Video: Stop S.510 – Fake "Food Safety" Bill – Dr. Rima Laibow MD

August 29th, 2010

Dr Rima Laibow MD tells how massive public PUSH BACK has held of the forced industrialization of food bill, S.510 in the US Senate, since last November. Now the PUSH BACK must continue or we risk the bill being rushed through in September as a “noncontroversial” unanimous consent bill. Action Item at to educate decision makers.


4 Responses to “Video: Stop S.510 – Fake "Food Safety" Bill – Dr. Rima Laibow MD”

  1. Teresa Says:

    As soon as I heard about the eggs being tainted I knew it was a false flag. This was so they could come back from vacation and pass this bill so they could “save us” and people would not question it because of the egg scare. yes folks they want to kill us plain and simple because they want the earth for their selves and they are tired of taking care of the poor (which they created) Social security is broke. Im going to go and make signs and make people aware.

  2. Jukit Babalu Says:

    Say what? Bend over. Stop me from growing a bloody tomato in my back yard? If “con–gross” would have had the gall to even CONSIDER debating such a bill back in the era of JFK, they would have been slapped upside their retarded traitorous heads, made to brush their teeth with turpentine, and thrown out the door nude into a stack of rotten cabbage.

    Men tug on your chain no hesitation
    Or bow down for your annihilation

    Its ridiculously easy to stop this new world order ballyhoo =

    Simply search “the word of mouth rock and roll rebellion”

    AND… keep FUNDING and spreading the word about
    Note that i am NOT affilated with dprogram in any way, shape, form or manner and have never even met its founders!

    There is strength in numbers…

    If you want to search anonymously, use,, or

  3. Cebes Says:

    This is another stupid scheme created by idiots and panic mongers. If this Dr. was in fact told by this female Head of State then name her. Who is she? To say there is a patient doctor privilege that prohibits this doctor from naming names is silly and ridiculous. She is not revealing treatment nor any illness just reveal the name. This doctor is either an idiot or a liar or both.

  4. Teresa Says:

    Anyone who does not believe they are trying to pass this bill needs to look it up and read it for their selves it is sustainable development. George Soros has hundreds of thousands of stock in Monsanto. Monsanto has the hybrid seed. In lab rats the corn causes liver cancer. These seeds are dangerous. Monsanto is suing so many farmers it isn’t funny. Monsanto tried to give Hatti the seed and Hatti said no, which shocked me because they knew it was a trap. Even they knew. I was blown away by that. Monsanto will own all the seed rights. Hybrid seeds destroy other seed. Just like the GM fish and meats and the seed we do not know what long term effects are on us. From what I gather the seed has the insecticide and something else right in it. The seed also makes the vegetable have much less vitamins in them also. In the food safety bill it has in it to do away with all natural food stores and vitamins. I just heard on the news this week that they are now saying taking vitamins are useless. Is this a ploy to grow GM foods and have them be less healthy and no vitamins to take, I would say that is like their trying to make us ill. Is it because they can’t afford all the people. Medicare is broke, Social Security is broke if we were not well and died then thats less people to care for. I have heard some of the Czars and even Bill Gates and Ted Turner call for de population and one of the Rockefellers said they wish that when they die they would like to come back as something like a bubonic plague. What sickos. They want the planet for them selves. I also read that animals all animals cows, horses, dogs and cats anything is unsustainable to the earth because we have to take up land to grow food for these animals and their feces also destroy the earth. In California they are banning pets in several cities. They want this to be everywhere.

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