World War 12-08-10

December 8th, 2010

(InfoClearingHouse) – The Korean War, Part 2 – Mike Whitney – Read More Here<

(GlobalResearch) – A Second Korean War would become a Sino-American War – American strategic paralysis and the road to war – Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – Pentagon Lies and Afghan Civilian Deaths: The Unspoken Truth – Prof. Marc W. Herold – Read More Here

(AFP) – S.Korea says N.Korea may be conducting firing drill

“At least one or two explosion were heard from the North’s mainland. We assume there might be some military drill underway there,” a spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff told AFP. Read More Here


(RussiaToday) – War? No Worries! US media ‘fluff’ focus blamed for numbing nation

Americans consider the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan among the less important problems facing their country – according to a recent opinion poll. That’s despite thousands of U.S. soldiers killed in action and more than one trillion dollars spent. But as RT’s Lauren Lyster reports it may be the mainstream media that decides what really matters for the public…

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