Massacre of US Sailors on USS Liberty Covered By Fox W/Commentary From CIA Analyst

June 6th, 2010

(Fox) – Commentary from 27-year CIA veteran Ray McGovern. Ray served 7 US Presidents, presenting the morning briefings for many of them.


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2 Responses to “Video: Deliberate Massacre of US Sailors on USS Liberty Covered By Fox W/Commentary From CIA Analyst”

  1. Remnant Says:

    None of those explanations add up. why did the US president call back the fighter planes?? To prevent embarrassing our friend Israel? That is the dumbest answer I’ve heard yet – that LBJ would want to allow the murder of an entire ship of US troops to prevent embarrassing Israel. The USS Liberty incident is old news. False flag called on by US to justify a middle east war, failed, covered up by McCain’s father. Nice to see Fox cover it in their usual timely manner, 42 years later.

  2. Jerry Alexander Says:

    So what?…you don`t really thing the Americans will do anything about it,do you?
    America is in the trouble it is in simply because Americans are no more that a bunch of Greedy,self serving,
    “I don`t care what they do,as long as the don`t bother me” type people.
    The whole world now knows the truth about the so called “Home of the Brave”,”Land of the Free”…it`s bull shit,and we all know it.
    America has the most corrupt leaders in the New World..what do the Americans do about it….As long as they don`t bother me…..I don`t care what they do.
    Americans are a disgrace.Look who`s leading you now..the biggest Liar in the history of the world..and you so called Brave are run when you see him…”Home of the Brave”..go tell it to the mountains.
    Prove me wrong! You can`t!!

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