Buy The Lie

May 28th, 2011

(SilverShield) – Below is a great video that deserves to go viral about how we buy the lie. It is vital to the Elite’s paradigm  that we are continuously distracted or scared. This is so that we never see the REAL cause of our problems, the Elite that own and control our paradigm. The Elite will create any lie or enemy necessary to fool us into thinking the REAL enemy is Brand X. The reality is that there is no bigger threat to our way of life and freedom than our banking system and the families that own it.

  • We were sold on cavemen pulling off 9/11.
  • We were sold on that Saddam had yellow cake uranium, mushroom clouds, and al CIAda in Iraq.
  • We were sold on man made Climate Change.
  • We were sold on $700 billion dollar banker bailouts and “too big to fails.”

All of these were distractions to get more money to keep this Quadrillion Empire of Lies to keep afloat. We have a debt based monetary system that MUST create more debt every year in excess of the debt AND interest accrued the year before. Without out new debt, the system would collapse in a deflationary deflation that would make the Hindenburg look like a child’s toy.

So how do the Elite encourage more debt? They start by getting people to go into debt in their personal lives, buying things that they can never afford otherwise and create social pressure for them to be good little consumers. This then creates demand of the consumer society that now corporations take on more debt to meet this growing new phenomenon. Given the fortuitous timing of having the largest generation America has ever had suckered into this dream, is even better for the Elite. Finally, with all of this growth of money/debt, governments spend much more on promises, to get more power, to spend more money. All the while, the banksters create more and more money/debt out of thin air.

What happens when the baby boomers slow down and can no longer consume or create as much debt as before? Do you think that the Elite are going to say, “hey it was fun while it lasted, let’s go on vacation.”? No, they have too much invested in this paradigm to just let it end.

  • They have banking systems to keep liquid.
  • They have politicians that need orders.
  • They have corporations to produce things.
  • They have military to keep enforcing power.
  • They have media to sell it all to us.
  • They have us to control or else we may wake up and end their paradigm of power.

So what do they do? They sell us lies to keep us in our cages. They sell man made global warming to create carbon credit ponzi schemes. They give us “too big to fail” so that those who did not risk anything pay for those that bet it all and lost. They sell wars to create more debt and profit for the Elite.

War is the best way to waste human labor. If we put all of our capital and labor in our own lives, we would not be in debt and have much better lives. The Ellite know that if we were allowed to get our head above the debt, we would have more free time to think. Maybe see how stupid our paradigm is? Or how ridiculous our monetary system is? Or even how useless the Elite are? Our Founding Fathers got out of the debt cycle and challenged the Elite.  They were men of wealth that basically said, “why the hell do we have to put up with this Elite’s paradigm?”  “What is a better way for humanity to live?” They came up with the American Revolution and for the first time in human history, man was free from the grips of the Elite. Ever since then the banksters have been chipping away at us, until once again, we are on the verge of total enslavement again. Not to a king, but to an banker.

Wars are also a way of opening new markets and stealing nations wealth. They say Osama is dead, well then we should just leave Afghanistan, right? No, there is a pipeline for oil that needs to be put there so that we can get more oil from central Asia. There is opium to be sold. There is a trillion dollars of minerals to be stolen. There is Iran to invade or China to challenge.

They sell the lie to make the money and hold us down. They also distract us with non-sense like football, American Idol, iPads, and a never ending parade of useless distractions to keep you from having to come with the very real and scary thought that you are a slave. Everyone laughs when a national football player says that if football is cancelled crime is going to go up. To a certain extent he is right. I wrote an article called While You Were Watching the Super Bowl. It basically said that in the same time you brainlessly watch the Super Bowl, you can learn some amazing stuff on how the world really works. This knowledge can create generational wealth and might even save your life. What would happen if football was cancelled, Oprah was off the air and American Idol is not on. More people might actually look around at their lives and say, “what the hell am I doing?” The Romans knew bread and circuses would satiate the masses. Well, I am sad to report that 2,000 years later we are no better.

And if all of that does not make you happy in your cage, how about joining the millions on anti-depressants?

Now that the War on Terror is almost over, Climategate killed the carbon ponzi scheme and the “too big to fails” are safe, what is next? I feel the next target is your retirement funds and when that is over, a world war with China. Without those two big grabs the Elite’s paradigm will implode. The Elite need the excuse to create more debt and distract some very pissed off people to a new enemy.

Enjoy the distraction…

Source: DTOM

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