9/11 Truth Raids the University of Florida Homecoming Parade

October 17th, 2010

(IntelHub) – Bob Tuskin of Truth Be Told Radio recently attended the University of Florida Homecoming Parade. The parade happened to be on the same road that one of his friends owned a store front. What was a simple trip to a local event turned out to be a major 9/11 Truth event.

Bob bull horned the truth to just about every participant of the parade including firefighters, police, the sheriff, pilots, and the Florida Gators Football team. Most participants of the parade were actually confused and cheered for a new investigation of 9/11!

After nine long years the facts have become undeniable. The official story put forward by our government is a complete sham, written by the very people who helped set up and possibly carry out the attacks. Six out of ten 9/11 Commission members support a new, independent investigation. Richard Gage of AE9/11 Truth has scientifically proven that the towers were taken down by a controlled demolition. Evidence for a controlled demolition is further reinforced by witness testimony and video evidence. We have yet to even see all the footage from that dreadful day!

Unfortunately, all good things come to end and this bit of activism was no different. Local police eventually knocked on the door of the storefront and demanded that they come down from the roof. They actually told the owner of the house that they wouldn’t arrest him if he brought his friends down.

While these police obviously could have been much worse, the fact remains that they infringed on private property. Bob was not bullhorning from a random rooftop, this building was OWNED by his friend.

“My friend lives in the building that we were on top of. The front part is a store front that he owns. It was clearly private property. The first part of the video took place in my friends yard yet the police officer was frustrated that he didn’t have his id?  We notified them that they were trespassing and they later told me they didn’t need a warrant to enter our house or property.

It was a scarey aspect due to the fact that they told us they were going to arrest us immediately. This put fear in my friend in his own yard! When Ed met the police officer downstairs the police officer stated that if he brought us down from the roof he  would not be charged himself. One of the cops even put his hand on my friend.

They gave us a noise citation at a parade!

Bob and his friends were clearly cited by the police for a fraudulent noise citation due to the fact that they were spreading 9/11 Truth. It is possible that these police even considered them terrorists. As more and more fusion centers go up around the United States, the police will continue to be taught that the Constitution is the enemy.  DHS and groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center have recently claimed that the biggest danger facing America is homegrown activists who fight against the so called New World Order.

This should be an example to freedom lovers everywhere. You can make a difference, you can reach huge numbers of people, and you can help DEMAND a new investigation into one of the largest terror attacks in American history.

Source: Intel Hub

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