The Quigley Formula

November 28th, 2010

A lecture by G. Edward Griffin on the New World Order. He explains in detail how they are organized, and how they have infiltrated all of the power centers of the Western world and are the real people that control our countries. They are quickly moving us into a one world government. This is a truly eye opening presentation.

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One Response to “The Quigley Formula”

  1. Blockade Runner Says:

    our grandpas fought in ww2 and korea
    our dads fought in viet name
    many of served in the Persian Gulf
    when we twice fought ol Sadam

    every single vet who took the oath
    the constitution swore to protect and defend
    against all enemies foreign and domestic
    and there was no expiration date my friend

    but now we face an enemy
    within our very walls
    our own government has turned against us
    our great republic falls

    so to those who cherish liberty
    how about a little quiz
    why do we spend a trillion dollars per year on defense
    when we won’t admit who the real enemy is?

    we’ve troops in 140 other countries
    with hundereds of bases overseas
    while at home our very own government
    thinks they can do whatever they please

    we can vote, write letters
    protest ad infinitum
    but the the insane have
    already taken over the assylum

    they’ve nationalized healthcare, GM, school loans, mortgages
    oil fields, coal mines, farms, wall street, and banks
    they’re completely off the rail
    they claim they want to save the planet by taxing carbon
    but they can’t deliver the mail

    while 3000 federal offices, bureaus and agencies,
    consire with a corrupt congressional mob
    to regulate everything in your life
    they think being our master is their job

    the whitehouse is now an emporer’s palace
    just a part of what’s wrong with our land
    a federal govt. which ignores the constitution
    is more dangerous than alcaida or the taliban

    they lied when they swore to uphold the constitution
    that’s grounds for another revolution
    they shred the sacred document that they promise to defend
    it’s time to wake up america, washington’s your enemy, not your friend

    big business is in bed with the pentagon
    they’re in bed with the moneychangers
    they’re both in bed with our government
    now run by incestuous strangers

    it’s because of the FED the economy is near dead
    and the dollar is in the tank
    and when your grandchildren are born on welfare
    you’ll have both political parties to thank

    they loan money they create out of thin air
    our children’s future secures the note
    inflate the money, and tax us to death
    R.I.P. that is all she wrote.

    Until then they taunt and test us
    to see how we act under stress
    they need to make sure before the coup d’grass
    the castration was a total success

    they’ll do away with paper money
    give you a debit card
    they’ve been training us for years to give up our rights
    so this shouldn’t be too hard

    with this system in place, when the irs
    decides you must pay more tax
    they can take what want directly off of your card
    and they won’t even have to ask

    it’s convenient…not so bad
    the naive masses will scoff
    but if you’re one who protests
    they’ll just turn your card off

    DHS fusion centers and FEMA camps
    TSA body searches your wife and daughter
    yet America refuses to be outraged
    like a nation of sheep led to the slaughter

    with legislation to nationalize water
    and to take over the food supply
    to mandate 2 yrs force service
    those who resist will just have to die

    but your government is NOT your country,
    a trick the elite have used
    for while you’re obeying your government
    your country is being abused

    our border is porous
    to alien hordes who abhore us
    while around the globe we aspire
    to spread liberty, while American’s can’t see
    we’ve become the new Roman empire

    congress signs legislation they don’t even read
    try to disguise it as government, it’s nothin but greed
    while we do what we’re told showing no sign of panic
    we might as well be rearranging deck chairs on the titanic.

    secession NOT election’s the solution
    the word no one want’s to say
    but the tyrant we divorced when it’s name was King George
    was not as bad as this one today

    except that now when the patriot army
    in human waves toward the enemy runs
    they will attack Washington D.C.s defenses unarmed
    AFT has taken the guns

    we have the finest military on the planet
    and America’s freedom is under attack
    should our love ones come home and drive the terrorists from Washington
    so we can have our country back?

    No, we must take a lesson from history
    from what our founding documents say
    for a declaration, like the one that started our country,
    is the only cure for it today.

    Deo Vindice

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