The FCC’s Grand Plan to Control Your Internet, TV, and Phone?

June 19th, 2010

(ATR) – This Thursday, the FCC opens up comments on its proposal regulate the Internet. While no one is quite sure all that it will contain, Scott Cleland (a long-time telecom policy expert and insider) has pieced together recent FCC filings from Google to outline how Net Neutrality regulations could be part of a grand plan to control how virtually all media enters your home. Here’s a brief summary: Read More Here

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2 Responses to “The FCC’s Grand Plan to Control Your Internet, TV, and Phone?”

  1. laudyms Says:

    This is a total distortion of what Net Neutrality means. Comcast and other major players are the ones making a power grab. Read more here:

  2. LAURA BROWN Says:

    who cares whos doing it–it must be stopped at all cost!! i believe alex cuz i know he does as much research as i do

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