Jim Marrs & Alex Jones: Loughner, Just Another Brainwashed Assassin for The Establishment

January 10th, 2011

On this Sunday edition, Alex covers the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others in Tucson, Arizona, yesterday. Alex talks with former newspaper journalist and New York Times best-selling author Jim Marrs about the shooting. In Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, Marrs writes about the CIA’s mind-control guinea pigs and MK-ULTRA. Alex also covers other news and takes your calls.

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One Response to “Jim Marrs & Alex Jones: Loughner, Just Another Brainwashed Assassin for The Establishment”

  1. Tony Ryals Says:

    Agora Inc.,CIA,International Money Launderer, Murder Suspect Porter
    Stansberry and Alex Jones
    by Tony Ryals

    When my best friend, Rey Rivera, disappeared last year, we had to find
    his car (and then his …. Porter Stansberry Baltimore, Maryland
    December 21, 2006 …’The Baltimore sheriff is after me…’-Porter Stansberry

    So Alex Jones,Porter Stansberry and Jared Loughner believe gold is the
    solution to U.S.government coeeuption and yet Jones and Stansberry are
    beneficiaries of that very corruption.And Porter Stansberry was by his
    very admission,a suspect in the murder of his own friend and employee
    Rey Rivera.The U.S.SEC itself has admitted that his and Agora Inc.’s
    CIA connected Agora Inc.’s Rebound Report that Mr.Rey Rivera was
    editor of before his mysterious death and I know from personal
    experience that James Dale Davidson’s,Porter Stansberry’s and Agora
    Inc.’s illegal pumps and dumps were covered up and in fact removed
    from SEC litigation against Agora by corrupt Utah SEC attorneys Brent
    Baker and Karen Martinez – thus guaranteeing that SDtansberry and
    Davidson would go free yet again after decades of gold,oil,real estate
    and myriad stiock fraud scams against American investors,all of which
    sent and continue to send dollars out of the U.S.economy to offshore
    accounts of international criminals,albeit elite criminals.

    While I dislike overly simplistic definitions or categorizations the
    truth appears to me that Jared Loughner was not a ‘liberal’ at all but
    definitely a ‘libertarian’ a la Ron Paul’s gang who place gold above
    life and think all currency should be backed by gold even though it is
    as unreal or more so than paper currency or plastic.In fact the higher
    the price of gold per ounce goes the more environmental damage that
    will ensue in the mining of gold..You cannot eat it or use it for many
    purposes and you have to hide it say under structures such as the
    former WTC or I presume in Fort Knox etc. with a military to guard it
    24/7.And when it all comes down,you can’t eat gold or even drive a
    vehicle with it and if and when a real world environmental crisis goes
    down a plate of food will be worth more than gold.Why don’t the
    so-called libertarians such as Porter Stansberry,Alex Jones Ron
    Paul,et.al. and Pentagon shooter John Bedell and assassin and murderer
    Jared Loughner whose ‘Libertaian’ gun and gold ‘philosophy was
    influenced by them and other ‘libertarians’ like them such as Geico
    billionaire and Overstock.com con artist Patrick Byrne’s colleague Bud
    Burrell of Arizona who has threats to torure murder me on
    thesanitcheck.com for criticising his penny stock frauds,(that he
    erroneously blames on ‘nakled short selling’),realise the
    environmental damage of useless gold mining and why does that not
    matter to them ? And because of threats and intimidations by them and
    knowing they have SEC,U.S. government and CIA connections,I believe
    they are probably as dangerous as Jared Louighner himself,probably
    more so.And because Alex Jones has freely decided to openly associate
    and put his name with theirs his incredidibility or extreme lack of
    credibility in the area of 9/11,etc.,only grows !


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