Indian Leader: “From the Very Beginning, the 9/11 Attacks Were Very Doubtful…”

October 14th, 2010

(PakistanObserver) – An Indian leader Saturday said that the US, and Zionists were the prime suspects of 9/11 attacks. In an exclusive interview with IRNA Asif Mohd Khan, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Delhi said: “US should respond those hundreds of unanswered questions which indicated that the September 11 attacks in 2001 were either intentionally allowed to happen or were orchestrated by the US and Zionists”. Expressing his full support for the stands taken by the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Indian leader urged UN as well as Obama administration to formate a fact-finding committee to probe into the events.

A fortnight ago Ahmadinejad in a speech to the UN General Assembly in New York, raised the issue of the many conspiracy theories still surrounding 9/11. He had also proposed that a fact-finding mission be set up by the UN to investigate the events. Asif said that subsequent attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq provided the fodder to the suspicion that US might have attack to justify military action in the Middle East.

Quoting to some of the surveys after the attacks, Indian leader said that such beliefs have currency even in the United States. In 2006, a Scripps Howard poll of 1,010 Americans found 36 percent thought it somewhat or very likely that US officials either participated in the attacks or took no action to stop them. “From the very beginning 9/11 attacks were doubtful, but after seeing the events in later years, the suspicions grown that it was their own operation to find a pretext to hit Muslim countries’, said Asif. Nations, thinkers and politicians around the globe suspect that it’s not a strange thing that the US staged something like this in their own country to achieve a big objective’, he added.

The Indian leader said that the US actions and polices were always controversial. Afghanistan was attacked on the pretext of 9/11 attacks while Iraq was attacked on the pretext that it had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs). Although both the pretexts were proved wrong.

Source: Pakistan Observer

8 Responses to “Indian Leader: “From the Very Beginning, the 9/11 Attacks Were Very Doubtful…””

  1. Mfskinner Says:

    Excuse me but what Indian leader? Saying Indian Leader said this or that and thinks this or that is like saying unnamed sources which send up a red flag. This article would be interesting if it was actually sourced.

  2. Mfskinner Says:

    Sorry Maybe it was sourced after all. I read too quickly.

  3. Indian Muslim Says:

    What took Asif over 9 years to figure out was obvious to me, another Indian Muslim from New Delh, on 12th September 2001.
    Asif, FYI, even the Mumbai attacks of 2008 were Mossad work. There is no terror attack in the world in which Mossad is not involved in some way.

  4. Richard Says:

    Asif Molhd Khan: Thanks for helping my people see the obvious!
    The Zionists should NOT get most of the blame; they never could have done it without the approval and cooperation of high American government officials, many of whom are ostensibly Christian. Most Americans find it awkward to speak out even if they believe the “Official Conspiracy Story of 9/11″ is ridiculous. Some of us believe we owe our own government “suspended disbelief” or “the benefit of the doubt” out of patriotism. The burden of patriotism is too heavy for me; I cannot endorse stupidity. Please help us! Make sure YOUR countrymen do not repeat the “Official US Government Conspiracy Story” out of ignorance or inattention.

  5. Frank Says:

    It’s great that leaders around the world are finally starting to speak out! We need more of this and we need to support the courageous leaders who are brave enough to speak the truth about 9/11.

  6. B.Benhamid Says:

    9/11 was a perfect false flag operation in order to start an attack on Afghanistan and Iraq.
    The two towers and Building 7 were pulled and charges places long before the first plane hit.
    This was a perfect inside job and the majority of people are convinced about it. By the time the whole truth is revealed and the real culprits exposed, they may stage another false flag operation in order to put 9/11 permanently on the backburner..out of sight out of mind!

  7. Nelson_2008 Says:

    9/11 was a crime planned and carried out by Israel and its fanatical partisans, i.e., Jewish supremacists.

    Of course they could not have done it nor could they have covered it up without lots of help from traitors at the highest levels of the “U.S. government”.

    I put U.S. government in parentheses because, as a practical matter, there really is no U.S. government. The U.S. government has become so corrupted and so subverted by Jewish supremacists, that it no longer functions as any kind of independent governing body. It’s just a Zionist whorehouse on the Potomac.

    The blame lies exclusively with Jewish supremacists and their traitorous puppet government in Washington.

  8. LOOK Ma, NO PLANE ! Says:

    NO PLANE hit WTC7 yet it came down in 8 seconds…. that’s freefall speed! Thousands of architects confirm that the buildings came down with controlled demolitions. And what were those dancing israelis doing ?

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