Video: Dr. Len Horowitz talks with Max Igan

September 12th, 2010

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One Response to “Video: Dr. Len Horowitz talks with Max Igan”

  1. Jukit Babalu Says:

    We could be barking up the wrong tree but….

    We advise to stay far away from the silver dr. Len Horowitz is peddling. I would never even experiment with this silver due to its absurd possibly dangerous additive, “528 love frequency”. No, any one of the major or minor keys could be described, if we were trying to peddle something and make a splash, as being the “love frequency”. We consider Horowitz as being any one or all of the following:
    1. a professional disinformation expert
    2. someone to get us thinking that the best way to stop the NWO is by embracing standard religious doctrine instead of embracing valid R an R, which, unlike religion, IS fully capable of stopping the NWO. Thats why they snuffed Michael Jackson and others. Unlike musicians, the church and state have gone thru history hand in hand stomping on the people.
    3. someone to ruin the reputation of Alex Jones, or worse. Regarding his attack on Alex, see =

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