Economy 12-06-10

December 5th, 2010

(WashingtonsBlog) – No, The Big Banks Have Not “Paid Back” Government Bailouts and Subsidies – Read More Here

(DailyBail) – Bernanke On 60 Minutes: “We’re NOT Printing Money” – Read More Here

Video: The Fed how legalized counterfeiting promoted secretive gambling and fraud – Video Link Here

(GlobalResearch) – Thousands Protest Irish Nightmare Economy – Read More Here

(WSWS) – Fed report lifts lid on Great Bank Heist of 2008-2009 – Read More Here

(MSNBC) – Mounting State Debts Stoke Fears of Looming Crisis: Budget imbalances, state and local government debt worry analysts – Read More Here

(FGMR) – The scramble for physical metal intensifies – Read More Here

(Toryardvaark) – COP16 Will Kyoto Bring The House Of Cards Down – Ostriches at COP16: They just can’t believe the wealth redistribution scam has crashed and burned. – Read More Here

(DailyBail) – Fraudclosure And The Federal Reserve – How Banks And The FED Are Destroying The Planet – Read More Here

(DailyBail) – A History Of Funny Money, Stimulus & Central Banking – Read More Here

(HuffingtonPost) – Alan Grayson Jabs Fox News Hosts, George W. Bush On Personal Stakes In Bush Tax Cuts Extension – Read More Here

(MSNBC) – Mounting State Debts Stoke Fears of Looming Crisis – Read More Here

(PoorRichardsBlog) – Copper: Part I The new currency – Read More Here

(ActivistPost) – What’s behind the 2010 gold rush? – Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – Paul Jay of Real News interviews political science prof Leo Panitch on Irish crisis – Read More Here

(FauxCapitalist) – Cheerleader for bankster economics – Read More Here

(FauxCapitalist) – Gary North: Spokesman for a major Federal Reserve bankster smokescreen – Read More Here

(RussiaToday) – Video: Stress & Worry: American Dream is ‘to pay my rent – View Video Here


(BlacklistedNews) – Geoengineering: Climate Ghouls’ ‘Plan B’

The UN Climate talks in Cancun are now focusing on geoengineering, using it as a tool to extort a binding UN treaty to reduce phony global warming. The AP reported today that “we may need geoengineering as a ‘Plan B,’ if nations fail to forge agreement on a binding treaty to rein in greenhouse gases”, per a British House of Commons report. Read More Here

(Guardian) – Cancún climate change summit: Is God determined to prevent a deal? – Read More Here

(WattsUpWithThat) – Surgical anesthetic gases coming under fire for global warming potential – Only one problem: they haven’t been observed in the atmosphere – Read More Here

(Telegraph) – Signs that show Man Made Global Warming is Definitely Still Happening – Read More Here

(IntelHub) – I Keep Telling You It’s Getting Colder! – Read More Here

(DailyMail) – What happened to the ‘warmest year on record’: The truth is global warming has halted – Read More Here

(NewScientist) – Britain gripped by Narnia-like weather spell – Read More Here

(MirrorUK) – Europe struggles through big freeze as 40 die – Read More Here


(CNBC) – The Ron Paul Effect

Tony Fratto and Greg Valliere share their reactions to the anti-Fed movement’s growing power.

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